Golden Apples In Minecraft: Where To Find It? (Top 5 Uses)

Golden Apple is a fruit like our daily life fruit we eat in real life, but this special apple gives you many facilities in Minecraft. As Minecraft is the most popular video game in the world and the main theme of this game is to survive, so it is very important to get many facilities from the game while playing and it will help you for your long time survival to this game. By reading this write-up you will be able to know what are golden apples in Minecraft, how to collect it, what are the benefits of it in the game, etc. Because we are going to briefly explain every detail of it. So, stay with us.

What are Golden Apples in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Golden Apple is a very rare food item to find which gives the players supreme facilities and benefits. If a player eats a golden apple, It will give a reward of special effect which can’t be obtained from other food items.

Also, it’s a good source of excellent source protein, carotene, dietary fibers, chromium, magnesium, water, riboflavin, fat, carbohydrate, etc which nourish the player’s health as well.

how to make golden apples in minecraft

Where To Find Golden Apples in Minecraft?

The best method of finding golden apples is to craft them. For this, players need

  • 8 Golden Ingots
  • 1 Apple.

For this, you have to loot the treasures that can be obtained from chests such as –

  • Dungeons
  • Mineshaft chests
  • Generic or Hoglin stable Bastion chests
  • Desert temple chest
  • Igloo chest
  • Ruined portal chest
  • Stronghold chest
  • Underwater “Big ruins” chest
  • Woodland mansion chest

What Rewards of Golden Apple Give in The Game 

Absorption I and Regeneration II are the two types of rewards of Golden apples that help the player to heal from the damage respectively for 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

And it works as an exponential rawith. It will also restore 4 hunger and increase the hunger saturation up to 9.6.

How To Make Golden Apples in Minecraft 

You need at least 2 base items to make it which are –

  • Gold Ingots x8
  • Apples x1

You have to combine them to make a golden apple on the crafting table. Or players can make Golden Apple by breaking the leaf of a tree.

Golden Apple Minecraft Recipe 

The recipe for making apples is simple. For this, you have to combine one apple surrounded by eight Gold Ingots in the 3×3 crafting grid.

Acquiring Golden Apples in Minecraft 

There are two ways from which you can acquire apples. One is from a craft table by combining the gold bars and apple in the 3×3 crafting grid. And the second one is looting chests. The chances of getting it from the chest it is –

  • Igloo chest (100%)
  • Mineshaft chest (28.2%)
  • Desert temple chest (23.5%)

Most Useful Things To Do with Golden Apples in Minecraft 

You can use the golden apples to improve your gaming and make the game easier. Some of the uses of Golden Apple is –

1. Horse Taming/Breeding 

To improve the taming chances of the horse, you can feed them golden apples which many players don’t know about. The chances of taming horses will increase up to 10%.

In 4 minutes, you can also speed up the growth of baby horses with the help of Golden Apple.

2. Distracting Piglins 

You can distract the piglings only when they are angry and aggressive. When they are actively attacking you, you can distract them by throwing the golden ingot and can achieve “Oooh, shiny!” achievement. Otherwise, you won’t be able to distract them.

3. Banner Pattern 

Players can also craft a banner with the help of golden apples. And this banner pattern represents the former logo for the parent company of Minecraft. In some niche builds, it can also be used.

4. Fighting the Ender Dragon 

Minecraft is a survival game and the survival process of this game is really tough cause there are lots of pro players in this game. And you can beat the game, and survive this game by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Golden Apple makes the process of fighting and defeating easier with the Ender Dragon leagues. It makes the fights easier as enchanted golden apples give the players

more rewards such as – fire protection, health regeneration, and damage absorption effects, etc. which help the players to defeat the Ender Dragon.

5. PVP 

Golden apples are so powerful as well as important in PvP. Only because golden apples provide many rewards such as – strong absorption and regeneration effect can be determined.

If the player plays this game without golden apples with the opposition parties who used these golden apples then the players will face a great loss. Sometimes The PVP authority can determine the winner of the battle.

What is Enchanted Golden Apples?

Golden Apples in Minecraft are of two types which are –

  • Regular and
  • Enchanted

Regular Golden Apples have less energy and nourishment value than enchanted ones. It can be easily crafted from the craft table and is less valuable.

golden apples in minecraft

Whereas, the Enchanted Golden Apples has a great nourishment value as well as it is more powerful than the regular one. And it can’t be crafted.

Enchanted Golden Apple Removed 

Enchanted golden apples are also known as notch apples which have more powers and facilities than normal apples and golden apples.

So, you can’t craft them because crafting is very easy. As a result, the authority removed the way of getting enchanted apples from crafting. They didn’t remove the enchanted apple.


That’s all about Golden Apples In Minecraft. If you read our whole article I think it will help you know every detail of Golden Apples. Still, do you want to know more or have any questions? Then go through our Q/A segment.

The FAQs about Golden Apples in Minecraft

Still not satisfied? Then read out these answers.

How rare is an enchanted golden apple?

Enchanted Golden Apple is considered more supernatural than regular apples, so it is really very hard to find and you also can’t make it from the craft table. You can only find them in chests.

Do villagers sell golden apples?

Yes. Villagers sell 5-7 golden apples for 1 emerald. Except for enchanted golden apples as it is very rare.

Can you plant golden apples in Minecraft?

Yes. For this, you have to collect the seeds of it and then plant them in your farmland.

Which rewards do enchanted apples give?

Enchanted apple gives its players many rewards, such as –

  • Absorption 4.
  • Providing eight hearts worth of Absorption health.
  • Regeneration 5.
  • Healing the player over time, Fire Resistance 1, makes the player immune to fire and lava for five minutes, and Resistance 1, and gives 20% damage resistance for five minutes which protects them from hazards in the Nether.

What does a golden apple give you?

Golden Apple gives its players rewards when they eat it. Which are –

  • Regeneration II.
  • Absorption IV.
  • Resistance and Fire Resistance.

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