How To Block Attacks in Coin Master (6 Proven Ways)

Coin master is the most exciting and popular game around the world and the main purpose of the players is to develop their villages and go to the next level. But this development is being hampered by the attacks in the village. So if you want to progress in your village and also want to know how to block attacks in coin master then please go through this article.

What is a village attack?

A village attack is that process in coin master by which your village gets damaged and you have to repair them by spending coins. It pushes you back into the game.

This attack is done by your opponent parties.

How To Block Attacks in Coin Master

1. Block village attacks by using a shield 

You have only 5 shields to protect your village from attacks. You can win these shields from a slot machine. As the attacks occurred in your village by your friends or any other opponent parties then you can use your shield to block the attack. You can block only 5 attacks with your shield.

How to block attacks in coin master

2. Block village attacks by using Rhino Pet 

Rhino is the third pet of coin master and you can have this pet after completing the creature’s card set. If you want to make use of this pet, you have to keep it awake by feeding it. Only then it will be able to defend against the attacks. Once you feed it, it will stay awake for four hours.

You can use it when you don’t have any shield to use.

3. Requesting friends not to attack

Though it has the least chance still you can request your friend not to attack your village. This game is all about attacks and raids but if you are getting attacked by the same friend frequently then you can try to convince your friend not to attack your village.

4. Unfriend or block friends

Another way to keep your village safe from attacks is to unfriend or block your friends from your Facebook account. Though this gets too personal and the players shouldn’t take it that much personally but most of the time players do this for their progress of the village and to keep them safe from attacks.

5. Playing games without facebook-connection

This process isn’t that effective but you can take this attempt to protect your village from attacks. This process is also known as ghost mode. In this mode, your friends won’t find your village for attacks as you are not connected with your Facebook account.

But this is not a highly recommended option for saving your village from attacks.

6. Build a village when you have enough coins

If you don’t have enough coins and you are going to build your village then it’s a wrong decision. Because if you are going to build villages without having enough coins, you won’t be able to complete them at once.

And your friends or opponents will get the chance to attack your village. So the important thing is that you have to build the village only when you can complete it at once.

how to block raid in coin master

Because, in an incomplete village, your friends or enemies will get a 100% chance to damage your village and as you don’t have enough coins, you won’t be able to repair the damage.

So, the best thing is, you can complete your village in the odd times when the other players don’t play games. As you have to build your village at once, you have to know the cost of the whole village. The cost differs from village to village.


So, that’s all about how to block attacks in coin master. If you are a noob player then this guide will help you to understand the process. After reading this, you will be able to know how to protect your village from the enemy’s attacks.

The FAQs about Block Attacks in Coin Master

If you still have any doubt or confusion after reading this article, then you should go through our question-answer segment. This will help you to clear your vision and confusion.

Can I block friends on coin master?

Yes. You can. To protect your village from your friends’ attack, you can block your friends on coin master.

Why does it say the connection is lost while attacking?

If any other apps interfere while playing the game then it will occur. For this, you have to reinstall the game.

How do you delete friends from coin master?

You can simply just unfriend them

from your Facebook account for saving your village from attacks.

What is ghost mode on coin master?

It is the process where players can play the game offline so that their enemies can’t trace or attack their villages.

How do I hide my village on coin master?

You can hide your village by using ghost mode. So that your village will remain secure.

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