Coin Master Pets – The Tricks To Earn More Coins

There are tons of features in the Coin master to attract people to this game. Coin Master Pets is one of the most attractive features that represent the game on another level.

The pets help you to get free coins and rewards. Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino are three pets available in coin master. 

If you are looking for a coin master pets guide please go through this article. We will show you what pets are in coin master, How to activate them, How to use them effectively in the game, and furthermore details.

Details about Coin Master Pets

The pets of coin masters mainly help you to raid, attack and protect your village from enemies. These tiny creatures help you to become a pro coin master. You will get thee pets on Coin master. The function of each pet is different. Let’s talk about them.

Foxy (1st pet for raid)

  • The best pet on coin master is Foxy.
  • At village level four you can unlock it. 
  • After unlocking it you find a tutorial on how to feed and use it.
  • Mainly it gives you an advantage during Raids.
  • When you activate fox, you will get extra coins up to 106% you raided.
  • To get extra coins it will dig up the fourth spot.
  • Raids can give up to 10 billion coins only in a single raid.

Tiger (2nd pet for attack)]

  • This is the second pet in coin master.
  • By completing the beast card collect you can unlock it.
  • Tiger will help you to gain more coins when you attack an opponent village.
  • It will increase your reward up to 346%. Such as 15 million coins will increase to 22 million when the tiger is active.
  • The best level of this pet is 129.
  • To build villages quickly and get more coins, most players activate the tiger pet during the event attack madness.

pets in coin master

Rhino (3rd pet for protection)

  • The third pet of the coin master is Rhino.
  • To unlock this pet you need to complete the creature card collection.
  • After completing village 28 successfully you will be qualified for creature card collection.
  • When the protection shield is over it saves your village from the opponent.
  • At the base level, Rhino has a 10% chance to prevent the village from attack.

How To Activate Coin Master Pet

After completing some card set or Viking quest you will get some food. This food needs to activate your pets. When you activate them then you can use foxy, tiger, and rhino for the next four hours.

These four hours are sequent and it is not possible to pause this time by selecting other animals.

How To Upgrade The Pets

It is important to upgrade your pets to increase your rewards and protection given by them. Initially, Tiger gives 60% more coins and Rhino prevents 10% of your village during the attack. It’s the reason for upgrading your pets.

Now the question is how to do it? Well, you need to collect XP within the game for the upgrade. By using XP you can upgrade them to increase their effectiveness. 

  • Without upgrading Foxy gives you 16 and more coins.
  • When you upgrade to level 47, it gives 90% more rewards.
  • Continuously you will get 100% rewards up to level 100.
  • After reaching level 186 it gives 106% more rewards.
  • At level 200 you will get maximum potential rewards by Foxy.

Compared to later upgrades, initial upgrades lead to more increments in rewards.

Upgrade Foxy for Big Raids

Foxy is the first pet in coin master and it gives more reward than other pets. Until the game end, it will help you at every level. To turn your small raids into big raids upgrade your foxy. 

Foxy can help you to acquire 10 million coins even in a single raid. It can give you multiple times more than a tiger can. For example at level 140, a tiger can give you 1.5 million against an attack but at the same time, Foxy can give you 200 X so that the reward will be 300 million coins.

Upgrade Tiger in Attack Madness

Attacks are more common than raids on coin master games. In this situation, a tiger is a great asset. Though the reward of raids is more than attack but the final rewards of attack will be in millions.

So keep active and upgrade your tiger to prevent sudden specific event attacks.

coin master pets

Upgrade Rhino in Higher Level of Village

Think that you have an item in a village that costs billions of coins. You have decided to complete it on the next day but you found that it was destroyed by an enemy attack before that.

Rhino will be a great asset in this situation. By upgrading rhino you will save 70% of enemies’ attacks.

Coin Master Pets Max Levels And Rewards

Pet Maximum Level Maximum Rewards
Foxy 135 Increase 102% more rewards
Tiger 129 Increase 340% more rewards
Rhino 99 66% more chances to block the attack.

Is It Possible To Keep Active Multiple Pets at The Same Time?

According to the official declaration, it is not possible. For example, at the same time you want to activate foxy and tiger to take advantage when an attack and raid happens but this is not permitted in the game. You’re allowed to use one pet at a time. 

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So, this is all about coin master pets. You will be able to activate, upgrade and utilize them by following this guide. If you have any confusion about any section please read our FAQ section to clear your confusion. 

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Coin Master Pets

Get your desired answer to these questions. If you don’t get your answer please comment below with your question. 

Which is the best pet in Coin master?

Coin master’s best pet is Fox. During your raids, it gives you additional coins. It can give up to 10 million coins in a single raid.

What are the pets in Coin master?

There are three pets in the coin master called Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino.

How do you get a pet on coin master?

You can get a pet at a different level in coin master. Such as you can unlock Foxy in village-level four, Tiger after completing beast card collection, and Rhino after completing creature card collection.

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