Coin Master Heaven: Tips, Tricks, and Get Free Spins

Do you like slot machine games? Are you wondering what game to play? Luckily for you, we have come up with one of the most played and addictive games for you. We’re talking about the Coin Master game.

In case you don’t know how the game is played, in this game, you get to build your own village, and you also can attack other players’ villages by upgrading your own equipment. Coin Master also has a large community on the internet known as Coin Master Heaven.

Coin Master is considered one of the best slot machine games. You can win coins or gold sacks by gambling your spins here. If you get lucky and get a lot of coins (which you will get eventually), you can use those coins to upgrade your rank.

Now, in this blog post, we will discuss various tips on getting free spins, coins, codes, and many more. So, make sure to stay tuned till the end.

Coin Master Heaven

Get Spins For Free In Coin Master

There are quite a few ways you can get spins for free in Coin Master. And, we will be talking about them one by one below.

1.   Use Links From Coin Master On Social Media

The Coin Master developer provides a lot of links where you can get a bunch of Coin Master spins for free. All you have to do is follow the developer on Facebook and Twitter. You will find giveaways every day on the social media pages.

If you can keep an eye on the social media pages, you will be able to get loads of free stuff. You can use the links below.

Facebook- Official Page

Twitter- Official Account

2.   Invite Your Friends To Coin Master

One of the easiest ways to get free spins is by inviting your friends to Coin Master. For you to get free spins, it is not necessary that your friends play the game themselves.

Rather, all they have to do is download the game from the Play Store (or App Store) and log in with Facebook. This way, you, as the inviter to the Coin Master game, will get 40 free spins.

3.   Get Free Spins Through Your In-Game Friends

There is added benefit if you manage to invite your friends to Coin Master and can also make them play the game. What is it? Well, you can send one spin every day to your friends, and they can give one spin to you too. Thus, both of you benefit. This way, you will be able to get the spins every day for free.

4.   Daily Log-In Rewards

There is a daily log-in reward feature in the Coin Master game. By logging in every day in Coin Master, you can get lots of free rewards. Each time you log in to the Coin Master, the rewards get bigger and bigger every day.

What are the rewards? You will get a bunch of rewards, including free spins and coins (which you will need to further progress into your game).

   5. Collect Card Sets To Get Free Spins

Collecting cards and completing a set is a part of the game, and it makes the game all the more interesting. You would be surprised to know that you can get a large amount of Coin Master spins if you can complete the card set. Furthermore, you will get 30% more spins if you take part in the Set Blast Card Event.

Collect Card Sets To Get Free Spins

Another thing to note here is that you can share cards with your friends in the Coin Master game (although not all types of cards). For example, you can’t get gold cards. But, other than the gold cards, you can get all types of cards from your friends. Collecting cards like this and making a set will get you a lot of free spins.

Luckily, we can recommend a trading group of Coin Master cards. You should join here to trade with new friends. The link is below.

Coin Master Free Spins and Trading Group

Coin Master Trading Group

Note: If you want to get gold cards in the game, you must open treasure chests and also need to be lucky.

Tips And Tricks On Coin Master

To improve your gaming experience with the game, you will need some pro tips for winning every day in the Coin Master game.

For you, we will be discussing those below one by one.

Do not stockpile your coins-

There is a good reason why you shouldn’t hoard your coins for long. That is, the chances are that you will get raided by other potential players when you are not logged in the game. Therefore, you should purchase items and upgrade your village with your coins ASAP.

This is even more necessary when you don’t have shields for your village or when you haven’t unlocked your Rhino pet yet. So, make sure you spend as many coins as possible before leaving the game.

[In case you don’t know, Rhino is a pet feature in the Coin Master game that will try to protect your village from raiders.]

Buy chests-

As you may have already seen above, you can complete a card set to get a lot of spins for free. If you don’t have friends in the Coin Master game, you will need to buy chests to get any card for building a collection.

Now, it gets difficult to get lower-level cards once you upgrade your village level. And, that is why we suggest buying a chest every time you get a chance to do so.

coin master chest

Think about it. It would suck to exchange a valuable Joker card for a low-level card (which you could have gotten when you were early in the game), right? So, make sure to buy chests every time you reach a new village level.


In the above discussion, we tried our best to provide you with the best tips and tricks possible for Coin Master. And, along with these, we also mentioned a bunch of methods that will lead you to free spins and coins easily.

So, invite your friends to Coin Master and have fun together. And, for further fun tips, make sure to check out our website as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Coin Master efficiently?

There are quite a few tips you should know and note down to play Coin Master professionally (without any losses). Those are listed below.

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  • Save up your spins from the start of the game
  • Try not to hoard your gold
  • Keep your shield and pet active
  • Keep an eye on the Coin Master page on Facebook
  • Do not miss out on daily login rewards
  • Don’t forget to take the daily bonus
  • Purchase chests every time you jump up to a new village-level


Is there any way to make other players stop attacking my village?

If you want to completely stop others from attacking your village, you simply can’t. But, you can minimize the chances of getting attacked by following the pillow mentioned tricks:

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  • Use shields and the Rhino pet
  • Play game without connecting your account to your Facebook
  • Block your friends so that they cannot attack you
  • Build a village when you make tons of coins to upgrade defenses


Which card set should I collect to get a lot of spins in Coin Master?

The answer to this question would have to be The Circus Set. It is the most profitable card you can find in Coin Master. And, it is also very rare as well. Why? It’s because the Armstrong card is the rarest card to get in the Circus Set. But, if you are somehow able to get your hands on it, you can consider yourself rich in Coin Master.

Is it possible to get 400 spins in a short amount of time?

You cannot get 400 spins right away after installing the game and playing for 5-7 days. But, regardless of the details, you can get a lot more than 400 spins if you play the game for long enough. You can also follow specific common methods that are given below.

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  • Share spins with your friends back and forth every day
  • Try completing card sets (especially the Circus set if possible)
  • Invite new friends to Coin Master
  • Participate in various events
  • Take part in the giveaways that are held on the social media page of Coin Master


Follow these steps, and you should be able to get lots of free spins in the Coin Master game. Consequently, it won’t be long before you will have 400 spins at your disposal.

Is there any particular website for free coins and spins in Coin Master?

There are a lot of websites where you should be able to find some useful links. But, most of the websites are not arranged in a way where you can find all the links in one place.

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