Coin Master Rare Card List & Cost 2022 [Coins, Cards, Updated]

As you’ve visited this web page then maybe you’re looking for Coin Master Rare Card List 2022. Yes, you’re at the right place. We will discuss the rare card list and how to get those cards easily.

A collection consists of nine cards. By completing these collections you will get rewarded with many prizes like free spins, pets, pet XP, and more. More rare card collection gives you better prizes.

You can get rare cards luckily on raids or trading with other players but You can trade some cards only during special events.

What Is a Rare Card in Coin Master?

Rare means it’s hard to get. In the coin master game, a card is called rare based on its stars and availability. Stars on a card indicate its rarity. The cards with more stars are not easy to get. 

Rarest Cards in Coin Master

Normal cards are easily available in the chest, trading group, or in raids. But you need to give extra effort or have the luck to get rare cards. Players want to get more rare cards because by using rare cards you will get more rewards.

Coin Master Rare Card List 2022

Following is the most updated rare cards list 2022. We update the list when a new card set is added to the game. If you find any updates please let us know in the comment section.

High-Level Rare

Card Name Card Set Name Value
Crusader   5 lettuce
Cosmic Carl   4 lettuce
Model Z   4 lettuce
Captain Nash   4 lettuce
Blizz   2 lettuce
Jolly Jasper   4 lettuce
Haunted Harriet   5 lettuce
Spooky Simon   4 lettuce
Spike   2 lettuce
The Beast   2 lettuce
Dante the devout   2 lettuce
Top knut   3 lettuce
Pig knight   10 lettuce
Knight guard   5 lettuce
Lucky Lance   5 lettuce
Scotty squire   2 lettuce
Archery Camp   10 lettuce
Golden trophy   2 lettuce
Camelot tent   2 lettuce
Catness   6 lettuce
Berly   5 lettuce
Punky   4 lettuce
Hotrod   10 lettuce
Bar hopper   5 lettuce
Other routes 66   1 lettuce


Mid High-Level Rare

Card Name Card Set Name Value
Machine heart Steampunk 4 lettuce
Little Luca Steampunk 4 lettuce
Dr. Ashtear Steampunk 3 lettuce
Stabilizer core Steampunk 3 lettuce
Amphibious Abe Supervillains 1 lettuce
Skull Island Supervillains 2 lettuce
Dr. Wicked Supervillains 3 lettuce
Mastermind Supervillains 1 lettuce
First Prize Sports 3 lettuce

High Rare

Card Name Card Set Name Value
Torero Spain 2 lettuce
Painters Palette Artist 2 lettuce
Pop art Poppa Artist 2 lettuce
Mellow Lisa Artist 2 lettuce
Barrel tank Goblins 2 lettuce
Lenny the lefty Cowboys 2 lettuce
Andromeda Space 2 lettuce
Armstrong Circus 2 lettuce


Semi High Rare

Card Name Card Set Name Value
Jovial Jade Sports 1 lettuce
Regal Richard Fairy tales 1 lettuce
Rapunzel Fairy tales 1 lettuce
Silent Shrine Spirits 1 lettuce
Fondue Switzerland 1 lettuce
Robo boot Cowboys 1 lettuce
Marble Man Artist 1 lettuce
Darlin Dolly Cowboys 1 lettuce
Martian Lettuce Sandland 3 Excalibur



Card Name Card Set Name Value
Playful Pan Switzerland 1 Santa
Il Divino Artist 1 Santa
Little lenya Goblins 1 Santa
Hobby horse Toys 1 Santa
Blithe Bruno Space 1 Santa
Elder Elk Forest 1 Santa
Satyr Mythical 1 Santa
Mythical tune Beanstalks 1 Santa
Fire Ring Circus 1 Santa
The Saloon Cowboys 1 Santa
Santa Christmas 1 lettuce



Card Name Card Set Name Value
Nessie Scotland 1 excalibur
Creaky crow Baba Yaga 1 excalibur
Smoking Pipe Sherlock 1 excalibur
Kettle Mongolia 1 excalibur
Farmer Feng China 1 excalibur
Excalibur Ice Queen 1 excalibur
Portly Pete Toys 1 excalibur
Savvy Sancho Spain 1 excalibur


Low Rare

Card Name Card Set Name Value
Aztec Princess Aztecs 2 = 1 excalibur
Cleopatra Egypt 2 = 1 excalibur
Flamur the flutist Switzerland 2 = 1 excalibur
Frida Mexico 2 = 1 excalibur
Chilito Mexico 2 = 1 excalibur
Jelly Fish Ocean 4 = 1 excalibur
Holy Monk Legends 4 = 1 excalibur
Fighting Monk Robin Hood 4 = 1 excalibur
Mighty Wizard Legends 4 = 1 excalibur

Where To Find Coin Master Rare Cards?

There are many places where you can find rare cards. Different people collect them from different places. Usually from completing raids and quests, trading, events, chest, Facebook groups, etc. you can get rare cards.

Rare Cards Value Coin Master

There are some Facebook groups that give rare cards for free. But for this, you also need to donate some cards to them. That means there are mutual benefits from each other.

Why are Rare Cards so Important in Coin Master?

You may have a question about why rare cards are so important? Why are people trying to get them, right? The answer is that without rare cards you can’t progress the coin master game.

To complete a card collection you need rare cards and to get free spins, boom level, pet food for free, and other many rewards. The reward will be bigger if your card is rare. The bigger the prizes it’s easy to build the village and win.


The above Coin Master Rare Card List was updated in 2022. If you think any rare cards have been missed in this list please mention them in the comment box. 

We will update them on our list. We wr0te an article on a list of Facebook groups where you can find rare cards and other rewards for free. For that, connect with our blog regularly.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Rare Card in Coin Master

Do you have any questions about rare cards? See our FAQ section to get answers. If you do not find your desired questions please mention them in the comment section.

How do you get rare cards in Coin master?

Getting a rare card is not easy in the coin master game. For this, buy as many chests as possible. The more chest you have, the more chances to get rare cards.

Is Scarab a rare card coin master?

No, there is no rare card with the name Scarab.

Can I buy rare cards?

Yes, you can buy it. If you can’t wait to trade, you can buy them from eBay. All rare cards exist to them. But be aware of scams when buying rare cards.

How can I make sure I don’t get scammed while trading a rare card?

Ask the group admin about the person with whom you want to trade for. Because a group admin has a clear idea about the trusted persons and also scammers in their group.

How can I get the missing cards?

If you discover that you have missed a lot of cards before, stop building your village at that time and start to purchase card assets.

The missing cards are only available when you buy many of them. As it’s difficult to find them, you shouldn’t wait for long.

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  1. Please include African Warrior too. Even though it says very low rare, but that was the first card that I was soo crazy on finding… I am so unfortunate to not getting help from others when I am posting in facebook group for trading cards. I only found it myself by spending chests and was surprised to find high rare cards including Lenny the Lefty that I thought you would find it by trading only.

    • Wow. Been looking for this sort of statement as I am always wonderin’ if Lenny is really obtainable in buying chests. I always buy tons of ’em and had no luck of getting it. I got one using joker tho. What village have you managed to find Lenny? Is it during cards boom too or nah?

    • I am not seeing Magic Tree from Plants or War Machine from Japan deck. Are those not rare or special? Thought they are as I’ve seen crowd lacking those to complete set including me. I got those from help only even with me buying tons of chests and even when I had those, I still could barely get ’em on chests. 🤦🏻‍♀️


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