CoinMaster Discord Bot – Earn Endless Free Coins and Spins

The game is an engaging game that will keep you hooked to your phone and make you want to keep playing. The best part of the game can be different for different people, but many people enjoy hoarding coins. Every player wants coins and gold needed to unlock achievements, upgrade villages, and even attack other villages. Moreover, you can make use of CoinMaster Bot to grab free coins.

What is CoinMaster Bot?

There are many click baits available on the internet saying that you can get free coins, but rarely do they work. One popular thing among players is a discord server that gives you free coins for Coin Master.

Coin Master Discord bot is a clicker bot in which you click a specific item to gain coins. You get a coin every time you click when connected to the server.


This discord bot is based on the idea inspired by a cookie clicker, in which you click to gain coins. The easiest way to grab coins is to send messages using the Coin Master Discord Server.

How To Setup Coin Master Discord Bot

Coin Master might have a policy against spam messages, but I will tell you how to set up a Coin Master Discord bot to gain free coins:

  • Start by making a discord account and attach that to your Coin Master app
  • Now invite the Coin Master discord bot to your server
  • After inviting, use the command “cm! account create” to establish your account.
  • You need to use the command after establishing your account “cm! help” then it will show you the help category.
  • Then use the command “cm!help {category}”. So, you can see the commands in that category.

Features of Coin Master Discord Bot

The bot will show you different categories for you to use. The Coin Master Discord bot documentation is done to fulfill these commands. The categories are:

  • 40 purchases
  • Over ten unique upgrades
  • Rebirth system
  • Daily Crates
  • Guild to cooperate with your friends

Lifetime coins

Another feature that the Coin Master Discord bot offers is lifetime coins; this measures your total gain and how many refractor coins you can have for free. The command to check this option is “!stats”

Coins per seconds

In the CoinMaster bot, the coins are given based on the number of clicks. These clicks give you coins per second; you can increase it by buying items through the server and refactoring.

You can also upgrade your village via server, and this will also increase your CPS gain. The command used to check CPS is “cm! profile” or “cm! stats”

Coin per messages

Just like Coins per second, there is also an option Coin per message. These coins are gained by sending messages with the help of the Coin Master Discord bot.

Each message will say “hello” or “giafjwq9jf” and you will get coins based on the number of messages sent. You can increase this gain by upgrading your village. The command used to check your coins per message is “cm! profile”.


In the Coin Master Discord bot server, items are things bought to increase coins per second. All these items span four different pages; each one holds ten items. Even each world in Coin Master has its different purchase items available.

If you want to obtain an item without leaving the page, write the command as:


The items you get depend on the coins available or items you can afford. You can only buy an item if the item before was purchased by you at least one time.


There is also another thing called a refractor. This command resets the world you are in right now and gives you upgrades.

The coins obtained via this upgrade give you more CPS. But if you do this, you will lose all of your items, updates, coins, and lifetime coins once you use this feature. So if you have a large number of coins and items you should not use refractors.

But using refractors also give you many more, including Refractor coins and updates. Other than these, you also get diamonds, metal grades, blue coins, green coins, and tiers.

You can also create streaks and have void coins. The command to check this is “!cm!refractor”.


A great feature of the Coin Master discord bot is giving diamonds. You get these diamonds when you level up and open crates. You can use them when upgrading your metal grades, and the metal grades are:

  • Thundershock: unlocks at 5 CPS
  • Lucky clover: Unlocks at 10 CPS
  • Momenta: Unlocks at 15 CPS
  • Chainer: unlocks at 15 CPS
  • Robot workers: Unlocks at 20 CPS

The command used is “!p” or “!CMP”

Coin Master Discord

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Now you have understood how the Coin Master Discord bot works and what you can get from it. But it can go downgraded, to avoid it you should know how to reset the Coin Master bot.

There is no difficult explanation to this but just a simple process that doesn’t involve anything but a Coin Master Discord bot itself. If you intend to upgrade the server, you should use the given command “cm! upgrade<upgrade>”

This command will offer all the new upgrades available. The upgrades can be refractor upgrades or Void upgrades. In the case of metal grades, you can only use diamonds to upgrade them. The other available upgrades can be:

  • Coin boost
  • Crit
  • Clicker
  • Multimessenger
  • Velocity
  • Discount
  • Solar power

Refractor upgrades are

  • Furtherance: 500 refractor coins for this upgrade
  • Affluence: you need 510 refractor coins for its upgrade
  • Crating: You need 510 Refractor coins for its upgrade

Void upgrades

  • Celeron: 500 void coins are needed for its upgrade
  • Sileo: You need 300 void coins for its upgrade
  • Corbis: You need 300 void coins for its upgrade
  • Impetus: You need 150 void coins for its upgrade
  • Incuris: 300 void coins are needed to upgrade these
  • Once you get all the upgrades, your CPS will increase accordingly

CoinMaster Bot

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Now that you know about the CoinMaster Bot, you can download Discord and start getting free coins per second.

This bot doesn’t change your game or your progress, but you will need to invite it to your server for it to work. You can use the commands to gain coins, diamonds, upgrades, and items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you enjoyed the article. Read this section to get your desired answer to any questions. And give feedback in the comment box.

Does coin master use bots?

Yes, They use coin master bots. The coin master attracts a huge number of people to build their own village in the game through attacks and raids. From the game bot using an auto clicker can save your energy and at the same can enjoy the game.

What does coin master do in Discord?

Users can gain coins by sending messages. The anti-spam timer of the coin master prevents spammers from sending messages constantly.

Is there an official Discord bot?

Yes, it’s the only official bot called Discord.

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