Coin Master Pig: Get Lots of Free Spins from Piggy Bank

As you may well know, Coin Master is an interesting game that lets you spin slot machines. By spinning the slot machines, you get many types of awards. However, did you know that there’s a feature named coin master pig? Yes, it’s a new feature that gives you lots of free spins.

If you can take advantage of this “Piggy Bank” feature, you can get rich in the Coin Master game very easily. That’s why, without any more ado, find out what this “Piggy Bank” is and how it works in the discussion below.

Coin Master Pig: What Is It?

A happy and enthusiastic pig is the mascot of the Coin Master game. You can see the image of the mascot pig in the game icon of the Coin Master game. Plus, you may also see it when you are downloading the game from your app store.

Coin Master Piggy Bank: What Is It?

In the Coin Master game, a new feature has arrived by the name piggy bank. Namely, you can now see a golden pig in the upper left corner of your Coin Master games screen. And, what this golden piggy bank does is that it stores a bonus spin for you every time you use a spin.

But, there’s a catch. When you do use a spin, there are certain symbols that you must land on (in order to deposit a free spin in the piggy bank). (You can see the symbols in a “pay table” by tapping on the golden Piggy Bank.)

When you spend your spins, you might get lucky and land on the symbols which are on the list of the “pay table”. And, if you do get lucky, an extra free spin will be deposited in the piggy bank for you.

pig calculator coin master

As a result, as you keep spending your spins, the piggy bank will get full by the deposited free spins.

Now, the piggy bank has a certain limit to hold these free spins for you. (You can check the limit of the piggy bank for holding free spins by tapping on the golden pig). When the limit is reached, the piggy bank will be full and you can then purchase it to crack it open.

Once you crack the piggy bank open, you will get a lot of deposited free spins. Plus, Coin Master will provide you with another piggy bank as soon as you crack open the one you have right now.

Coin Master Pig Events

On the date of March 1 every year, the developers of the Coin Master game provide free spins and coins to celebrate the “national pig day“.

You’ll see the social media accounts of the Coin Master game bidding you a ‘happy national big day’ on that particular day. Plus, the Coin Master developers will also encourage you to invite your friends to play the Coin Master game with you On that day.

And, when you do enter the game, you will get some free spins in this special event of national pig day.

Additionally, Coin Master developers also throw a “pig picture challenge” on that particular day. More specifically, they encourage you to take a picture with a pig in your locality and post it. And, you must say something about the pig in your picture as well.

Coin Master Pig And Snake

As we have already indicated above, a pig is the mascot logo of the Coin Master game. So, you will likely see the picture of a happy pig in the Coin Master game app when you enjoy your game.

Now, many people are also curious to know about Coin Master snakes. Well, the only place where you will get to see a snake is when you reach village number 145 (Petra village). If you can collect 9 “Sneaky Snake”  cards, you will be awarded the “Amazonas”.

Plus, you should also note that Sneaky Snake cards are golden cards in the coin master game. So, you can also use the Sneaky Snake cards to trade other cards as well. Or, you can also complete the Sneaky Snake card set and get a bigger reward for yourself.

Coin Master Pig And Pickle

Many people look for information on the internet regarding the topic of Coin Master big and pickle. However, pickles are nowhere to be found in the Coin Master game. But, since pigs are the mascot logo of the Coin Master game, you will get to see lots of pigs when you play the Coin Master game.

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 Pig Calculator Coin Master

The ‘Pig Calculator’ for the Coin Master game is a third-party app that is available in many online sources. However, it is not available in the app stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store).

coin master pig

The main function of this app is to calculate the spins and coins and keep track of your bonuses in the Coin Master game. However, since this is not an official app released by the developers of the Coin Master game, we recommend not using it.

Plus, since this app is not officially available in app stores, there’s no security certification to this app either. Therefore, it’s best to avoid using such a third-party app as the Coin Master Pig Calculator.

Final Verdict

The conclusion of this discussion is that pig events in the Coin Master game are special events. So, you should hop in and participate in these events whenever you get the chance.

Plus, don’t forget to use the Piggy Bank feature in the Coin Master game as well. As this feature is a new one, anyone who can utilize it in the correct way will be rich in the Coin Master game (before everyone else). Best of luck to you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the most popular events in the Coin Master game?

Many types of events occur in the Coin Master game. However, the most popular ones include attack madness, balloon frenzy, bet blast, cards boom, coin craze, cards for chests, giftmaster, raid madness, etc.

What is a Coin Master pig knight?

The Coin Master Big night is a card that you can get in the Coin Master game. More specifically, you get to have this card when you reach village level 206 (Jamaica).

As this is a 3-star card, you will earn three stars once you get your hands on this card. Plus, this card is a silver card. So, you can use this card to trade with other silver cards from other players as well.

How to break the coin master piggy bank?

Breaking the piggy bank in the coin master game is not a big deal at all. First, you have to deposit enough free spin in this piggy bank to make it full to the brim. After that, once it’s completely full, you can buy it and break it by tapping on it.

Will I get two piggy banks at a time?

No, you can only get one piggy bank in the Coin Master game at a time. Once you accumulate enough free spins in the piggy bank, it will get full to capacity. After that, you can break it, and then you will get another piggyback in the game.

Should I participate in the Coin Master big events?

Yes, you should definitely participate in the big events that occur on the national big day (On March 1 every year). The benefit of participating in the big events is that you get to have many types of bonuses and rewards from the developers of the Coin Master game themselves.

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