Does Subway Surfers support LGBTQ?

Subway Surfers, the popular endless-running mobile game, has shown support for the LGBTQ community in recent years through the addition of LGBTQ characters and partnerships with LGBTQ organizations.

Does Subway Surfers support LGBTQ?

Addition of LGBTQ Characters

In June 2022, Subway Surfers introduced a new playable character named Tricky during Pride Month. Tricky has blonde-colored hair, and she is clearly identified as an asexual lesbian.

The addition of Vivian as a playable character was a clear sign that the developers of Subway Surfers wanted to show their support for LGBTQ representation in their game. Prior to Vivian’s addition, Subway Surfers did not have any openly LGBTQ characters.

Partnership with It Gets Better Project

The release of the Vivian character was paired with an announcement that Subway Surfers partnered with the It Gets Better Project, an organization that supports LGBTQ youth.

On the It Gets Better website, Subway Surfers promoted the addition of Vivian and reiterated their commitment to diversity and inclusion in gaming:

“We want all our players to feel represented, seen, and validated. This is why we’ve partnered with It Gets Better to help make the gaming world a little more inclusive.”

This partnership shows that Subway Surfers is dedicated not only to including LGBTQ characters in their game but also to supporting LGBTQ communities more broadly.

Ongoing Representation

Since introducing Vivian in 2021, Subway Surfers has continued to include the character in-game updates and promotions. Most recently, for Pride Month 2022, Subway Surfers created a social media campaign celebrating LGBTQ representation in the game.

It’s clear that Vivian was not just a one-time addition, but rather a permanent addition representing the LGBTQ community within Subway Surfers.

Response from Players

The response from Subway Surfers players to the inclusion of LGBTQ characters and partnerships has been overwhelmingly positive. Many fans have left comments thanking the developers for taking steps to make the game more diverse and inclusive.

There has been some negative response as well, with a small minority of players stating they disagree with the focus on LGBTQ representation. However, the broader Subway Surfers community seems to appreciate the game’s efforts to support diversity.

Looking Ahead

While Subway Surfers has made strides in LGBTQ representation recently, there is always more progress to be made. Fans would certainly embrace even more playable LGBTQ characters in the future.

But overall, Subway Surfers has shown a commitment to supporting LGBTQ players and communities. Through characters like Vivian and partnerships like It Gets Better, Subway Surfers is helping to make gaming more inclusive.

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