How To Dupe Any Items in Minecraft: (Easy Steps Revealed!)

To duplicate items in Minecraft, First, gather the materials you need and place the item in a chest. Close the game and wait for about 15-20 minutes. Reopen the game, open the chest, and move the item to your inventory. Close the game again, reopen it, and open the chest once more. Now you’ll have two copies of the item. Remember, this might not work in all versions of Minecraft. I have discussed the process detailed below for all versions.

Key benefits of duplication:

  • Duplication saves valuable resources and materials.
  • Duplicating items frees up time for other gameplay activities.
  • It allows for more experimentation in building and designing.
  • Duplication grants access to powerful or rare items, improving gameplay.
  • It facilitates sharing and teamwork in large-scale projects.

Let’s dive into the process of How To Dupe in Minecraft any items.

How to Dupe Any Items in Minecraft Servers 

There are some steps that you have to follow for duping in Minecraft. All of them are listed below -]

  • Step 1: Gather Your Materials: You have to collect the items (i.e. one chest of any size) which you want to duplicate.
  • Step 2: Place the Item: Place the item in the chest outside the house if you have only one item. For this, you can use any item.
  • Step 3: Close Out: Now you have to close out and come back to your game by pressing an X button which is in the corner of the chest.
  • Step 4: Open the Chest: Now you can open the chest. For this, you may have to wait 15-20 minutes or maybe you don’t need to wait.
  • Step 5: Back to Inventory: You have to now open the chest and touch the item which you have placed in the chest and this will place it in the inventory.
  • Step 6: Close Out: Finally, you can go to your home page by double-tapping the home button. This means you can close out Minecraft to return back to your homepage.
  • Step 7: Open Back-Up: Now, just open the backup and go to the next step.
  • Step 8: Open Up Chest: Then open up the chest.
  • Step 9: Behold the Glorious Power of the Glitch! : Finally, you will be able to have the item double which you have placed in the chest. But it may not work in all the Minecraft versions.

That’s the way of duplicating items in Minecraft to get benefits from them.

Video Guide: 

In Minecraft Bedrock:  

It’s very easy to clone things in Minecraft Bedrock. You need to put the items in chests/blocks/tables which you want to duplicate and then use pick block keys. Finally, it will copy your item.     

In Minecraft ps4:

For duplicating items in Minecraft PS4, you have to use pick block keys like Minecraft bedrock. But in this version, put the item in the item frame and then break it. After this, you have to use the pick block key for cloning.

In Minecraft Xbox:

For this version of Minecraft, players have to open a dispenser and then have to place the item in it that they wanted to duplicate. Then break or destroy this dispenser. As a result, you will have about 64 pieces of that item. By clicking the button X ‘, you can place them.

in Creative:

For the fastest duplicating, players can use

“Palatino, serif”>On their PC.

On the other hand, they also can use the other method which is –

  • Just hover your or your mouse over the item which you want to duplicate.
  • Then press the ‘P’ button from the keyboard.

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In Pocket Edition (PE):

To duplicate items in the Minecraft pocket edition requires some steps which are –

  • First, place the items on the cartography table.
  • Then you will find an option in the game menu called ‘ quit to the title ‘ and press it.
  • Again enter the same world.
  • Walk away about 100 blocks from the table with the item which you have placed on the table.
  • Click on the home button for going back to your home and then after coming back to the home screen, you have to delete your Minecraft history by double-tapping the home button.
  • Re-enter the same world and come to the cartography table where you put your items.
  • Finally, you will find your duplicate items.

What is a Minecraft Dupe Glitch?  

Minecraft dupe glitch is an alternative method that works like the game’s physics to your favor and by this, you can duplicate your items for getting more benefits without using the creative modes. It allows you to gain advantages in the game by duplicating the items over and over again.

As Mojang added this feature to the updated versions of Minecraft, you will find it in the major Minecraft updates. But, these glitches give its player an unfair advantage. But it’s difficult to do and sometimes it doesn’t work properly.

Why Duplication Techniques Are Popular in Minecraft?

Duplication techniques have emerged as a popular aspect of Minecraft gameplay. Players get a diverse advantage with dupe in Minecraft. Millions of players play the sandbox game worldwide and the duplication technique is popular for various reasons. It is also an effective way to acquire resources more efficiently. Some of them are shared below.

  • Duplication techniques allow players to duplicate valuable resources such as diamonds, rare materials, or enchanted items.
  • You can also use the dupe technique for non-renewable items too.
  • Players can use it to get an infinite supply of Ancient Debris, Emeralds, Enchanted Books, and Netherite Ingots.
  • You can directly use the Minecraft launcher for duplication or clone in Java Edition.
  • An abundant supply of resources allows players to experiment with different techniques.
  • It can save valuable time that you need to spend gathering resources manually.

Benefits and Risks of Duplication

Minecraft duping glitches allow you to proceed with the duplication advantage. In this process, you can duplicate the in-game items. Before starting to use them, you should know both benefits and risks of duplication. Let’s check them out.

Benefits of Duplication

  • Duplication allows players to acquire valuable resources in no time.
  • Players will no longer have resource scarcity because of the duplication method.
  • The dupe technique saves you from the tedious gathering task of valuable resources.
  • You can start large-scale construction projects with duplicate items.
  • It can give Minecraft players an edge in survival challenges or competitive multiplayer settings.

Risks of Duplication

  • You need to use a third-party app for duplication in the Minecraft Bedrock version.
  • The ability to duplicate items in Minecraft is discouraged by every single update.
  • You can get banned from the game server.
  • It can cause inflation in the server economy and create havoc.
  • Duplication techniques will disrupt the balance of the gameplay.
  • It undermines the fair play rule in the Minecraft gameplay.

Differentiating Between Legitimate and Illegitimate Duplication

Players need to have a clear understanding of the distinction between legitimate and illegitimate duplication. It can assist to make informed choices and ensure a fair gaming environment. I always encourage you to only play with the legitimate duplication technique. Full details about legitimate and illegitimate duplication are mentioned below.

Legitimate Duplication:

  • Some gaming community accepts duplication practices. Join them for legitimate duplication and follow the administrator rules and guidelines.
  • Use of Prime TNT duplication is considered legal in single-player mode or private server.
  • Some duplication techniques are acknowledged and supported by the game’s developers.

Illegitimate Duplication:

  • It is not encouraged to take advantage of glitches, bugs, or unintended loopholes for duplication.
  • Duplication provides players with an unfair advantage over others.

Common Misconceptions About Duplication

Dupe in Minecraft is a very popular concept. The topic of duplication often leads to various misconceptions among players. You will be glad to know that most of them are not true. Let’s check out some common misconceptions about Minecraft duplication.

Unlimited Resources

Many players think that duplication provides unlimited resources. You no longer need to rely on gathering or farming.  Duplicates can create extra resources but they can’t generate infinite resources. The original items still need to be obtained by gathering or farming.

Universal Compatibility

You may think that duplication methods work across all platforms and versions of Minecraft. But the reality is that duplication methods will vary depending on the version and platform of Minecraft. What works on one platform may not work on another. Latest updates often fix existing duplication glitches.

All Duplication is Illegal

Some players label all duplication as a cheating mechanism. Well, there are legitimate duplication methods integrated into the gameplay. You can clone multiple items inside the game legally. However, illegitimate duplication exploits are strictly prohibited.

Necessary Tools And Equipment For Duplication

Duplication in Minecraft often requires specific tools and equipment. Otherwise, you will not be able to effectively execute the duplication process. I am going to share here some essential tools that are commonly used for dube in Minecraft. Let’s check it out.


The anvil can be utilized in duplication by renaming items. Combine a duplicated item with another item on the anvil. Give it a unique name and players create multiple copies with distinct names. The duplication glitch will allow you to receive double items stacked separately.


Grindstone is not directly involved in duplication. But it plays a crucial role in managing duplicated items. Duplicated items often have durability or enchantments that need to be removed. You need to take into use grindstone for the task.

Chests and Storage

Minecraft storage is very limited. You need to have enough storage to put your duplicate items. Chests or other storage containers are necessary to collect duplicate items. There is no reason to dupe more Minecraft items without enough space.

Tips and Tricks to Maximize Success Rate

You will not always succeed in your Minecraft duplication task. The Minecraft duplication success rate is reported to be moderate. But you can maximize your success rate with the right tips and tricks. Some of them are shared below.

Use Reliable Methods

Stick to well-known and tested duplication methods. It will minimize the risk of unintended consequences or game-breaking glitches. Stay informed about updates and patches that may affect existing duplication techniques.

Understand Timing and Precision

Timing is critical in many Minecraft duplication methods. Improve your button control in the game for fast action. Pay attention to details and ensure the duplication process functions smoothly. It will definitely increase your Minecraft duplication success rate.

Optimize Server Performance

Duplication can sometimes be resource-intensive and strain server performance. Limit excessive duplication to avoid server instability. You can get banned from the game server for these reasons. Coordinate with other players to avoid duplicating the same items simultaneously.

Experiment in Creative Mode

Use Creative Mode to test and practice different duplication methods. It will save you from the risk of affecting your survival or multiplayer gameplay. Familiarize yourself with multiple dupe techniques. It will allow you to execute them more effectively when needed.

Common Challenges and Solutions During Duplication

Duplication in Minecraft can sometimes present challenges. You need to address these challenges immediately to proceed further.  I am going to share here some challenges with effective solutions. Slide down to the main details.

Time & Precision Issues

Timely action is important for Minecraft duplication. Otherwise, it can delay the consistent duplication of Minecraft items. The same old technique will not always work for the dupe advantage in Minecraft gameplay.

Solution: Regularly practice timing and precision in the gameplay.  Experiment with different timings and techniques to find the most effective approach. Hopefully, it will help to overcome this challenge and increase the reliability of your duplication efforts in Minecraft.

Server Inflation

Duplication can cause an overflow of server resources. It can cause lag and performance issues. You need to be extra careful and communicate with other players on your server. Otherwise, the server economy can be heavily affected.

Solution: Coordinate with other players on the server. Minimize the impact on server performance. Avoid duplicating large quantities of items all at once.  It will assist to maintain a smooth gameplay experience for yourself and fellow players.


Some updates can make certain duplication methods ineffective. Minecraft wants to keep a balance in the gameplay. Duplication can hamper the balance and they fix the glitches with new updates.

Solution: Stay informed about the latest game updates. Minecraft developers often release updates to address bugs and glitches. Most often you will not have much to do here. Join the Minecraft community and keep updated on this news.

Minecraft Duplication Glitch Items

For duplicate glitches, you need some items which are listed below –

  • 6 Slime Blocks
  • 1 TNT Block
  • 1 Fence (any wood)
  • A Dead Coral Fan
  • 1 Detector Rail
  • 1 Minecart
  • A Sticky Piston
  • 1 Lever
  • As Many Building Blocks as Possible (we used White Wool)

How to Duplicate a Banner in Minecraft

Banners are part of Minecraft which was added by Mojang to Minecraft about six years ago. Although you can duplicate banners by following the steps which are –

  • First, you need to get the banners of your choice which you want. Or you can also make it by yourself. As this process is quite expensive, you can collect them from a shop.
  • To see the color of the banner, you have to loiter over the banner with your mouse.
  • Now, get a lot of wool of that banner’s color and lots of sticks also.
  • With this wool and sticks, you need to go to the nearest crafting table and make a banner.
  • In the crafting table, place the banner left which you want to duplicate.
  • Finally, when the banner produces its duplicate, you can collect it from the table and enjoy

What is a Map in Minecraft?

Minecraft map is a thing that allows and helps you to know where all your friends are in the Minecraft world or informs you how far away from the important places, landmarks, and ways. However, It’s a good way of communication. With this map, you can keep in touch with your friends and let them know where you are going, and what you are doing, and can share much more information through it.           

How to Duplicate a Map in Minecraft  

Want to keep in touch with your friends with this map? Then you need to duplicate it. There are some steps for this. These are –

  • First, collect the ingredients for this purpose. You will need –

– 2 Paper

– 4 Planks (any type)

  • Then you need to have a cartography table. You can make this table by yourself or can find it from the village inside the cartographer’s home. But it’s better if you make your own cartography table.
  • Place the maps which you have wanted to copy on the top slot of the table and then on the bottom slot, you need to place the blank one which will be the exact same type as the first one.
  • Finally, it will copy whatever is in the first map which you place on the top slot of the table.

how to duplicate a map in minecraft

This is the process of copying maps in Minecraft. After copying it from the table, you will be able to share it with your friends as a result, they will be able to see everything you will add to the maps. But there is a matter of sorrow that they won’t get any updates which you will add to the map. For these updates, you need to repeat the process over and over again.           

How to Duplicate Books in Minecraft 

Players also can copy the books in Minecraft the same way as maps. For this, they need to put the books on the top slot in the table and instead of placing empty maps in the bottom slot, players have to place books and quills in it. By this method, you can clone and heap up to 16 books per heap.           

How to Duplicate Flowers in Minecraft 

Flowers are something that you will love to have in your villages in Minecraft but there are some flowers that are very rare and don’t grow naturally in any biome. Among them, Wither Rose is one. But if you once have these flowers, then you can keep them to yourself by copying them. And the cloning process of all items in Minecraft is almost the same. But in Minecraft PE the process is quite different.

how to duplicate flowers in minecraft

How to Duplicate a Banner in Minecraft 

Like other items, the Minecraft banner is added to Minecraft almost about six years ago and had many changes during that time. Although if the players want to duplicate this, they need at least some items which are required for this purpose. They are –

  • 1 x Stick
  • 6 x Wool (any matching color)

After having these, follow the instructions given below –

  • In the upper top six crafting slots, place the matching wool.
  • Then in the bottom middle, put the stick.

Finally, you will have a duplicate banner that will be the same color as the wool you have chosen. And that’s the way how to dupe in Minecraft. 

how to duplicate a banner in minecraft


We hope that you find this article worthy and learn or get to know much more about how to dupe in Minecraft, what it is, how it works on different versions of Minecraft, and many more. Still, if you have any queries regarding this, then read out our FAQs and answers.

The FAQS about How To Dupe in Minecraft

Here are some questions and answers which we give to satisfy your desire.

How do you duplicate all items in Minecraft?

You can duplicate all items in Minecraft using a chest and a dispenser. Place the items you want to duplicate inside the chest, then face the dispenser and press the right-click button. If performed correctly, then it will result in duplicated items.

Can you dupe Netherite in Minecraft?

Yes, you can make dupe Netherite in Minecraft from the backup. Players just need one Netherite to start the duplication process. You can follow the process again and again for creating valuable items Netherite in Minecraft.

How do chunk dupe?

There is a glitch that allows you to dupe chunks. Minecraft sometimes refuses to save the chunk data because of glitches. During this time, you need to unlock the chunk and reload. In this process, you can keep on collecting the same chunk item multiple times.

Does duping mean cheating in Minecraft?

Well, it’s sometimes considered cheating because many players may take advantage of this duplicating process and can use it with bad intentions.

Can I duplicate diamonds in Minecraft?

Yes. You can. You can duplicate any item whatever you want in Minecraft. For this, you just need to place the required item on the table.

Is it illegal to make copies of a book?

Yes, it is illegal if you don’t have a license. You can only copy books when you are the copyright owner or you have the license of copying them.

What are the top 5 Minecraft duping glitches?

Among all other glitches, here are the top 5 Minecraft duping glitches which are –

  • Dragon’s breath dupe
  • Explosive rocket and Elytra glitch
  • Infinite villager trading
  • Carpet duping and
  • TNT Duping.

What is it called when you copy a book?

It is called transcribing or transcription when you make a copy of a book.

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