Coin Master Support: Fix Your Issues with These (Proven Tips!)

Are you experiencing issues with Coin Master? Don’t worry, our Help Center Guide is here to help! You can quickly fix the issues by contacting the coin master support center. Here are the different ways you can do it.

Don’t know how to Contact Support?

Get ready to get your stuff fixed with our expert assistance! Follow the procedure below to reach them perfectly and get your stuff fixed quickly and easily.

Coin Master Support

The Process: How Do I Contact Coin Master Help Center Support?

The coin master help center has a lot of useful guides and methods you can follow to make your game experience better. You will need to contact them for guides and tutorials. 

But there will be times when you might need to contact the developers to report bugs and glitches. Follow the instructions below step by step to contact them.

  • Log in to the game and click on the menu button on the screen.
  • Look for the “Setting” option and click on it.
  • Tap on the “Support” option and that will take you to the help center.
  • Select a category.
  • Find the relevant article you want and click on it.
  • Right below the article, you will see a “Send us a message” option. Tap on it and a form will open up.
  • Complete the form and send it.

Keep patient until the support team replies to your messages. They usually reply as soon as possible.


  • Make sure you provide them with as many details as possible in that form.
  • Include the date when the issue started.
  • Send a screenshot or a video of the issue if possible

Coin Master Customer Service (How To Reach Them) 

You may find some issues if you play coin master long-term. So you must want to report it to customer service so that they can fix the issue for you. Here are some ways you can get in touch with them:

  • Use the setting option in the game and click on the support button and that should take you to the support center.
  • Go to your browser and search for coin master support and the first website is the one where you will find customer service.


  • Select the category and click on any article you want.
  • At the bottom, click on the ” Send us a message option to contact customer service.

Coin Master Support Email

Here is the email you should be using- developers will be contacting you back very soon. So keep patient.

Currently, there is only one particular email you can use to send emails to the coin master developers. You can write down your issues in the email and ask any questions you may have. 

Along with the email address, there are other social media sites where you can directly message them such as Facebook, and Twitter. You will find the links down here for the social media pages.



You can send messages directly to them through these social media sites. If you are still facing any issues and you want to report the issues to the developers then you can use the support center link and report your issue there. 

Coin Master Support Email

This support center will provide you with enough answers to solve your problem with ease. Here is the link to the coin master support center. Support Center Link

Coin Master Issues

There are quite a few problems that people face when playing coin master but we are going to go through one common issue in this blog article.

  • Coin Master Not Working properly

You will eventually face ‘’the coin master not working’’ problem if you are playing the game for a long. This can happen randomly at any time. 

But it mostly happens when a new update of the game drops in. You can also face this problem after the maintenance breaks. 

In case you were wondering if your internet connection is the reason for this problem or not then rest assured. Because the problem is not with your internet connection. The actions you should be taking are down below step by step. 

  • Close all the apps from the recent view including the coin master.
  • Restart your mobile phone.
  • Now launch the game again.

After taking the following steps, Your game should run smoothly. Even after trying the steps above doesn’t make your game better then you should contact the support center. You can use the link from down here.

Support Center-

(Note- You must include all the details such as 

  • The date when the issue started.
  •  Attach a screenshot if possible.

Coin Master Support Phone Number

Currently, there isn’t any Moon Active phone number you can use to contact the support center but you could use an email to send a direct mail to the developer Moon Active. The email you should use is here:

You could check out the coin master Facebook page where you can message the support center as well. You will find the page easily if you use the link below.

Facebook Page

Coin Master Help App 

Coin Master will have some glitches because of the developers but the developers don’t need to be at fault every time you face a bug or glitch. 

But you will need to fix them somehow. The developer of The Coin Master and the name is MoonActive fixes almost every type of bug and glitch. There aren’t any apps you can use to fix the bug or report the bugs to the developer. 

Coin Master Support forum

So you can check out the developer’s website from the link below and You will be able to contact him from that website. The website might help you find other information that you will need in the future if you keep playing coin master long-term. 

Moonactive Website

Coin Master Support Forum

Coin master is a very well-known game among the players because of how many different things there are to do in the game such as attacking other players’ villages, using free spins to get coins, and using those coins to upgrade your weapons and equipment. 

They have built a great community over the course of these years and the reason is because of the card trading option in the game. You need to collect cards to complete a card set. This way you can get a lot of free spins and coins in the coin master. 

So to do the trading they have got a big Facebook group where you can find lots of players to trade with. You can visit the Facebook group from the link down below.


You can do a lot of things besides trading cards. For example, trading free spins and sending gifts to other players. Players have a good understanding between players and they are very supportive of each other. You will feel at ease when you interact with other players and build a good relationship with them.

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Coin Master Support Fee

If you face technical problems in the coin master game and want the developers to fix the problems then you just have to contact the developer. You don’t have to pay for it. 

But you could get extra charged for the purchase you will be doing in-game. It depends on the platform you are purchasing from. The extra charge and tax differ from platform to platform.

If you are an Android user then you have to contact google play support for assistance because you paid using google. You can contact google play support using the link below.

Google Play Support

If you happen to be an Apple user and got extra charged then you need to make contact with the apple support center for the purchase details. You can use the link down below to reach out to the apple support center.

Apple Support Center

Coin Master Support Facebook

If you want to ask any questions by using different methods then there is good news for you. Because Coin Master has a Facebook page and you can contact them by sending messages directly via Facebook. 

You can also like and follow the page for new content. They do giveaways daily. So maybe you can get your hands on some free coins and spins that will help you a lot with your account. 

You should use the link below of the Facebook page from the link to check out the page now. 


The coin master has a great Facebook group and they are very supportive of others. You will find that players in that Facebook group are very friendly and will always come forth to help you at any time. 

If you face any type of issue in the game or need any help then you can post in the group for help and you will see that so many players are coming to be helpful. Of course, you will have to be supportive of other players too. Make sure to check out the Facebook group from the link here.


Coin Master Card Help

Did you know that you can win lots of free spins by collecting card sets? That’s right if you collect all the 9 cards of one set you will get extra spins, coins, and even pets. You can complete a card set by collecting almost all the cards from your friend. Your friends can send you cards if you guys are connected in-game. 

Coin Master card help

If you don’t have friends in the game and are wondering how you can get cards when you don’t have any friends, the good news for you, and that is we have a trading Facebook group.

Many players trade with each other every day and you can be one of them. We will be providing the link you just have to click on the link and it will take you straight to the group.

Facebook Group


In conclusion, our Help Center Guide is your go-to resource for fixing any issues you may be experiencing with Coin Master. With our proven tips and support via phone, email, forum, and Facebook, you’ll be back to enjoying the game in no time. Don’t let technical difficulties hold you back – trust Coin Master Support to get you back on track!

The coin master community is very friendly and very helpful toward each other. They help others to collect free spins and coins which is the most fun part of the game. You will make a lot of friends there in the community and will build a good relationships with other players eventually.

In this article, we tried the best we could to provide the necessary information about the support center. Hopefully, it was useful and we hope that you enjoyed it. Until next time.

Happy gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should I take to reach out to the developers?

Follow the steps one by one-

  • Go to the coin master support center and look for the category option.
  • Tap on the send a message option and write down your problems and questions and send it.

Or you can use an email which we will provide down below to reach out to the developers easily.

How should I contact the developer named Moonactive to report bugs?

The developer has a website that you can check out if you need to contact the developer for reporting bugs and glitches. You can also use email to send him a mail and that should be easier.



How often do you face the problem of the coin master not working?

You wouldn’t find the coin master crashing very often. But when the game is under development or undergoing new updates, you could face this problem. We suggest you follow the steps to fix the problem.

  • Close all the apps from the background
  • Log out of Coin Master
  • Restart the mobile phone
  • Relaunch the app

with these easy steps, you should be able to fix your game crashing if that ever happens.

How many cards do I need to collect to complete one set?

You will have to find 9 cards to complete one card set. You can get all the cards by trading with your friend except the gold one. 

You will have to open chests using coins and you will get a gold card eventually. With that, you will have a complete set and will receive a great reward full of spins and free coins.

Why am I having a connection loss problem in the coin master?

If you are having an internet connection loss problem that doesn’t mean your internet provider is to blame here. This problem is showing on the screen for a reason.

That’s because it’s indicating that one of the servers is now down for a maintenance break. So there isn’t anything else to do other than wait for the break to end.

But you could also have a corrupt version of the game and because of that, it’s showing this problem on the screen. So redownload the game from the play store or app store depending on your platform and that should remove the problem.

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