How To Dive in Minecraft (Fast Swimming Tricks)

If you want to travel through the water then you have to know how to dive in Minecraft. Minecraft is a 3D video game that is survival and thrilling and you can relate this game with our real-life experiences.

Players of this game enter a whole new place and build homes with their resources, find foods, and handicraft materials for developing the environment for surviving.

keep exploring our article which will help you to know more details about how to swim in Minecraft.

What is Swimming?

If the player is underwater and wants to travel horizontally or vertically in Minecraft, then swimming is an option or feature which will give the opportunity to its player and enables them to travel throughout the water.

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How To Swim in Minecraft

There are various ways to achieve swimming in Minecraft. Which are –

  • If you are PC/Mac Java Version customers then you have to press space.
  • For the PS3 edition, you have to press the R1 button.
  • And in the Xbox versions, it is achieved by clicking the RB button.

For moving forward you also have to press –

  • X – for PS3 or PS4.
  • A – for Xbox 360 or Xbox One.
  • Left shift – for PC.

While swimming or diving, you have to hold your breath underwater, and for that, you should increase your respiration stats which increases the oxygen. And this oxygen can be used while diving. At the time of diving in the water, players travel slower than earth.

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How Can a Player Breathe Underwater While Diving?

At the time of traveling underwater, players have to hold their breath for diving and there are three ways to hold their breath so that they can spend more time underwater. These three ways are –

1. Potion

A potion is the most popular option for breathing underwater which will give you the facility of breathing for about 3-8 minutes. You have to drink it for yourself. There are three types of potions which are –

  • Potion of water breathing.
  • Splash potion of water breathing.
  • Lingering potion of water breathing.

You can extend the time of potions from 3 to 8 minutes by combining them with a Redstone and using the standard potion. The standard potion wants you to collect and gather pufferfish, nether warts, and water bottles.

Whereas the two other potions (i.e. the lingering and splash water breathing potions) are effect item areas. In the linger water potion, you can gain breath of dragon’s by beating the ender dragon. You can also increase the time of potions as before by combining them with a Redstone.

Ingredients for water-breathing potions

For making water-breathing potions, you will need –

  • A water bottle
  • A nether wart
  • A pufferfish
  • One rafting table
  • One brewing stand
  • Blaze powder
  • Redstone
  • Gunpower
  • Dragon’s Breath

How to craft water-breathing potions

Here are a few steps for crafting a table –

  • First, to make a crafting table you need to use 4 wood planks.
  • From a blaze rod, you have to make a blaze powder.
  • Place the crafting table on the ground.
  • Make the brewing stand With the blaze rod and 3 cobblestones.
  • Open the brewing menu
  • And then you need to add ingredients to the Brewing machine. Which are –
  • At the upper-left corner box, you need to add Blaze powder.
  • Then at the bottom boxes, you have to put 3 water bottles.
  • And then finally, put Nether Wart in the top box. So, in the water bottle, you will get an awkward potion.
  • Finally, at the top box, to make the water-breathing potion you can add pufferfish.

2. Conduit

If you find the heart of the sea and are able to collect enough prismarine blocks then you can build one of them. It is (conduit) mostly similar to endgame materials. And you need three things to build conduit which are –

  • 8 Nautilus Shells.
  • A Heart of the Sea.
  • A Crafting Table.

How to craft Conduit

You need to follow some steps to make the conduit and use it for breathing underwater. These steps are –

  • First, to find a treasure map you have to go to the shipwrecks locations. Then, open the incomplete map.
  • In this map, there is an X marked spot and you need to swim towards it.
  • There is a treasure chest. It contains a Heart of the Sea which you have to find by digging.
  • Then, some drowned in the sea, trying to find eight nautilus shells.
  • Finally, open the crafting table for crafting the Conduit. For this, in the central box Place the Heart of the Sea, and around the heart, you have to put 8 shells on the crafting table.

3. Turtle Helmet

It’s another way of breathing underwater which gives you the opportunity of breathing for about 10 minutes underwater. You can breed and feed the two default turtles in order to get the five turtle shells.

how to crawl in minecraft

Then you need to wait until these five turtles lay their eggs. These baby turtles eat seagrass which you will find in the non-frozen ocean. Feed them this seagrass and raise these baby turtles to get the adult ones.

Also, you can increase your breathing time up to 70 seconds underwater if you enchant your normal helmet.

How to Craft Turtle Helmet

Follow the following steps to craft the turtles –

  • First, you have to Collect 5 scutes to craft it.
  • Then, with 9×9 grids, you can open the crafting table.
  • On the middle row, place 2 shells and 3 shells on the top row as well as the 5 scutes in an ‘n’ shape. Leave the middle grid blank and place these two shells in the left and right grid.
  • Finally, collect the turtle helmet and put it in your collection.

How to crawl in Minecraft

Crawling grants its player to cross spaces that are shorter than 1.5 blocks. To activate the crawling mode, there is no key or button in Minecraft. For this, you need to do a little setup. Which are –

  • Using a trapdoor: Create a space with one block which is shorter than 1.5 blocks by putting them on the ground you can place a trapdoor directly above the blocks or can place the trapdoor at the top of the bottom half of the blocks. In the closed position, you can leave the trapdoor to stick the blocks for the first case. Then in the second case, you leave the trapdoor in an open position as a result it can sit closely with the block. Now it’s all set and you are able to crawl in Minecraft by opening and closing the trapdoor which will push you into crawling.
  • Fence gate: Trapdoor isn’t the only way of crawling. You can also use a fence gate for it. For this, you need to place it to your head level and close it.
  • Piston: To push a block in the players, one can use it.
  • Swimming or elytra mode: One should shift this place and get into a place that is less than 1.5 blocks high.
  • Tree: Collect it and let it be grown over your character.
  • Ender pearl: Space which is less than 1.5 blocks, you can throw it to this.
  • Shulker box: To push down while crawling, you can use this above the slab.
  • Pig with saddle: To avail of this, you have to dismount to a place that is less than 1.5 blocks high.
  • Boat: To fall onto you, you have to get it.

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How To Scuba Dive in Minecraft

You can scuba dive underwater and for this, the players use their self-contained underwater breathing apparatus like buckets and other apparatus which will refill your air. For this, you have to follow some steps. Which are listed below  –

  • Hold a Bucket: First thing is, select a bucket from your hot bar and then you have to hold it.
  • Face a Solid Block and use the Bucket: Then face a solid object either forward or downward and use your bucket continuously as you will get different rates for restoring your air depending upon the usage of buckets along the direction.
  • Face Downward (Slower): It’s a slower process. If you face the solid blocks downward and continually use your buckets to fill and empty the air, then you will be able to restore your air but it will be very slow.
  • Face Forward (Faster): It’s exactly opposite to the down so it’s a faster process. If you face the solid blocks forward and continually use your buckets to fill and empty the air, then you will be able to restore your air which will be much faster than downward.

How To Skydive in Minecraft

Skydive in real life means jumping from high places with a parachute which is also possible in Minecraft with Parachute Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4. A parachute is pretty much controllable like a boat but finding the front part is quite difficult. It can be only found by the third person’s view or by looking up. Here are some steps which will help you to skydive –

  • First, make sure that you have a parachute in your catalog.
  • Then, for forwarding motion, you have to press the ‘W’
  • After you have jumped, press the right button and then the parachute will automatically extend.
  • Just above the ground, your parachute will land you on the ground. For faster descents, you need to press the X
  • By pressing the C button, you will rise up and can add thermal lift.

how to swim in minecraft

How To Mine Bedrock

For this, you have to dig wherever you want but you can’t dig straight down because by doing this, you may fall into lava or a pit. In the Minecraft world, at the bottom, there will be a layer of unbreakable bedrock.

Place a piston to the topmost bedrock layer and also place a rail on the top of it. To destroy the rail, place a minecart on it. Finally, to crush the minecart into the Bedrock, expand the piston. After that, you can jump and dismount.


That’s all about how to dive in Minecraft. I hope you guys are able to know much more details about diving, various ways of it, and many more. After reading our whole write-up, if you still have any queries then go through our Q/A segment.

The FAQs How To Dive into Minecraft

Read out our question answers and find out your desired one.

Can I swim in Lava?

Yes. You can swim in lava. Lava is a block of fire that emits light and damaging fluid. While swimming in lava, your speed will slow down, and also it will cause more harm.

What’s the best way to prepare for diving into water?

You can prepare yourself by running on dry ground or land. It’s quite difficult for beginners to dive for the first time underwater. So, you have to practice it on the ground and visualize what may happen when you go for a dive underwater.

Is it OK to dive into natural bodies of water?

No. It’s not. You can’t dive in natural bodies of water like – lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. unless it is cleared and prepared for diving by the supervisor.

Does depth Strider affect swimming?

Yes. A pair of boots with Depth Strider enchantment will increase the speed or moves of the player underwater.  Players underwater move slower than the ground.

How do you go underwater in Minecraft without dying?

There are three ways by which you can dive underwater without dying. Which are –

  • Potion
  • Conduit and
  • Turtle helmet

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