How long does it take to get to 1 million in Subway Surfers?

It can take anywhere from 2 hours to 7 hours to reach a score of 1 million in Subway Surfers, depending on the multiplier being used.

Factors Affecting Time to Reach 1 Million

Several key factors affect how long it takes to reach a score of 1 million in Subway Surfers:

  • Multiplier – The higher the multiplier, the faster the score increases. With a x1 multiplier, it takes around 7 hours to reach 1 million. With a x2 multiplier, it takes 3-4 hours. With a x3 multiplier, it takes around 2.5 hours.
  • Ability to maintain multiplier – The longer you can maintain a high multiplier without crashing, the faster you’ll reach 1 million. This requires skill and concentration.
  • Use of powerups – Using powerups like the score booster and super sneakers can help increase your score quicker.
  • Not dying – Each death results in a score reset, so avoiding crashes and obstacles is key to a fast time.
  • Length of play session – Playing in long, uninterrupted sessions allows you to reach higher scores faster than short, fragmented play sessions.

My Personal Best Times

Based on my own experience playing Subway Surfers, here are my best times for reaching 1 million with different multipliers:

  • Multiplier 1 – 7 hours 19 minutes
  • Multiplier 2 – 3 hours 41 minutes
  • Multiplier 3 – 2 hours 27 minutes

As you can see, the higher the multiplier, the faster I was able to reach 1 million points. With a x3 multiplier, I could get to 1 million in under 2.5 hours.

Tips for Reaching 1 Million Faster

Here are some tips to help you reach 1 million points faster in Subway Surfers:

  • Maximize your multiplier – Upgrade your multiplier boosts early on. Get to x2 and x3 as quickly as possible.
  • Memorize the routes – Learn the routes and patterns of obstacles. This allows you to play almost automatically without crashing.
  • Take routes with lots of coins – Routes with more coins allow you to upgrade your multiplier and abilities faster.
  • Use hoverboards at key moments – Save hoverboards for sections with hard-to-avoid obstacles or to extend multiplier durations.
  • Buy Head Starts – Head Starts allow you to start at higher scores right off the bat.

With practice and by following these tips, you can shave hours off your time to reach 1 million points in Subway Surfers. It takes skill, concentration, and stamina, but hitting the 1 million mark is very achievable with the right strategies.

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