Coin Master Gold Cards – 7 Powerful Tricks You Don’t know

Coin master is one of the most successful games which was established by Moon Active in 2015. It also became a profitable business. It has many features and gold cards are one of its features. If you don’t know how coin master gold cards work, how to trade it, and how it helps you to progress in the game then you should go through this article.

What Are Coin Master Gold Cards?

A gold card is a rarer card but is similar to regular cards. As it is rarer than the regular cards, that’s why it gives the best rewards. You need more golden cards to complete your card collection and as it is very famous and gives the best rewards, most of the players exchange it with other rare cards.

gold cards in coin master

What do they do?

Gold cards are the rarer version and are the same as regular cards. As it is rarer in version so it has some rare rewards. If you are lucky enough then you can get more rare pets such as Tiger in the game

How to Get a Gold Card

You can have gold cards from the chests as a reward. To buy a chest you have to use your coins and you can have more coins if you have more spins. And while doing attack or raid to the others village don’t forget to buy the chests.

1. Tricks of getting gold cards

The very old and popular trick of getting gold cards is to look at the stars of old cards. Because the stars will help you to buy chests so that you can win many gold cards as a reward.

If you have 1-2 stars then you can buy a wooden chest if you have a 3 star you can go with a golden chest and if you have 4-5 stars then you can buy a magical chest which will help you to gather more golden cards for free.

2. Some other tricks are

  • Don’t waste your stars by building objects in the village with 5 stars. You should use only 1 star to build the objects and save the other stars. Then you should buy chests with your saving stars for getting gold cards as a reward and repeat these tricks until you get a gold card.
  • Make a set that includes 20 sets of every chest ( wooden, golden, and magical), and the chance of getting new cards is higher though it is an expensive trick.

coin master gold cards

3. New tricks for finding gold cards

As many people play this game, they have discovered many tricks which will help you to get the golden cards with a very low investment. The tricks are –

  • At first, the players have to build a village. Then they should buy all the chests in every village which increases the chance of getting new cards.
  • With a 1x bet, you have to spin 5 times.
  • With XP or free food, you have to upgrade your pet except building your village.
  • Until you get the golden cards you can buy the chests and keep repeating them.

4. Changing language

Changing language may have the chance of getting gold cards even though it sounds funny. You just have to change the language and buy a new chest. And this chest may have the gold cards.

5. The boom village

In the coin master game,  there are some exclusive villages which are known as boom villages. The new chests are bought when you are in boom villages. Players can receive these chests which may contain golden cards.

6. Get to the new village

You have to wait for five days to buy a new chest in a new village which may have the golden cards.

Which Method Is Best for Getting Gold Cards

You can see that there are lots of methods for getting these cards. But there is no surety that these tricks will help you 100% to get the golden cards, it may certainly help you. As it is a very rare card and that’s why you have to keep trying.

How to Trade Gold Cards

For this, you need to have some cards in your coin master. Then you must wait for a special event ( known as Gold Trade Event) that will allow these cards for trading.

coin master gold cards free

If the gold cards are eligible for trading then there will be a notification that will inform you that ” these gold cards are now tradable “.

But unfortunately, these events don’t happen so frequently.


Well, that’s all about the coin master gold cards. By reading this article you will know – what is gold cards in coin master, how to find them, how to trade them, and what is the importance of them.

The FAQs about Gold Cards in Coin Master

If you still have any confusion please go through our question-answer section. I hope your confusion will disappear after reading this.

Can you send gold cards to the coin master?

Yes. It can be sent on a special event which is known as a trade event that allows the cards to be traded.

How do you get gold cards in coin master?

 You can get gold cards from the chests as a reward. For that, you have to buy chests from every village.

What are gold cards?

A card that can be sent or received at any time by special events is known as a gold card. It is similar to regular cards but rarer than it.

When can you trade gold cards in coin master?

You can trade gold cards only when the special event (known as trade event) allows these cards for trading. But unfortunately, these events don’t happen so frequently.

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