The Best Ways To Get Free Coin Master Pet Food in 2023

Without keeping active pets in coin master it is very hard even impossible to complete village levels in the game. Coin master pet food helps to keep those pets active in this regard.

If you are looking for tips on how to get free pet food in coin master just keep reading this article. We will share the best ways to get free coin master pet food.

What Is Coin Master Pet Food?

Pet food in coin master is like real-life food or snacks for your virtual game pets. In real life, pets need food to survive. Without food, they can’t perform their task. 

Similarly, pets in coin master need food to perform their activity. Hungry pets can not help in the time of raid or attack, even can’t defend your village from enemy attacks.

pet food for coin master

Food gives them energy so that they can perform very well. To become a champion in coin master it’s mandatory to feed your pets regularly.

How To Get Free Coin Master Pet Food

Though it is time-consuming, it is not difficult to get pet food in coin master. As pet food is not a common thing in this game, the player has to be patient to get it in hand.

Food is extremely necessary for your pet to survive. Without a pet, you don’t have a chance to become a champion in this game. Now we will show you the best 4 free ways to get pet food without time-consuming.

1. The Slot Machine

It is the best way to get coin master food for pets. It is the machine placed on the right side down. The machine is limited to only 24 hours, which means if you use it once then you can’t use it for the next 24 hours. Spin the slot machine food will drop to your bucket.

2. Regular Calendar Reward

It is the new reward launched by the coin master game. To get rewards from the calendar just log in to the game. The rewards are refreshed every week and one month continues. So you can get free pet food in Coinmaster every week.

3. Play Daily

By playing daily offers you can get free pet food! Even you will get surprised after login into your account by seeing your bucket get full of food.

4. Coin Master Apps & Generator

Some tools and generators on the web really worked fine. To get some rewards quickly use coin master free spins daily link to earn free spins, coins, and pet food.

Free Coin Master Pet Food

When To Feed Your Pets in Coin Master

Every action performed by your pet consumes energy whether it’s attack, raid, or defend. So we recommend feeding your pet after performing any action by it. It’s necessary to energize your pet to make your dream come true.  

How To Feed Your Pets

You can feed your pet by following three simple steps:

  • Tap on the pet sitting near the spin button.
  • Select the pet that you want to feed.
  • Then tap on the button called pet treats in the bottom right corner.

How do I keep my pet awake?

Like real-life pets, the game pets also need to feed to keep them awake, happy, and active. Without food, your pets can’t perform their tasks. 


So, this is all about Coin master pet food. Apply those three easiest ways to get free pet food in coin master. We hope this article will help you to get food for free. See our FAQ section if you have any questions. 

The Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Food in Coin Master

These are the most asked questions by the users. If you don’t get your answers or have any tips and tricks put your comment below.

How do you get free pet food in Coin master?

You can get free pet food in coin master in the four easiest ways: The slot machine, Regular calendar reward, Playing daily, and Coin Master Apps & Generator. See our “How To Get Free Coin Master Pet Food” section to know about it briefly.

How do I get more food for my pet on coin master?

You can get more food for your pet using the slot machine. Honestly, to get more food you have to pay with real money. It’s one of the best ways to stock up on food.

What are the pets for in coin masters?

Pets in coin master like companions. They will help you to progress the game away. Tiger, Rhino, and Foxy are the three pets on the coin master that help you to get more rewards.

Where is the pet menu on coin master?

It’s on the left of the spin button (starting from village 4). To go to the pet area tap on the pet button.

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