How to succeed in the Coin Master Viking Quest?

Like any other online game, it also has many events for players to win big rewards like pet foods, shields, and free spins. Coin Master Viking Quest introduces a variety of events; each brings something new to your palm and gives you a chance to join the fun.

The player gets free spins, free coins, pet foods, pet potions, and a golden card. It is an anticipated event by players because it comes with so many rewards.

Coin Master Viking Quest

This event is also crucial because the coins gained from the win of this event are loot-free for three minutes, which means no one can attack your village and take those coins.

It doesn’t matter whether the said person is your buddy, they can’t steal coins from your village.

In the three minutes between the spins, you get to enjoy loot-free gaming. Viking Quest is easy to play the game in Coin Master.

After winning five times in Coin Master, they will give you a Viking quest playing card. You can play the game by using that card and win a lot of gifts.

Coin Master Viking Quest: How to play?

Viking quest is like a game in the game that is played by spinning Viking slots with coins instead of Coin Master original spins.

If you see the mission map on your screen’s bottom right, you can watch your progress and monitor it. As Viking quest is a game of luck and skill, you can still use some tips and tricks to win in events and get free coins.

The maximum amount of coins in Viking Quest can reach up to billions, so you need to learn a few tips before playing.

Earn lots of Coins

To play this game, you have to get your coins stacked already, for example, if you want Viking quest 1b coins but you don’t have this much available then you can’t play.

So it would be best if you stacked a lot before playing this game in Coin Master App. Stay calm as the game lets you easily win in the first five levels.

They want you to keep playing, so they give you easy wins. You feel like you got lucky, but the real level starts from level six, after that, you will bet for real.

Test Your Fortune

When betting in the bonus wheel, you have to make your bets carefully as you can lose. Always take a slow start and gradually increase your speed to go higher.

For instance, if you are betting on Viking Quest 750 million coins, you can begin by betting only 100 million then increase it later.


You will lose your coins in one game if you bet a large amount, so take it slow and make it double. For the first five levels, you can start slowly and bet gradually.

It will make sure you win and get enough coins to play in the next levels as the starting levels are easy to save the enormous amount for coming levels and work in your progress slowly.

Bonus Wheel

Another method to ensure that you win is to use one spin at the slot machine then use the bonus wheel. If you are not winning enough bonuses, you can spin and then do a bonus wheel.

Upon winning high prizes, you should start betting. Having said that, you will secure your bonuses. In Viking quest chest you can also win a rare gold card, although the chances are slim you can try.

There is no particular hack to win this card, but a method is to bet as much as you can. After winning a large number of coins, you can bet billions of coins and put your faith in your luck.

Use the bonus wheel and wait for the card if you get something other than the card still acceptable as you didn’t lose all the money.

Bring three hearts at once

There is another method called the combination of three hearts. In it, you need to get heart three consecutive times and win.

Although the game offers hard-to-win gameplay, you should place a minimum bet three times and wait for the outcomes.

This game is won based on pure luck, and it is hard to win against a computer server, but they sometimes let you win a lot.

You can win pet food, potion, and even gold card. Make small bets at first and then make bigger bets later. It ensures that you succeed in the game.

Learn 50 Village Attacks

It a significant event and you can qualify, if you have more than 50 village attacks or hoarded coins. So you can’t play it the moment you start, you have to become a pro player to win in this game.

As it is a different game in the game, it is also much anticipated and gives high rewards.


It is an anticipated event, so there is a chance many people wait for it. You have to stay prepared when you plan on playing it. Even though it is sheer luck, sometimes the little tips work, you might get a gold card.


Now you know what Coin Master Viking Quest is, how to play and what tips to use, you can start hoarding for this event and prepare for it.

You don’t have to play it immediately, but it will unlock in the later levels. But you can prepare for when it opens and gain maximum from it.

The game will keep an eye on every moment you make within the game like your progress and success as well. Once you reach the level in which your quest unlocks you can start hoarding the coins.

Get ready for the event and follow some tips. You can also hide your village when playing this game.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coin Master Viking Quest

Viking Quest is one of the special events in coin master. Already, we discussed it in the above. If still, you’ve questions about it please see this FAQ section and Give your feedback in the comment section.

How many coins does it take to complete Viking Quest?

up to 2 billion coins need to complete Viking Quest.

What level do you get Viking Quest on coin master?

To participate in the Viking Quest event a player needs a minimum of 50 levels or above.

How much does it cost to complete Viking Quest?

Probably it needs 1.5 – 2 billion coins to complete Viking Quest. It depends on the village you’re in.

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  1. Viking Quest used to be fun to play not anymore, You used to get a gold card at the 6stage not anymore and each spin has be increased by a significant amount of coins. Viking Quest now is for people who has a lot of real money to throw away.


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