Does Subway Surfers Get Faster as You Play?

Subway Surfers, the popular endless running mobile game, seems to gradually increase in speed and difficulty the longer you play during a single run. Many players have noticed their characters running faster, the trains speeding up, and obstacles appearing more quickly after playing for a while. But does Subway Surfers actually accelerate as you progress? Or does it just seem that way?

The Basics of Subway Surfers Gameplay

To understand whether Subway Surfers speeds up over time, it’s important to first understand some basics about how the game works:

  • Endless runner – Subway Surfers is an “endless runner” style game where your character runs forward continuously. You swipe to jump over or slide under obstacles in your path.
  • Objective – Your goal is to run as far as possible without crashing into obstacles like trains and barriers to earn the highest score.
  • Powerups – You collect coins and powerups like hoverboards and jetpacks along the way to boost your score and distance.
  • Missions – Completing missions like collecting tokens or reaching a distance milestone earns you prizes.
  • Same layout – Each run uses the same endless track layout, starting slowly and gradually introducing more obstacles and complexity.

So as you play, the run will seem to get faster and harder as you advance into areas with increased difficulty by design. But does the actual speed increase on its own over time?

Factors that Increase Difficulty and Speed

There are a few key factors built into Subway Surfers that make the game appear to speed up as you play:

1. Character speed boosts

  • Collecting certain powerups like speed sneakers temporarily increases your character’s running speed during a run.
  • Upgrading your character and hoverboard in the shop makes you permanently faster.

2. Advancing into harder sections

  • The level is designed to gradually have more trains, tunnels, tracks, barriers, etc to increase difficulty.
  • So as you play longer, you’re getting into parts designed to be faster-paced.

3. Improved player skills

  • As you get better at the game, everything seems faster! Since you can react and anticipate better, the obstacles come at you more quickly.
  • This is an illusion – the actual speed is the same, but your skills make it seem faster.

So while certain powerups and upgrades do increase speed directly, the layout itself does not automatically accelerate on its own over time. The increasing challenge comes from progression to more difficult sections and the player’s own skill improvement making it feel faster.

Does the Score Multiplier Speed Things Up?

In addition to character speed boosts, another way your score and speed ramp up in Subway Surfers is through the score multiplier. Here’s how it works:

  • You start each run with a score multiplier of x1.
  • When you collect a 2x multiplier token during a run, your multiplier increases to x2, doubling your score and speed.
  • This can stack up to 5x or 8x multipliers from additional tokens.
  • A higher multiplier results in a higher score and the action appears sped up.

So the multiplier is directly tied to making your score increase faster – and the speed feeling increased as a result. The actual speed of the level itself does not change due to the multiplier though.

Game Settings That Control Speed

While the core speed and difficulty of Subway Surfers remains consistent, there are a few settings players can adjust that may impact the perception of speed:

  • Graphics quality – Lower quality graphics settings result in fewer background animations, which may seem like increased speed.
  • Camera distance – Zooming the camera out makes more obstacles visible at once, which can feel faster.
  • Obstacles – Disabling certain obstacles like dynamic trains simplifies the level and reduces visual clutter.

However, these graphics and game settings do not actually alter the rate at which Subway Surfers progresses. They only change the perception indirectly by affecting visibility and visual clutter on the screen during play.

Does Subway Surfers Ever Increase Difficulty Automatically?

The core speed and difficulty curve of Subway Surfers remains the same each time you play. However, there are a couple instances where the game does automatically increase challenge and speed beyond the base difficulty progression:

1. After collecting score milestones

  • When you hit point milestones like 500k or 1 million, the game will introduce more obstacles to increase challenge.

2. Daily challenges

  • Special event runs for daily challenges sometimes modify the level with faster speeds or more barriers to up the difficulty.

These are special exceptions though – normally the speed and difficulty stays the same for each run. The game does not actively accelerate on its own the longer you survive in a single run.

Speedrunning Tricks That Literally Speed Up Gameplay

While Subway Surfers does not increase speed on its own, there are a few techniques that expert players use to literally speed up the game during competitive speedrunning:

  • Lag tricks – Causing intentional lag, like toggling airplane mode, can freeze NPCs while the player still moves.
  • Wall tricks – Repeatedly bouncing off walls can rapidly boost speed beyond normal limits.
  • Glitches – Exploiting glitches in the level design allows players to move faster than intended.

By utilizing these tricks, top players can run at superhuman speeds exceeding the normal parameters of Subway Surfers. But these exploits take advantage of quirks in the game – they do not reflect any automatic acceleration built into normal gameplay.

Conclusion: Perception of Increasing Speed, Not Actual Acceleration

So in summary, while Subway Surfers appears to gradually speed up and get harder as you play, this is primarily an illusion! The actual speed and difficulty follow a set progression designed into the level’s layout. Some powerups and upgrades do provide direct speed boosts, and the multiplayer also increases score rate. But there is no inherent acceleration built into Subway Surfers to continuously make it faster the longer you survive a run.

The perception of increasing difficulty comes from advancing to farther sections with denser obstacles, improved player skills making gameplay feel faster, and getting higher multipliers. But the game itself does not actually get faster or harder on its own over time. The speedrun tricks that break the game’s limits are the only ways to truly speed up Subway Surfers beyond the designed difficulty curve.

So while it always feels like you’re outracing an ever-accelerating subway, in reality the train maintains the same steady speed! Your character is just racing farther ahead into more challenging sections of an intricately designed endless world. But ultimately, it’s an illusion – the subway never surges forward on its own. The thrill of outrunning it comes from your own skill, not an increasing speedometer.

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