How To Download Your Minecraft Skin & Luancher (2023)

Are you tired of using the same character everywhere in Minecraft? Then it’s time to customize your character with numerous attractive skins. For this, you’ve to know how to download your Minecraft skin. We’ve shared it step by step in this article.

Minecraft was established by Mojang Studios and in the year of 2014, it was attained by Microsoft. It has a huge fan base among the whole world. Players from all the corners of the wall come and play the game which is well known for Its three-dimensional views and screen.

It also gives its players the opportunity of making the game world more realistic and enjoyable with its various settings and set up systems such as – RTX which allows you to experience the whole new lights and sheds. There are also other opportunities ( i.e. treasure boxes, chests, apples, golden apples, etc.) that will make the survival of the player more easy and smooth.

On the contrary, skins are the features that can be placed on the player characters but for this, first, you have to download this on your device. In this write-up, we are going to express and share all the details of it. So hold tight and keep your eyes on the full article.

What is Skin?

In Minecraft, the skins are the PNG format in lightweight image files. Skins are the textures or features which you can customize and put on the player characters or game creatures.

If you’re tired of using the same heroes in Minecraft and want to make their skin as your personalized variety and creative skin, you can apply and put it on your player. There are two default skins in Minecraft which are called Steve and Alex.

how to download your minecraft skin

Skins can be customized which are separated into areas. For customization, there are 3.264 pixels with 1.632 on each layer.

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How To Download Minecraft Skin?

The process of downloading the skins in Minecraft differs from edition to edition. Each edition has its own process to download. But all the processes are quite similar.

If you want to install them in Windows, you have to fulfill the criteria which are stated below –

  • You have to make sure that you have the latest Minecraft version installed. You can also use the older version. There’s no problem with using the older version.
  • You also need to have an account and profile in Mojang and also the PNG file of the Minecraft skin you want to install.

And then you should follow the following steps to download the skin –

Step 1. Open the Skins website

Visit for searching the particular skin.

Step 2. Login to your account

Then log in to your account from

and Press on Profile.

Step 3. Select a skin

Now, you have to select from the default Steve skin that you want and will like if your player character wears it. You are able to change your skin.

Step 4. Click the Download button

After selecting your desired skin, you can download it which will be stored in your download files on your device but in Windows, you have to bear in mind that, the downloading file will stored in different locations in your device according to the settings of the browser and for this, you need to select a location where your skin will be downloaded.

Step 5. Select a PNG file

As well as with the downloading skin, you have to select a PNG file for uploading. This file is very small and doesn’t need too much space for this file.

After uploading, you need to wait for a few seconds to meet your new avatar.

How to Install Minecraft PE Skins for Android?

To download skin for Minecraft Pocket Edition, you have to follow these steps –

  • First, go to the skins section on MCPE DL and select the skin which you want to download. Then press the download button. Then it will be downloaded to your downloading folder on your device.
  • Open the Minecraft Pocket Edition where, under the player character, you will be able to see the clothing hanger icon.
  • Beside the empty space of two default skins known as Alex and Steves, you have to click.
  • Then above the player’s model, there will appear a new button named Choose New Skin. Press on this and select your downloaded skin.
  • You can select or choose the model which you think looks best for the chosen skin. (Left = 3 pixel arms, right = 4 pixel arms).
  • Finally, press the confirm button for your chosen skin and enter a new world with your new chosen skin.

What Is a Minecraft Launcher? 

If you are a windows user then this one’s for you. Minecraft launcher is normally a place or point from where you can just switch to the other versions of games of Minecraft just from the left panel of the launcher.

how to download the minecraft launcher

It’s a place where different versions of Minecraft remain for Windows users. It has Minecraft (Bedrock Edition), Minecraft: Java Edition, and Minecraft Dungeons edition and you can switch to them at any time from this Minecraft launcher.

How To Download The Minecraft Launcher

Although It’s not a very hard process, you just have to follow some steps to download this Minecraft launcher. Which are stated below –

  • The first and foremost and also the very important thing is – you must have an account in Microsoft. For PC, you need to have to log in with the same Microsoft account on the Microsoft store otherwise you won’t be able to download the Minecraft launcher.
  • Then for searching the Minecraft launcher you have to go to the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC.
  • From the search bar option, you have to find it and click on it for downloading.

And thus the way of downloading the Minecraft launcher and after downloading it, you can access it anytime by searching it from the search bar.


That’s all about Minecraft skins. I hope after reading the whole write-up you can gain at least the minimum ideas and knowledge about how to download your Minecraft skin, what it is, and its variation. Moreover, if you have any questions and queries or you want to know more about the Minecraft skin then go through our question-answer segment which will help you to get to know more about it.

The FAQs about Minecraft Skins 

To learn much about Minecraft skins then read out the questions.

Can I customize the Minecraft skin? 

Yes. You can customize your Minecraft skin. For this, you have to go to this Skins4Minecraft and can select the pre-made one or you can customize the skins as you want and then download it.

How to keep track of skins that I like?

You can keep track of skins that you like by the Wardrobe function which also helps and advises you to add skins to your wardrobe.

Can I have my old skins back?

Yes. You can. For this, the wardrobe function will help you contain the skins. To get back your old skin, you need to go to your wardrobe page, choose the old skin and change it.

How do I report a copied skin?

If any skin is copied, you have to do is – go to the censurable skin page and there will be a flag under the thumbs-down icon. From the flag icon, choose the option named ” copied skin ” and also paste the original skin link and submit your report which will take 72 hours at least to take action.

Is downloading Minecraft skins for iOs free?

No. It’s not free for iOS devices. You have to pay about 403.52 tk to download the app from Apple App Store.

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