How to disable mods in minecraft Forge, modpack, tlauncher

The 3D video game Minecraft is played all over the world by players. It gives its players great amusement with its graphics, sound system, smooth screen, and modes system. Sometimes these modes cause some issues and are loaded on the server which is very disturbing. Anyhow if you want to know how to disable mods in Minecraft then read out our write-up.

What Are Mods in Minecraft?

Mods are the short form of modifications that modifies the content of Minecraft to make minor adjustments or new features for giving the best experience to its players. It is as easy as updating the lights and colors or hard as introducing new items.

 What do Minecraft Mods Do?

As we said before, mods will give you many opportunities to make the games more exciting and smooth for you. Here are some benefits of it –

  • It adds mobs (animals or other creatures), new blocks, etc.
  • Gives the players new powers and special abilities.
  • Change the graphics of Minecraft and make it more convenient and smooth for players.

There are lots of mods and every mod has different facilities but the main theme of all these mods is to make the game more easy, comfortable, and smooth for the players.

how to disable mods in minecraft

Why Should I Disable Mods?

The main purpose of all mods is to make the Minecraft games more convenient but sometimes it causes some trouble. It can clash with other mods, sometimes makes errors, or may not function. So the removal of mods, for this reason, is necessary.

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Backup Mods 

If you want to disable mods, then the first thing you have to do is to make a backup of the server. Because any missing mods and their content will be permanently removed from the server and you won’t be able to get them back.

How to Disable Mods in Minecraft Forge?

You are on a Forge server and want to disable mods? Then you should follow the following steps –

  • First, connect your server with FTP.
  • Click on the mods folder under the server folder list.
  • Click on the checkboxes beside mods that you want to disable.

Can You Disable Mods in Minecraft?

You can disable mods or certain features in Minecraft if you see that mods don’t work or function the way you want. Or sometimes it may clash with other mods. To disable the mods you have to go to the config folder and then select the mode which you want to disable.

How do I Get Crazy Craft?

There are a few steps to follow for getting crazy craft 3.0 in Minecraft. Which are –

  • First, you have to download The VoidLauncher.
  • Then unzip The VoidLauncher folder.
  • The VoidLauncher Application should be opened and updated.
  • Then you have to log in To The VoidLauncher.
  • Launch & Install Crazy Craft 3.0 and wait for downloading it.

How to Install RLcraft Modpacks on Minecraft?

To download RLCraft you can go to this link and that’s the easiest way to download. For installation, you have to link up your Minecraft game, go to browse modpacks and select RLCraft mod packs, and then play.

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What Happens When You Fight a Mob in Rlcraft?

The mobs ( animals) of RLCraft are very dangerous. It tries to eat everything including you to increase its mass. You have to keep enough distance before fighting with this because it will create a large battlefield around you. So, for safety purposes, you have to maintain a distance.

Where Do You Find Root Riots in Rlcraft?

You can find root riots spawns in Spriggans. It has the power to blast you with its health-draining lasers. They’re all over the place because they weren’t annoying in forests.

Where Can I Get Rlcraft Launcher for Minecraft?

You can get a rlcraft launcher for Minecraft from this link and it’s the easiest way to get it. Curseforge’s own launcher replaced Twitch Launcher.

How to Disable Mods in Minecraft Tlauncher

You can disable mods from the PC if there is any need. There are two main steps which are –

Automatic Removal via the Installer 

  • First, open your pc or tab and select the uninstall or change a program item and click it.
  • You have to type “TLauncher” in the search bar.
  • Select the name of the mods you want to disable and press on uninstall.

But if you install the launcher before July 2021 then you won’t be able to have the automatic removal. For this, you have to go for manual deinstallation.

Manual Deinstallation 

  • If you want to completely delete the application, you have to delete both the folders of .minecraft and .tlauncher and .tlauncher are located in –
  • Windows: type %appdata% in the Windows search box.

/Users/USER/Library/Application Support/

  • Linux : /home/USER/

User means the system names of yours.

How to Disable a Mod in a Modpack (L-8)

If your mods cause any malfunction or clash with other mods then it’s necessary to disable it. And the process of disabling a mod in a modpack is –

  • You need to add the suffix .disable to the mode file which you want to disable.
  • Stop your server after login into the multicraft control panel.
  • Then select “FTP File Access” from the File section.

how to disable a mod in a modpack

  • Then enter your FTP password > from the server folder list you have to select mods folder > select the mods which you want to disable.

disable a mod in a modpack

  • The name of the mods file should be ended with .jar
  • Click on the rename button and add .disabled at the end of the files name (mods) which you select for disabling and then submit.

how to disable mods in minecraft tlauncher

How to Delete Minecraft Mods “Xbox One” 

For this, You have to –

  • Open the games first and then
  • Select the mods which you want to disable from the main menu and disable it.

How to Disable Mods in Minecraft Twitch

Disabling the mods in Minecraft Twitch is very easy. A few steps of this are –

  • First, go to the profile and unlock it.
  • Then you will find the switches with the modes aside, which allows you to disable the mods you want.


So, these are all about how to disable mods in Minecraft. I hope this write-up will help you to do this and let you know a lot of information which you may be unaware of. Instead of this, if you have any queries, go through our Q&A segment.

The FAQs about Mods in Minecraft 

Still not satisfied? Read out our answers and get your desired question answered and satisfy yourself.

Can you turn Minecraft mods on and off?

No. You can’t turn on and off your Minecraft modes. If you don’t want the modes then you can disable or delete them from your mods folder.

Can I regain the mods which I deleted?

Yes. You can regain the mods which you may have accidentally deleted and can download them from

Is Minecraft Forge safe?

Yes. It’s safe as long as you download it from an authentic and approved source.

Do Minecraft mods give you viruses?

Most of them are safe and don’t give you viruses. But some of them contain viruses that are known as malicious code and cause server problems.

What happens when you remove a mod in Minecraft?

As mods make the games more enjoyable and give so many facilities to the players and each mode contains special facilities, the removal of these mods will snatch all these facilities from you.

Such as – you will lose all of the Immersive Engineering’s blocks and items, ores from underground, Treated Wood Planks, etc and these won’t come back again until you re-download the mods again which you have disabled.

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