Coin Master VIP Account – Tricks To Become a VIP Member

As we know, coin master is one of the most successful games in the whole world. So the developers are always concerned about this game. So, they update and add many features to this game. Coin Master VIP account is one of them. It has many facilities which we are going to describe in this write-up. So, stay with us.

What is a Coin Master VIP account

A VIP account is an account that gives you the benefits of getting more premium status, different kinds of rewards, and perks that will help you to make your game more exciting and flexible.

Coin Master VIP Account

It gives you rewards such as – free spins, pet food, and XP, rare cards, boom levels to make your game easier and smooth for you.

How To be a Member of VIP Account

A player can’t be a VIP member by himself. Coin master chooses VIP members among the players who have spent lots of money to buy rewards and spins.

There is no option or button in the game for being a VIP member. Most of the time a player can get the opportunity of being a member of a VIP account which is very rare.

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How To Get a VIP account  

As there is no option in the coin master game to get the VIP account so the only option is to spend your money and buy it from the coin master shop.

The price of this account varies from country to country depending on the popularity of this game. If you are from the US, UK, or India the cost of this account will be high which is approximately $1000 because the game is popular in these countries.

Whereas you have to pay only $100 in those countries where this game isn’t that popular.

Types of Players in This Game

There are 3 types of players in this game which are –

  • Normal player: This type of player login with Facebook and play the game.
  • Guest player: They just play this game without logging in.
  • VIP player: This kind of player spends more money on this game compared with normal players.

Advantages of VIP Account 

This account gives you a lot of opportunities and rewards. They help you to grow the fastest and make the game flexible and easier for you. Some of the benefits are –

how to get vip coin master

Free spins and coins

The members of this account will get a huge number of free spins and coins as a weekly reward which helps them increase their growth in the village.

Increased Event Price

During events, the VIP members get extra bonuses.

Expand Social Base

Coin master sponsored many games for the VIP members so that they can play these various games. Also, get the chance to win many rewards and become experienced.

Permanent ID

The members will get a permanent id and username which will never reset.

Guide manager

And most importantly, you will get a guide manager who will help you to guide in your game.

Disadvantages of VIP account

Being a member of a VIP account, you have to face some disadvantages also. Some of the disadvantages among them are –

  • The events are getting harder than the normal player’s event and
  • You have to spend real money which is a waste of money.

coin master vip status


That’s all about the coin master VIP account. I hope this article will help you to know about the VIP account, which advantages and disadvantages it gives you,  how it makes your game more flexible and easier for you, and how to get them and use them to upgrade your village.

The FAQs about Coin Master VIP Status

If you still have any doubts or questions about it, please go through this question-answer segment. I hope it will clear your confusion.

How to become a VIP on coin master?

As there is no option in the coin master game to get the VIP account so the only option is to spend your money and buy it from the coin master shop.

What is coin master VIP status?

Coin master VIP status is an account that gives you the opportunity of getting so many rewards such as – rare cards, pet food, pet XP, free spins which help you to grow faster and make the game flexible and easier for you.

How coin master chooses a person as a VIP member?

Coin master will choose a player as a VIP member who spends lots of money to buy spins and rewards.

Can a player become a VIP member by himself?

No. A player can’t be a VIP member by himself. The coin master will choose a VIP member according to their rules.

How much does it cost to buy a VIP account?

The cost of a VIP account varies from country to country depending on its popularity. The amount of this cost is approximately $100-$5000.

If the player is from the USA, UK, or India they have to pay about $1000 because this game is very popular in these countries. Whereas, the player pays only $100 where the game isn’t so popular.

7 thoughts on “Coin Master VIP Account – Tricks To Become a VIP Member”

  1. My phone lost signal while I was collecting purchased rewards. When I logged back into the game, I received a message saying – “your rewards are in your account”. How do I get to my account to collect my remaining rewards?

  2. It’s actually not entirely based on money.
    I know for a fact people who spent very little real money ever and when invited hadn’t spent one single dollar in almost a whole year!!! And got VIP invite.
    I also know people who spent over $10,000 USD in one year and did not get an invite!!!
    The formula is based on several things
    They want VIP players from a wide range of skill sets and different types of players and also want to make sure people know you can’t just buy it from the stories of people who spent so much and failed to get it… The players I mentioned who got it for virtually free are obviously the elite players who will excel make the game look good and easy be inspirational to others. Prove it can be done…

    Once over 100k stars invite is so very very very rare, it just is, most get it between 30k to 90k stars.

    I love Coin Master am very good at it play on a VIP team yet am not VIP. Now 2023, we have new tiers, you can basically play a “fake” VIP style, no our rewards aren’t the same no group no weekly spins or challenges…. But a whole new way to play as a regular person and go BIg
    Enjoy yourselves
    Don’t be upset or envious of you get it make the right decision for you!!! But have fun everyone!!!


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