Frank Subway Surfers: How To Unlock It (4 Steps)

Frank Subway Surfers catch the hype from the animated series role. Everyone wants to know more about the suit guy hidden under the bunny mask.

The character has been around for a decade and is considered one of the main standard characters of the Subway Surfers game.

We are going to talk about his role in the Subway Surfers series, unlockable outfits, story, and more. The article will cover every aspect of the mysterious character of Subway Surfers.

Let’s hover underneath and check out more details.

Who is Frank in Subway Surfers series?

Frank gives a glimpse in the first few episodes of the Subway Surfers series. He comes with his default outfit on the animated series.

By his look and movement, you can say that he is the main antagonist of the Subway Surfers show. I love the way he crosses the train lane without any fear.


He has a hit list and Jake is crossed on it. In the 11th episode, Frank gets more screen time. He walks mysteriously with his tech gadget and a creepy sound plays in the background.

How To Unlock Frank In Subway Surfers?

Frank Subway Surfers is an old character in the game. You need to spend around 40,000 coins to unlock the character.

From time-to-time better offers are introduced at world tour events. During the Venice event, the Frank character was available for half the price.

How To Unlock Frank In Subway Surfers

Whenever you have 40,000 coins in your inventory, you can visit the in-game Subway Surfers store and unlock the character in the following way:

  • Go to subway surfers
  • At the bottom click on the Me tab
  • Then search for Frank and click on him
  • Finally, click on the button 40,000 coins

The tiger and clown outfits can be unlocked with 25 and 15 keys respectively. Get the Subway Surfers character with a mask whenever you want.

Outfit of The Character Frank

Frank Subway Surfers appear in a serious office guy look with a bunny mask. He wears black shoes, and a black suit and carries a black briefcase in his left hand.

Basically, he is a mildly toned guy on rabbit musk. The character often gets associated with the Donnie Darko movie’s rabbit mask villain.

Frank has two different choices when it comes to outfit selection.

  • Clown Outfit
  • Tiger Outfit

Both the new character outfit keeps the old black suit and shoes. Changes are done to the briefcase and mask.

The clown outfit was introduced during the New Orlando world tour event. It gets a clown mask and red flower on hand instead of the black suitcase.

clown outfit

Tiger Outfit represents the Indian culture and comes into view during the Mumbai edition. Frank’s default rabbit mask was replaced with the tiger mask.

Tiger Outfit

Tiger tail takes the position of the black briefcase. Clown Outfit and Tiger Outfit will require 15 keys and 25 keys to unlock respectively.

Features Of Frank

Frank has a huge influence on the Subway Surfers gameplay. You will see its huge popularity on TikTok and other social platforms.

  • The office guy’s serious look makes Frank the perfect antagonist for the Subway Surfers animated series.
  • His mysterious character unveils him as a tall and sharp-looking villain.
  • His red-eye shrinking scene will definitely give you goosebumps during the 11th episode.
  • He has no dialogue in the Subway Surfers animated story.
  • A whistling noise prevails when he walks fearlessly through the train lanes.

The main protagonist of the game Jake is on his hit list.

What is Subway Surfers Frank Theory

Frank Subway Surfers theory is of a time traveler. He might be a time traveler who has traveled to the past to complete a mission.

The logo that he has on his device seems does not seem to be from the present world. Besides, some theory also claims that the mask is also hiding some secret.

The eyes of the bunny mask are also different. It looks like a Cyborg eye to some. He opens a portal in the Subway Surfers series to the future and takes something away from Jake’s world.

The new theories of Subway Surfers Frank keep on coming.

About Frank Subway Surfers’ Backstory

Frank is a playable Subway Surfers character in the game. You can unlock it for coins and play it to run the endless road.

There is no backstory on the gameplay for Frank. But the animated series has given some hint of Frank’s backstory.

Frank Subway Surfers' Backstory

Frank is covering some secret under his bunny mask. He is using advanced technology to accomplish his goals.

The serious guy look is not a hero to admire rather than a villain to stay away from. That’s all we know about his backstory.

The Height of The Frank

Subway Surfers characters all seem to be of the same height. There is no actual measurement of their height.

Frank does look a little tall in the slim-fit suit. The rabbit mask has tall straight ears and that also adds to the height.

Frank Subway Surfers animates series appearance presents him with a tall and slim look. His bunny mask also gets sharper at the bottom.

Jake, the main protagonist of the series seems to be a little smaller in height than Frank.

Final Verdict

As you are at the end of the article, you already know a lot about the Frank Subway Surfers character. He is presented as an antagonist in the animated series.

The bunny mask is hiding the true identity of the character.  Some believe he works for a spy agency in the future.

What is your thought on Subway Surfers character Frank? Let us know in the comment section. Don’t forget to check other articles on the site and keep coming back for more shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Frank cost in Subway Surfers?

Frank is a standard and available character in the Subway Surfers game. You can unlock the character for only 40,000 coins.

We suggest you wait for the upcoming Halloween event and unlock the Frank with a better deal.

How old is Frank from Subway Surfers?

Frank was introduced on 24th October 2012. So, the rabbit face guy is around 10 years old in the game.

He often comes with a new face mask and briefcase alternatives. The Subway Surfers character has no age number in the real world.

Who is Frank in Subway Surfers animation?

Frank is an antagonist from the Subway Surfers animated series. He is a time traveler and comes to the present world to complete a mission.

The tall serious looking guy might be a killer who is looking for the right time to attack.

Is Frank evil in Subway Surfers?

Yes. Frank Subway Surfers character was inspired by a horror movie. He has been presented as the evil face of the Subway Surfer series.

The information is based on the 11th episode but the evil motivation of Frank is not confirmed yet.

What is under Frank bunny mask?

No one knows what is inside the Frank bunny mask. In the film, ‘Donnie Darko’ was played by James Duval and the character is inspired by that role. They might have a connection here but I will bet on it.

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