Coin Master Guide: Become The Best Player in Town!

Coin Master provides you with slot machines to give you an intuitive experience of spinning the wheel of luck and have fun in a new way. It is an extensive coin master guide to free spins and rewards with an immediate solution to all your problems regarding the original Coin Master game so you can keep enjoying it without any interruption whatsoever.

The guide helps you in your starting days until you are familiar with all the features of the Coin Master. You only need to focus on what matters the most to you and boost up your performance to get a lead from all your rivals.

Coin Master Guide

About Coin Master Guide

If you are confused about what is the actual meaning of a virtual slot machine and what will you after successfully completing all the tasks.

Here is the coin master complete guide to preparing yourself for with is coming up and how to deal with it in the perfect manner.

You start your journey in a small beautiful village and can work hard to become the lord of all the nearby villages in a short period of time.

1. Primary Objectives

  • Develop the Village
  • Attack and Defense
  • Play mini-games

1.1 Develop the village

When you start your journey as the new lord of your village, you don’t have enough coins, troops, and other resources but this wow coin master guide helps you in that sector so you can develop your village to challenge your friends for a duel.

The game features in-game purchases to boost up your performance or you can use in-game resources only to develop the village.

1.2. Attack and Defense

You can build an army after managing all the other financial issues of your village to protect your village from attacks by your enemies.

If your army outnumbers the army of your rival, then you can steal all their resources and bring them back to your village to train more troops.

You need to wait for some time before your village can successfully recover itself after an invader defeat you in a battle. It enables you to attack a new village or send them a goodwill message to enjoy with them together.

Coin Master TIPS

1.3. Play Minigames

The rewards after each depend on your scores and you can play a game various times to get better scores. You get five chances to spin the slot machine daily as well as can spend some gold to get more chances.

It features various mini-games to win gold coins and other resources on a daily basis to upgrade all the buildings to the max level. You can get better scores in a game to immediately get back what you spent to play the mini-game.

2. In-game Items

  • Hammer
  • Shields
  • Pig Face
  • Pets

2.1. Hammer

You need to keep a track of your village when attacking the village of your friend because your enemies can attack while you are away from the village.

It allows you to attack the village of your friends and enemies to get all their resources as well as some gold coins as a reward for the successful attack. You can spin the slot machine to get hammers while saving some extra gold coins.

2.2. Shields

It protects your village and all the NPC villages from attacks by your friends up to three times once you put the shield on.

It gives you some extra time to think about a new plan without having to worry about the safety of your own village and train some more troops before attacking the rival.

If you forget to put on your shield and the enemy attacks your turf, you need to wait for some time to let your village recover from the attack.


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2.3. Pig Face

It is another functionality to steal some gold coins from the turf of your friends without attacking them. You can use the pig face and bring back a random amount of coins to your village if everything goes according to the plan.

It gives you another chance to get revenge from your enemy and if you steal all their coins to make them poor and start again all the way from the first step.

2.4. Pets

The game features three different pets with unique traits of each pet to adapt them according to your needs and village type. You can train your pet to level them up and increase their stats to get some advantage over your enemies.

3. More Villages

You can move to a new village at a better spot once you have collected enough items to make a smooth transition from your old village.

The slot machines come in handy here as you can spin it to get a random number of items after each successful attempt.

You can expand your kingdom by becoming the lord of all the nearby villages in a matter of days. Moving to the new village contains many benefits such as a status buff and more chances to spin the slot machine.

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4. Link Account

It features an option to log in using your Facebook account and save all your game data on a cloud server to access it on your other mobile devices.

You can also get free gold coins and extra spins when you log in to your Facebook account for the first time. It shows the villages of all your Facebook friends so you can keep an eye on their performance at a glance.

Coin Master Guide 2021

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Who Is The Best Coin Master Player?

Ranking # Google Play Username
1 H3lios666 9,000
2 Omniavincitamor69 9,000
3 renedet 9,000
4 OB84 9,000


Coin master gives you a chance of a lifetime to have fun with your friends and family members in your extra time.

Here is the ultimate coin master guide for beginner players to survive during attacks from rivals in their first few days of the game until they are familiar with how it works.

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