7 Best Games Like Coin Master Alternative You Should Play

Are you getting bored with playing the coin master game? And looking for alternative games like coin master? Then you’ve landed at the right place. In this article, we’ve listed 10 free most popular alternatives to the coin master game.

Before going to the main part of the article you know that coin master is a casual game. Building villages at every level, attack, and raid is the main purpose of this game.

For this, you need to have enough Spins, Coins, Active Pet to get benefits over your competitors. Collect free spins daily from here. You can download the coin master game from the Google play store for android and the app store for iOS.

Games Like Coin Master

Here is the list of the best similar games like coin master 2021. You can play these games for free.

1. Coin Kingdom

Like the coin master game player’s main challenge to building a kingdom in the coin kingdom game. Also, players can enjoy destroying other player’s kingdoms.

Players can earn coins and rewards by spinning wheels. Inside this casual game has challenges with mini-games to win more rewards. Players can upgrade their kingdoms with coins.

Winning shields players can protect the kingdoms that other kings are trying to break and can retaliate on the enemy. Download it from the Google play store and App store.

2. Coin Beach

Another coin game that is similar to coin master. There are many similarities between the two games. Win more coins from a slot machine also called a fruit machine to build a kingdom and to protect the kingdom.

Also, win coins by completing card sets and use these coins to climb up the levels. Get to experience various kinds of life around the world like fairy tales, countries, culture, animals, etc.

No need for real money to play it. Download it from the app store.

3. Coin Trip

Coin Trip is a multiplayer video game developed by Lion Studios that is available for Android and iOS operating systems. The game is played on an island where you can make your own dreamland. 

Complete game objective to get more coins to unlock new destinations. Players can spoil friends to get extra coins, to develop and protect their spots.

At the time of building and developing a destination, you can unlock several locations every week.

4. Island King

It’s another casual game like coin master. The game is about Luna who lives in a forest with her dad. She is growing in the forest with her friends. One day her dad lost, a dragon took her dad away.

The only way to get her dad is to find him on the island by passing one after another. Users need to help them to overcome the journey in difficult moments and find their dad.

Build, Steal and Attack are three elements a player deals with. Players have the opportunity to grab spins, coins on the island to reveal the secret.

Players can play this game in single and multiplayer mode and can play with friends or other players from all around the world. Download it on Android and iOS.

5. King Boom: Pirate Island Adventure

The game is developed by Digi Ten for mobile devices like Android and iOS. The players need to play a role like a pirate and the initial objective is to sail the ship to become the wealthiest man in the world. 

Players can test their luck by using a spin wheel. The game has up to 9 islands available and players can build an empire on the island, attack other players, loot spins, collect shields to depend on their empire. Download the game here.

6. Pirate Coin Master: Raid Island Battle Adventure

The game is offered by CookApps for mobile devices. It is a casual, single-player, pirate-adventures video game that’s the main objective is controlling a ship and finding a new island to unlock more challenges.

This game is like Coin Trip where players can earn coins by spinning wheels and find new islands. New ships can be unlocked with coins. Download it here.

7. Spin Voyage

This is another similar game to coin master. Players can spin the slot machine to earn coins and build their empires on islands.

By earning coins players can dominate villages and become powerful pirates in the empire. Players can multiply their coins by looting neighbors and accumulate loot like a powerful pirate. Download the game on Android and iOS.


There are more games like coin master. We have discussed the most popular game in the world that’s an alternative to coin master.

If you have played these games before then share your experience in the comment section. We will update this list day by day. Check our blog regularly to get updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Games Like Coin Master

You will get answers to the most asked questions by the games. Read this FAQ section and clear your confusion. Comment below if you have further questions.

What are the coin master alternative games?

These are the coin master games.

  • Coin Trip
  • Spin Voyage
  • Pirate Coin Master: Raid Island Battle Adventure
  • King Boom: Pirate Island Adventure
  • Island King
  • Coin Beach
  • Coin Kingdom
  • Smash Island-Candy Break
  • Piggy Boom
  • Piggy Go: Clash of Coin

Are celebrities really playing coin master?

It is not certain that celebrities play coin master. But many popular celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Khloé Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Scott Disick have featured the game in advertisements.

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