Coin Master Stars: How To Earn Gateway Card (3 New Tricks)

You earn coin master stars as you progress on the game. During your adventure in the Coin Master game, stars will play a key role in your rank position. A player’s rank is greatly influenced by the number of stars they own.

You will get to know how to earn and how to use stars on the game in this article. I will try to give you a clear picture of what stars are, their use case, and more. All you need to do is hover underneath and go through the article attentively.

What Are Coin Master Stars?

Coin Master stars are the rank factor on the leader board. You can check the leader board and your position anytime you want. Stars are also used on the chest swap. Earning and losing stars on the Coin Master is a continuous process.

Coin Master Stars

Build your village, and collect cards for earning new stars. Attack on the village will reduce the stars. The cycle always seems to favor the number of stars you earn. The more you play the more you earn stars on the Coin Master game.

Why Do You Need Stars on Coin Master?

Coin Master stars have no effect on your raid or attack. It is mainly the determining factor of your leader board rank.  It does not seem to have any other effect on the Coin Master game.

But recently chest trade with duplicate cards has changed the scenario.

Now, you have to count on the stars when you want a new chest. Each duplicate cards have stars marked on them. The number of stars on duplicate cards determines the chest card swap requirement.

That’s the reason why you need stars on Coin Master.

How To Earn Stars on Coin Master?

There are many different ways through which you can earn stars on Coin Master. Stars are like the ranking booster in the game.

It will determine where you will be placed on the rank table. Few methods to earn stars on the coin master are narrated underneath.

Village Development

By constructing a new building in your village, you can earn stars. With all the improvement tasks that you complete in your village, you will get a star in return.

As you may have already known that coin master stars determine your rank in the game.

New Cards Collection

Coin Master allows you to earn cards on the game. These cards can help you to get stars alongside other rewards. You can check the number of stars on the map.

Don’t try to play any tricks here. Otherwise, you can be banned from the platform.

Collecting Emotes

Each emotes has its own set of stars distribution. But you should also know that all emotes do not ensure a star collection. The number of stars reserved for each emotes is displayed on the card.

Why My Coin Master Stars Are Decreasing?

Coin Master stars number can decrease for the attack on your village. When a player attacks your village, you have a chance of losing stars.

If the attack on your village is successful, you will surely lose a star. But no star will be lost if the attack is not successful.

You need to increase your village defense to keep the stars on your board. Natural progress on the game will give you more stars than you lose on attacks. So hopefully, your rank will keep on increasing from time to time.

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What Are Coin Master Stars for The Chest?

You can trade duplicate cards for a new chest. Coin master stars for chest cards determine the value of the card. The higher the star number, the higher the value it has.

You can choose from three different chest options and each one of them has its own reward combination.

The trading will not affect your game stars. After trading for a chest, you need to wait for a certain time before going for another chest of the same type. But you can use coins to skip the trading lock period. That’s coin master stars for chest.

How To Get The Coin Master Star Gateway Card?

The card-playing game has lots of card options. Coin master star gateway cards need to be unlocked before you can list them on your storage. After unlocking, you need to buy chest or trade cards to acquire the space coin master card.

If you are looking for the gateway card for some reason, then you can look then on eBay. They are all listed on the platform and sold at a specific price. The coin master gateway card does not that easy to acquire.

Coin Master Star Tricks and Tips

You will need a golden card to complete your Coin Master collection. You need to follow with some tricks to have the coin master stars golden card during the event. The best way to acquire them is from the chest trade narrated below.

Trick – 1

Go for the wooden chest while the last card has a minimum of 3 stars. If the last card has 4-5 stars then you should go for a gold chest.

Above it, go for the magical chest. You need to continue the process until you get your desired coin master star golden card.

Trick – 2

Buy 20 chests from every lot. You will definitely get a golden card from the trick but it is a little expensive option. You can follow the last trick if you don’t like this described method.

Trick – 3

Build all objects of your village to star 1 and start buying chests. Continue the process until you get the golden star card.

Again go for 2 stars upgrade of all objects and start buying chests. This process will help you to get coin master gold cards pretty easily.

Coin Master Stars Discord

Coin master stars discord is an invite-only group server. Regular coin master gamers joined the server and share their gaming experience here.

Coin Master Stars Discord

You can also earn coins on the Coin Master stars discord server. Any update release details are also shared on it.

Discord has become the sole place of hang-out for the Coin Master gamers. The fanbase is increasing every single day and people share lots of new ideas right here. You can even interact with the main developer of the game using this platform.

Final Verdict

You already know all that you need to know about coin masters stars. Start building your village, collect cards and emotes for increasing your stars collection.

We always try to serve you the best info and help to improve your Coin Master game experience.

Don’t forget to reach us for sharing your ideas. I will try to keep you updated about Coin Master tricks and tips from time to time. So, keep coming back for more updates shortly. Thank you for being with us till the last line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who has the most stars on Coin Master?

Right now, the player named H3lios666 has the most stars on Coin master. He has around 9000 stars. The same number of stars are also acquired by the first 16 players on the leaderboard.

But other Coin Master game factor has placed them below H3lios666.

How do you get stars fast on Coin Master?

You can earn stars by building your village faster. Besides, cards and emotes also promise stars that are displayed on them. You can swap cards to get your stars faster than your competitors. Some cards are also sold on eBay.

What are discord coins on Coin Master?

Coin master has a discord bot that allows you to gain coins by clicking on certain items. You need to be connected to the server to participate in the coin distribution.

It is basically a click-to-earn coin-based system designed for the Coin Master gamer.

What is the point of stars in Coin Master?

Stars in Coin Master connect you to the main leaderboard. It will be the determining factor of your position on the leaderboard alongside other criteria.

Stars can be collected in many different ways. Every time you earn a new star, your rank improves in the game.

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