Fresh in Subway Surfers: Unlock The Teenage Music Expert!

The Subway Surfers is a fun-to-play game because it has many characters. One such important character in Subway Surfers is the character Fresh. 

If you are a true fan of the Subway Surfers game, you might also be interested to know about him. So, who is Fresh in Subway Surfers? 

Well, he’s basically a teenage boy in the Subway Surfers game who is an expert in music. He has a strong affinity towards the music of the ’80s. Plus, he has an energetic and funky look that gives off a cool vibe.

Now, are you interested to know more details about him? Head down below where we have provided every detail about Fresh. Check it out right now! 

Who Is Fresh In Subway Surfers? 

As we have already mentioned above, Fresh is a prominent character in Subway Surfers. He is a music expert who always carries a stereo boombox with him. Plus, he is very specialized in the music of the ’80s.

From his physical appearance, it’s clear that he is a teenager who likes adventures. He’s also extremely intelligent and perceptive. You can easily unlock him in the Subway Surfers game by earning 50 Fresh’s Stereos. 


His real name is yet to be confirmed. However, fans assume that his real name is Fresh Harper. Moreover, fans also term Fresh’s parents by the name Mr. Harper and Mrs. Harper.

Fresh has the following key features:

  • Fish always carries his radio/stereo with him. 
  • He calls his stereo by the name Boomie. 
  • Fresh is the only character in the Subway Surfers game that carries a stereo.
  • The character “Fresh” is available in many editions of the Subway Surfers game such as Subway Surfers Beijing, Subway Surfers Moscow, Subway Surfers Marrakesh, Subway Surfers Bangkok, Subway Surfers Mumbai Subway Surfers Venice, Subway Surfers Miami, Subway Surfers Berlin, Subway Surfers New York, Subway Surfers Oxford.
  • He has an elder sister, who is also a Subway Surfers character. Her name is Ella (she was formerly known as Frizzy).
  • We know from the animated series of the Subway Surfers game that Fresh dislikes seafood.
  • Fresh is very unique in the Subway Surfers game because he is the first boy who is of African American descent. 
  • Along with him, his sister Ella is also the first female in the Subway Surfers game who is an African American.
  • The character Fresh has three counterparts: Pride Fresh, Festive Fresh, and Super Runner Fresh. 

Fresh Subway Surfers Age

It’s common for fans to ask the question, “how old is Fresh from Subway Surfers?”. But, the actual answer to this is a bit of a disappointment. 

The age of the characters in Subway Surfers characters is never revealed to the fans. The developers of this game do not provide any specific data on any of the characters’ ages.

However, from his appearance and the physical traits of Fresh, we can assume that he is a teenager. Not only that, chances are that he is a legal adult as well. Therefore, his age might be 18 or 19.

Subway Surfers Fresh Outfit

Usually Fresh carries his usual outfit and he also has 2 more additional outfits; the Funk outfit and the Sport outfit. 

Frank has an ’80s-style haircut with a “high top fade” style. She has dark brown colored skin and brown colored eyes. Moreover, he wears glasses with thick frames. His glasses resemble the glasses of Tricky.

Also, Fresh wears a green colored tank top with red, gray, and blue colored sneakers on his feet. Furthermore, he carries orange-colored shorts and white socks with multicolored stripes.

Fresh carries a stereo boombox with him at all times. So, the studio boombox is also a part of this outfit. 

Fresh Funk Outfit

The funk outfit is a special outfit for Fresh. In this outfit, he has purple colored shades and he also wears a green colored T-shirt with funky patterns. Additionally, his stereo is of black color in the funk outfit. 


Fresh Sport outfit

The Sport outfit for Fresh is an even more special outfit. As this outfit is a bit costlier than the other two, it’s very unique. 

Fresh Sport outfit

In this outfit, fish has a burgundy colored headband along with a burgundy colored vest. He also has burgundy-colored shorts. 

Plus, what is most unique about this outfit is that he does not carry his stereo in this outfit. Rather, he carries a basketball in the place of his stadium boombox. 

How To Unlock Fresh?

It’s super easy to unlock Fresh in this Subway Surfers game. All you have to do is achieve 50 Fresh’s Stereos, and then you will be able to unlock Fresh.

Remember, Fresh is not a limited character. So, once you unlock him, this character will stay in your Subway Surfers account forever. 

You can also unlock some additional outfits for Fresh as well. To unlock the Funk outfit, you’ll have to earn 150 Fresh’s Stereos. And, if you want to unlock the Sport outfit for Fresh, you’ll have to earn 300 Fresh’s Stereos.

Fresh And Jake Subway Surfers

Jake is the most prominent character in the Subway Surfers game. And, Fresh is also a prominent male character in this game. Therefore, they are really good friends in real life.

Fresh and jack

Although Jake is not a music expert like Fresh is, they are extremely close in their friendship. Both of them give off an energetic and enthusiastic vibe. Plus, both of these characters are extremely adventurous. 

So, it’s safe to say that Fresh and Jake in Subway Surfers have a really good bromance.

Are Jake And Fresh Dating In Subway Surfers?

There’s no reliable information on whether Jake and Fresh are dating each other. In fact, there’s no information at all on whether any of the characters in the Subway Surfers game are in a relationship or not.

So, it would be wrong to say that Jake and fish are dating each other. But, what we know so far is that they are really good friends and they have a good bromance between them.

Subway Surfers Fresh And Frizzy (Subway Surfers Fresh’s Sister)

Many people want to know if Fresh and Frizzy (now known as Ella) is family or not. The answer is, yes, they are. They’re brothers and sisters. Frizzy(Ella) is the older sister of Fresh in the Subway Surfers game. 


From what we know so far, they both have the same parents. Plus, they also have a very adorable family. Moreover, it’s noticeable from their character that both the sister and brother have great similarities. They both are really adventurous in their life. 

Subway Surfers Fresh With Basketball

We all know that Fresh always carries a stereo boombox with him. However, he ditches the boombox in his Sporty outfit. Instead, he carries a basketball with him.

Fresh With Basketball

Although he never plays with his basketball, he always likes to carry his basketball with him. Therefore, whenever you see Fresh carrying a basketball, you should understand that he is in his Sport outfit.

Fresh In Real Life- Subway Surfers 

The character Fresh has not received any live-action adaptation from the developers of the Subway Surfers game. Up until now, we have only seen this character in the game and the animated series of the Subway Surfers game.

However, if there is a live adaptation in the future, we can expect Fresh to be an energetic, cool, and collected teenage boy who has a strong pungent for music.

Subway Surfers Jake, Tricky and Fresh

Jake, tricky, and Fresh are really good friends in this Subway Surfers game. We can see that these three, along with others, are really adventurous in their life. How is that? 

Despite the risk of getting caught by the policeman, they dare to run on the subway track on an endless journey. This act alone is a clear example of their courage. And, since they all are on the same mission, these characters have a very special bond as well.

Final Takeaway

The final message of this discussion is that Fresh is a super energetic and talented individual in the Subway Surfers game. The fans extremely love this character because of his positivity and knowledgeable vibe.

Therefore, if you are a person who has an affinity with Fresh, you are likely to be a positive and knowledgeable person as well. 

So, go ahead and enjoy Subway Surfers with the Fresh. Best of luck to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the character Fresh in the Subway Surfers game. 

How old is Fresh from Subway Surfers?

As already mentioned above, the exact age of Fresh has not been revealed officially. But, we can assume that Fresh is an adult teenage boy. So, his age is likely to be 18 or 19.

Is Fresh in a relationship with someone?

The developers of Subway Surfers have not disclosed the relationship status of any character in this game. So, it’s still unclear whether Fresh is in a relationship or not.

Does fish belong to the LGBTQ?

Normally, the character Fresh is a straight boy. So, he does not belong to the LGBTQ community. 

However, Pride Fresh is a supporter of the LGBTQ community. So, he might belong to the LGBTQ community (although there’s no way to be sure).

Who is the rarest counterpart of Fresh?

Super Runner Fresh is the rarest counterpart of Fresh. In order to unlock the Super Runner Fresh, you’ll have to complete the five stages of the Super Runner City.

Does Fresh have any special ability in the Subway Surfers game?

In the Subway Surfers game, Fresh does not have any special ability. However, it’s to be noted that no character in Subway Surfers has any special ability. Therefore, all characters perform the same in Subway Surfers.

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