Coin Master Multiple Account – The Tricks To Get More Spins

Who doesn’t want to double up their rewards while playing the coin master game? Yes, it will be easy when you have Coin Master Multiple Account also called a coin master baby account.

Having more coins and spins gives you an additional advantage over your competitors to complete your village in the game and also to prevent the enemy attack. In this article, we will show you the advantages of having baby accounts in coin master.

What is Coin Master Multiple Account or Baby Account 

The second account of the coin master is known as the baby account. Users create a baby account for playing the game from the beginning without losing the progress of the old account. 

baby account on coin master

There are many reasons why people want to create a baby account. One reason is to get an unfair advantage over the competitors. Many players have multiple Facebook accounts that they use for playing coin master. 

Basically, one Facebook account equals one coin master account. The more Facebook accounts you have, the more the coin master account.

Advantage of Baby Account / Reason for Having Multiple Accounts

There are many advantages of having a baby account in coin master. Let’s take a look.

  • They can send one gift from one account to another account.
  • It’s easier to get a gold card than to have a single account.
  • They can trade within their accounts.
  • Easier to complete a card collection and get more rewards.
  • They can do big raids within the accounts.
  • If you don’t have a card on main accounts, a baby account gives you another chance to get it.
  • Able to play coin master even if the first account has no spins.
  • They can transfer spins within the accounts.

How To Make A Baby Account on Coin Master

It’s easy to make a baby account by following some tricks. Let’s see the steps:

  • Create a new Gmail account.
  • Create a new Facebook account using new Gmail.
  • Then go to the coin master clone app and open the game.
  • You will see the option “Create new account”. Tap on it and give your details. Remind that this information has to be different from the main account.

coin master baby account

That’s all! Now you have a baby account and enjoy the game.

How do I switch accounts on coin master?

You can switch between them in several ways on android and iOS devices. We will show you both devices. If you have multiple devices, install Facebook and Coin master apps on both devices. 

For Android, just clear Facebook app data and start the game again.

For iOS, Delete the coin master game then switch users in Facebook and reinstall the game.

Problem While Having Multiple Accounts

Besides having advantages, multiple accounts also have some problems. You don’t face any problems if you have two accounts. But when you have more than two accounts you have to face some problems.

  • It’s not possible to create multiple Facebook IDs with a single Gmail account on your device.
  • When a new update is released you have to update manually all accounts.

Although, these are not big problems for the users who love to play the game. But if you have to keep in mind while creating multiple accounts.

How To Have So Much Facebook Accounts at a Time

For creating multiple Facebook accounts you need 5 to 6 Gmail accounts. Now you think that it’s a time-consuming task.

The hope is that there are many tools available on the web for creating multiple Gmail at a time. You can create by using this tool.

Get your free spins for both Original and second account

One of the main reasons for having a baby account is to get free daily spins in both accounts. If you have a device with features to clone apps then no need to login and log out again and again.

Coin Master Multiple Account

Just sign up with the main account in the first app then login with the baby account in the second app or cloned app. 


So, this is all about Coin master multiple accounts or baby accounts. Hopefully, you understand why people want to create multiple accounts on coin master.

If you face any problems while creating a baby account comment below. We will help you by providing a proper guide on how to create a baby account in the coin master game.

The Frequently Asked Questions about How To Make Multiple Coin Master Accounts

If you have any confusion see this FAQ section. Hopefully, your confusion will be clear. If you don’t then comment below with your questions, We will answer all questions.

Can I have two coin master accounts?

Yes, You can have. Just install two coin master apps on your device then login with different accounts (main account and second account)

How do I make a baby account on coin master?

Please see above the section “How To Make a Baby Account on Coin Master”.

How do I change my coin master account?

See the section “How do I switch accounts on coin master?”

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