Win Coin Master Team Chest Challenge: Everything You Need

Teaming up with friends and achieving something new is always enjoyable, right? Well, that’s exactly the case as well in the Coin Master game. Here, you have a Team Chest activity where you can get together with your friends in a team and complete several missions and objectives. Players around the world know this activity as the Coin Master Team Chest event.

The perk of doing this event is that you get lots of magical rewards after completing this fun event.

But, in order to win in this Team Chest effort, you’ll need to know how this activity works and what the correct tricks are to ace this event.

That’s why we are here for you. In this article post, you’ll get to know all about Coin Master Team Chest events.

Coin Master Team Chest: What You Need To Know

The Coin Master game occasionally throws a particular event with the label “Team Chest”. The specialty of this event is that you can team up with other players and interact with them to establish a strategy. But, what are the strategies used for?

Well, in this event, the Coin Master game will require you to obtain a certain minimum number of special items as a team. And, you will have to earn that specific number of items in order to win the Team Chest awards.

Coin Master Team Chest

For instance, in this event, there will be a progress bar above the names of the players participating in a team. And, in the progress bar, you’ll be able to see the minimum number of special items that you must earn in order to win a particular Team Chest.

After you collect the number of required special items as a team, the progress bar will be fulfilled and you’ll see a “COLLECT”  button right beside the progress bar.

Then, if you tap on the “COLLECT”  button, The whole team will get free magical rewards such as special cards, extra spins, bonus XP, and bonus coins.

Coin Master Team Chest Schedule 2022: When Will The Events Happen?

If you are interested to participate in this Team Chest event in the Coin Master game, you must be looking for the upcoming Coin Master Team Chest schedule for 2022.

But, unfortunately, the developers of the Coin Master game do not provide any early schedules for any type of events.

That’s why we can’t provide you with any legitimate schedule for the Team Chest events. However, we can certainly tell you that you will not miss out on a Team Chest event if you check your Coin Master game daily.

So, we suggest that you keep playing the Coin Master game and keep an eye on the events that are going on.

Since continuously playing the Coin Master game is the only strategy to know about any ongoing events, you should give your heart and soul to keeping in touch with the Coin Master game even if you are busy throughout your day.

For instance, if you don’t want to miss out on any Team Chest event in your Coin Master game, you can check the Coin Master game every night before going to sleep.

This way, you can make sure that no Team Chest events go unnoticed by you.

Coin Master Team Chest Challenge: What Do You Have To Do To Win

Up to 50 players can come together as a team in a Team Chest event in the Coin Master game. So, you can add all of your friends and playmates to a single team and participate in the Team Chest event.

After you participate, you’ll notice that the Team Chest event has provided you with a particular objective: to collect certain items. For example, you might have to collect diamonds as a team.

And, there is a progress bar in the Team Chest event that will indicate how many special items you must collect in order to win the Team Chest.

Coin Master Team Chest Challenge

For instance, at the start, your progress bar might show the level 0/30. This will mean that you’ll have to collect 30 special items as a team. And, once your team collects 30 items, you will be able to “COLLECT”  the Team Chest rewards.

Now, in order to effectively win in the Team Chest event, you have to remember the following notes:

  • The special items will have to be collected within a specified amount of time
  • Each member must contribute to the Team Chest by collecting a minimum number of special items
  • You must be in the team till the end of the event in order to get the Team Chest awards
  • If you leave a team during an event, you will not be able to collect the Team Chest awards
  • If you join a team in the middle of a Team Chest event, you will not be eligible to get the Team Chest award of the team

Coin Master Team Chest Event 2022: What’s New This Year?

In 2022, the Coin Master game has added multiple levels of Team Chest events. For example, completing the first few Team Chest events will award you with generic “Team Chests”.

Then, you can move on to winning the “Superteam Chest”  events and “Great Team Chest” events.

After that, you can get “Xmas Team Chest”  events and “Royal Team Chest” events as well. The rewards inside these Team Chests are more precious than the generic  Team Chests.

 Coin Master Team Chest All Levels

Although the strategy for winning the Team Chests is the same, there are multiple levels of Team Chest events. And, the best thing about winning Team Chest is that you get better and better awards as you go through the Team Chest events one by one.

So, in order to make winning easier, we have listed down the team chest levels for you below:

1. Generic Team Chests

  • Team Chest 1
  • Team Chest 2
  • Team Chest 3
  • Team Chest 4
  • Team Chest 5
  • Team Chest 6
  • Team Chest 7
  • Team Chest 8
  • Team Chest 9
  • Team Chest 10

2. Super Team Chests

  • Super Team Chest 1
  • Super Team Chest 2
  • Super Team Chest 3
  • Super Team Chest 4
  • Super Team Chest 5
  • Super Team Chest 6
  • Super Team Chest 7

3. Great Team Chests:

  • Great Team Chest 1
  • Great Team Chest 2
  • Great Team Chest 3
  • Great Team Chest 4
  • Great Team Chest 5
  • Great Team Chest 6
  • Great Team Chest 7

4. Merry Xmas Team Chests

  • Merry Xmas Team Chest 1
  • Merry Xmas Team Chest 2
  • Merry Xmas Team Chest 3
  • Merry Xmas Team Chest 4
  • Merry Xmas Team Chest 5
  • Merry Xmas Team Chest 6
  • Merry Xmas Team Chest 7

5. Royal Team Chests

  • Royal Team Chest 1
  • Royal Team Chest 2
  • Royal Team Chest 3
  • Royal Team Chest 4
  • Royal Team Chest 5
  • Royal Team Chest 6
  • Royal Team Chest 7
  • Royal Team Chest 8
  • Royal Team Chest 9

Coin Master Team Chest Fixes: Solve Your Issues In Team Chest Events

Sometimes, you’ll see some errors when playing the Team Chest events in the Coin Master game. It’s because Team Chests are experimental features in the Coin Master game. Plus, since many players contribute to this event at a time, it puts a heavy strain on the server of the Coin Master game.

Coin Master Team Chest Fixes

As a result, it’s common to see some errors occurring in the Team Chest events. Now, in order to fix the errors, all you have to do is follow the tricks we have mentioned below:

1. Restarting the Coin Master app

When facing an error in the Team Chest events, you first have to restart the Coin Master app. Then, you should check the Team Chest event to ensure if the error is fixed or not.

If the error is still persisting, you can move on to the next steps we have mentioned below.

2. Restarting the device

Restarting the device can also help in fixing the errors in Team Chest events. Doing this refreshes the IP address of your device and contributes to fixing the error.

3. Resetting and reinstalling the Coin Master app

If the steps above do not solve your problem in the Team Chest event, you will have to reset the Coin Master app on your device. After that, you’ll have to uninstall it and reinstall it again from your app store.

If you are using an Android you’ll have to re-download the game from Google Play Store or if you are using an iOS device you’ll have to redownload it from Apple App Store.

Final Verdict

As you can see from the above discussion, a Team Chest event is a wonderful opportunity to utilize the teamwork skills of a particular team of Coin Master players.

Not only does this event create scope for showing off teamwork skills, but it also brings the chance to win large amounts of rewards.

Therefore, don’t forget to participate in the Team Chest events with your friends. Best of luck to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to ensure when the event is over?

There are 2 ways to ensure if your Team Chest event is over or not. Firstly, you should check the minimum requirement progress bar to see if all the items have been achieved by your team or not.

If the progress bar is full, that team event is completed.

Or, you might also check the time available for the event right beside the progress bar. There will be a time countdown to let you know how much time you have to complete the event.

If the timer has stopped the countdown, you should understand that the Team Chest event is finished.

How can I collect the rewards of the Team Chest event?

Once the progress bar is fulfilled, a “COLLECT”  button will appear right beside the progress bar. And, you can collect the awards of the Team Chest events by tapping on that particular button.

How many Team Chest events will there be in a year?

There’s no particular limit on how many Team Chest events might occur in a year. For example, we can’t really tell how many Team Chest events will take place in 2022.

Moreover, the only way to know for sure when the Team Chest events will occur is to play the Coin Master game very frequently.

What’s the penalty for not completing the requirement of the team just in due time?

There’s no penalty for you if you cannot fulfill the progress bar in the Team Chest event. However, you won’t get any reward from the Team Chest event if you can’t complete the requirement.

Can I participate in other events while participating in a Team Chest event?

Yes, there’s no problem in participating in the Team Chest event while participating in other events as well. So long as you can complete the requirements of the Team Chest events, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

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