How To Do a Sweep Attack in Minecraft (Complete Guide)

To defeat your enemies you should know some tactics in Minecraft. Sweep attack is one of them. In this write-up, we are going to express and explain all the details about sweep attack by which you will be able to know what sweep attack is, how it works, how to do a sweep attack in Minecraft, how to stop this, and many tips and tricks of it.

Minecraft is a game that you can relate to our daily life experience because you can do everything as we do things in real life. It has a 3D animation, Ray Tracing (RTX) which allows you to experience whole new lights, reflections, refractions in water, and realistic shadows in Minecraft.

As a result, the game screen becomes more realistic. However, if you want to play this game for so long, you have to survive. So, you have to fight or attack your enemies, friends, or mobs. And for this, you should know all the ways and tricks of attacking so that you can defeat your enemies and keep yourself safe.

What Is a Sweep in Minecraft?

In this attack, the sword performs ‘sweeping’ which can attack the nearby enemies or mobs. When the walking speed is higher than the moves of a player, then this attack happens. This sweep attack also happens when the rate of attack recharge meter is over 84.8%.

how to do a sweep attack in minecraft

In this attack, the sword performs which can attack nearby enemies or mobs. This is very helpful to achieve a win against the larger group of mobs. But you can’t sweep attacks to your enemies from above the head because in sweep attacks the swords waver from downwards.        

How Do You Stop a Sweep Attack in Minecraft?

While using a sword in a sweep attack, the mobs around you will get attacked, and also you may kill too many farm animals as well as babies during the attack.

The better way to save these farm animals is to stop a sweep attack. For this, you have to –

  • Double press the forward button and hold it which will help you to do a short sprint in the time of attacking. As a result, you can save your farm animals or your friends from the other villages while doing sweep attacks.
  • And you can disable the sweep attack by pressing the Shift.

When Was The Sweep Attack Added To Minecraft?

Although, sweep attack isn’t available for all versions of Minecraft such as – Pocket edition, Windows 10 Edition, Education edition, or any console version. It is only available for the Java edition of Minecraft.

This sweep attack is added to Minecraft when Mojang bought out the version of Minecraft 1.9 with lots of important updates which help you and rotate around you during the fights in the game.

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What Is a Sweeping Edge? 

The sweeping edge in Minecraft is an enchantment that increases the damage caused by the swords to the enemies or the mobs for a short period of time. It is that kind of enchantment that allows you to add any other tools and weapons in Minecraft.

This sweeping edge enchantment activates when the player descends for a sweep attack. You can add this enchantment to your tools and weapons in Minecraft.

Is Sweeping Edge Good? 

Sweeping edge is only good and activates when you fulfill the criteria of sweep attacks which are –

  • when you are still or your walking speed is higher than your moves and find that, you withhold with your enemies or mobs.
  • And if your attack recharge meter is higher than 8%.

But if you are not fulfilling the above criteria and moving around a lot on the map and also fighting with Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies then you are not eligible for this enchantment. As a result, you won’t be able to get any benefits from Sweeping Edge.

What Is Sweeping Edge Good For?

As sweeping edge increases the damage of the mobs which is occurred by the swords, so it is very helpful for killing a lot of mature herd such as cows with this enchanted sword. With normal swords it will be much more difficult and also time will be wasted.

How do you stop a sweep attack in Minecraft?

Also, it is very helpful when so many cranky mobs are gathered together around you and you want to get rid of them to save your life.

Where To Find a Sweeping Edge?

Sweeping edge enchantment isn’t available for all versions of Minecraft. You can only find them in the Java edition. As a result, if you play in the other version of Minecraft, then you won’t be able to use this enchantment and also can’t have the advantages of it.

What Does Sweeping Edge Do In Minecraft?

The main purpose of sweeping edge enchantment is to increase the damage of the mobs caused by the swords. The percentage of damage isn’t the same. It varies from level to level and increases depending on which level you have upgraded it. You can upgrade to the level up to 3. Here are the percentage of 3 levels –

Sweeping Edge Level 1

In level 1, the sweep edge enchantment increases the sweep attack damage up to 50%.

Sweeping Edge Level 2

At this level, the sweep attack damage increases by about 67%.

Sweeping Edge Level 3

The sweep edge enchantment increases the damage of the sweep attack by 75%.

So, the percentage is increased depending upon the level of the sweep edge enchantment placed on the swords. This enchantment doesn’t increase the knockback (i.e when you hit the mobs, they travel at a distance which is known as the knockback).                                             

How Do You Get The Sweeping Edge?

To get this enchantment, you must have access to an enchanting table. You can also find it in the enchanted book which is contained in a Minecraft world in treasure chests. There are also other ways to find this enchantment which are –  going out and exploring for fishing, crawling dungeons, or even trading with villagers for emeralds.

On the other hand, you can use enchant commands for getting this enchantment. As there are 3 levels of sweeping edge enchantment, then there are also 3 commands, which are –

Sweeping Edge I

/enchant @sweeping 1

Sweeping Edge II

/enchant @sweeping 2

Sweeping Edge III

/enchant @sweeping 3

How Do You Sweep With a Sword in Minecraft?

If your sword is enchanted with a sweeping edge then you just need to hold your enchanted sword and the attack button. Then release the button and use the sword during the sweep attacks on the mobs around you.

What is a sweep in Minecraft

As it is an enchanted sword, the damage to the mobs will be higher than the normal one. And you can’t hit above the mobs or your enemies’ heads as a sweep attack occurs when the sword is wavering downwards.


So, that’s all about how to do a sweep attack in Minecraft. I hope you will be able to know much more about this attack, its enchantment, advantages, disadvantages, and the process of doing the attack by exploring the whole article. Moreover, if you still have any queries or questions, please go through our question-answer segment.


Satisfy yourself with the answered questions which are given below –

What is the disadvantage of a sweep attack?

Sweep attacks occur when the player is still or isn’t moving faster than the walking speed. When this is activated, you will be able to attack your nearby enemies or mobs with swords. But when you use your swords towards the mobs or enemies, there may be some farmed animals as well as babies which may get hurt.

How Much Damage Does A Sweep Attack Do?

To demark the damage of the mobs caused by the swords during the sweep attack, there is a formula. Which is given bellow –

1 + Attack_Damage × (Sweeping_Edge_Level / (Sweeping_Edge_Level + 1))


Attack damage means = sword damage combined with sharpness, smite, and Bane of Arthropods.

Does Sweeping Edge Work In PVP?

No. It won’t be that useful or workable in player vs player (PVP). This enchantment is useful and helpful when you have to fight with a large number of groups of mobs or enemies in a large area. Only then you need more strength in your sword’s blow and then there you can feel the significance of sweeping edge enchantment.

How many enemies can be hit by Sweeping Edge enchantment?

A player can hit 10 enemies or mobs at a time instead of 1 with the sweeping edge enchantment sword.

How to download sweep attacks in PE?

To download the sweep attack in Minecraft Pocket Edition, there are some rules and steps which you have to follow. Which are –

  • First, download the file named – Swordsweepaddonv2 from this link.
  • Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
  • You will be asked by Chrome for storage allocation. Allow it to be stored.
  • Then on your computer, you have to install the add-on.
  • Finally, to activate the sweep attack, click on the add-on file and press on active.

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