Coin Master Tier List – How To Change it (5 Steps)

The coin master tier list determines the reward distribution for the players. If you are on the lower coin master tier list, the game will become tougher for you. So, gamers often ask me how to join the 2nd or 3rd tier list of the coin master game.

In this article, I am going to show the easiest way to change your coin master game tier list and many other additional information will also be provided. Most of your concerns regarding the subject will be solved here. Let’s jump underneath and get to know more.

Why Do People Want To Change Their Coin Master Tier List?

Coin Master has five different tier lists. Every tier has its own reward call. Your spin number will determine in which tier you will be located. 5th tier is believed to be the toughest one. If anyone has more than 25000 spins then they will get marked on that box.

You will get less reward coin after every single spin. No coin master gamer will love that circumstance. Everyone wants to attain the 1st tier of the game. It promises to deliver you more coins with every single spin.

Coin Master Tier List

But the tier-changing process is not so simple for new gamers. So, I have decided to show them the right way to do it in this article. Go through the steps described down below and get your work done in no time. I tried to keep the step-by-step guideline as simple as possible.

Coin Master Tier List All Level and Price

Right now, coin master seems to have an unlimited level yet to be revealed. You know that the price range of each level goes higher and higher.

The first level is the land of Vikings and it cost around 3.1 million. It crosses the`10 million mark with the fourth level.

Gradually, you are going to see a huge hike on the coin master tier at all levels. Thailand village takes it to the 100 million cost mark. 200 million crosses with the Russian level. The coin master tier list price touches the billion mark with 72nd ‘truckers’ level.

How To Change Coin Master Tier List?

I will give you a complete guide on how to change your coin master tier list. You need to thoroughly follow the guideline to complete the procedure in no time. So, what are you waiting for! Let’s get down and get to know more about it.

Step-1: Don’t Open The Main Event

Everyone wants to be part of the easiest tire available. Your spin needs to be below 25000 to be on the 4th tire or less. The tricks that I am going to share with you only work in one condition.

You can’t open the main event on the main coin master app. You need to follow through with some simple procedures before you open your main event on the new coin master platform.

Otherwise, you will not be able to change your tier list following the procedure described here. (keep in mind)

Step-2: Download The Old Coin Master Version

Unfortunately, you will not be able to complete the procedure in a new coin master application. You need to look for the older version of the application to get started.

You can google it and look for the application to download. Otherwise, you can also take the help of torrent download.

Join gaming groups and ask for the older version.  Your target in the second step will be to collect the older version of the coin master and download it.

Step-3: Run Both Old And New Versions

When you download the old version, you don’t need to delete the new version. Run both applications at the same time. You will just need enough space on your gadget and it will work perfectly fine.

How To Change Coin Master Tier List

Login to both apps at the same time using the same details. It means you are using both the coin master game with the same account.

Step-4: Spin On The Older Version

The older version can’t run the main event. So, you can spin without any violation of rules on the new event. Most gamers consider the 9500 spins as the best tier for coin master.

You can go below it but that is the best experience will be on tier three. Keep on spinning until you get down to your desired number.

Step-5: Get Back To The Latest Version

Launch the latest version of the coin master application. It will update your spin number and you can now join the main event.

As you have a lower spin number, you will get placed in a lower coin master tier list. The game experience will be better for you and you will enjoy more coin rewards in every single spin.

That is the easiest way available when you wish to enter the lower tier even with a higher spin number. The process looks pretty straightforward and I hope you will not find it hard to do so.

Just make sure not to launch the main event before you complete the mentioned steps.

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