How To Activate Coin Master Ghost Mode? Protect a Village!!

In this game, there are different village settings in which players have to build, maintain and protect their village. The ultimate goal involves you attacking other villages and looting their resources. Once your village is perfect in every way, you can move to the next level. You can shield the attack on your village with a good defence. You can also put up a good fight and use rhino to defend your village. But there is also another way to avoid the battle at all. You can activate Coin Master Ghost mode and hide your village from players.

Coin Master Ghost

What Is Coin Master Ghost mode?

Ghost mode coin master is the new way to hide your village from other players to avoid getting attacked. In this way, you can defend your village from enemies.

When you are saving up for a quest or event, you might also want to avoid getting attacked by your friends.

Ghost mode will make sure you don’t lose your village’s resources and coins Many players feel suspicious of this and think “does ghost mode work on coin master?”

On the said trick, your village will not be deleted but will disappear. That means if somebody searches for your village, it won’t show up as the server can’t track you.

How To Activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

Activating Ghost more on your Coin Master Game is very easy. Here’s a guide on how to activate the Ghost Mode:

  1. Close the coin master game app on your phone.
  2. Open the Facebook app from your phone that is connected to the game.
  3. Open settings in your Facebook app.
  4. Then open the option apps and websites.
  5. Click on the option logged in with Facebook.
  6. Remove the coin master app from there.
  7. Then open the Coin Master app on your phone again.
  8. Now use the guest mode to log in instead of Facebook login.
  9. You have now successfully activated Ghost Mode on your mobile app version

Now, you can defend and hide your village from enemies and friends.

How To Deactivate Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

You can disable ghost mode by following the way

  • Stop and close the game.
  • Then restart your internet connection.
  • Again open the game and log in with the Facebook account.

In this way, you can deactivate ghost mode in the game. Restart more time if you face any problems.

Advantages of Coin Master Ghost Mode

Ghost mode is very advantageous for its approach to the game.

  • It does not change your account or hack into the software.
  • Upon using the Ghost Mode, there’s no need to be worried as it isn’t a hack or cheats.
  • You can activate the mode anytime, and it won’t change anything in your app.
  • Ghost mode in coin master has become very famous, especially for pro players.
  • They sometimes hide their IDs to avoid attacks from friends.

If you are a noob player and want to upgrade your village, you can use the mode to hoard gold. But I’d advise that first make your base strong then turn on the mode.

It will help you experience the attacks and understand them. It will also help you identify how you can make your defence better.


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The disadvantages of Ghost Mode in Coin Master

The ghost mode has some disadvantages like:

  • It is a bug. So, it has a chance to fix this bug in future coin master updates.
  • Have to log in every time as a guest.
  • Not able to receive any gift in ghost mode.

Yes, you hear right. You will not receive any rewards from your friends during card trade events. But don’t worry here is the solution. Read next to know how to use ghost mode correctly.

How To Use Ghost Mode in the Correct Way?

  • You should use ghost mode only when you need extra protection or you started to build a new village.
  • At the time of the golden trade event, if you want to receive cards from your friends just turn off ghost mode on that time.

In this way, you can enter any trading event and receive gifts from your friends.

How To Interact with Friends?

You will also see your Friends in the lobby, but you can’t communicate with them. When you open the game you will still see them in your list, but you can’t contact them; otherwise, your ghost mode will turn off.

Ghost mode will not delete your account from the server, but it will help you vanish from the server map. It will help you hide and protect your village. But it can’t give you any more Benefits like free coins or spins.

Coin Master

Coin master ghost mode is available for your mobile version of the game. Game developers do not officially recognize it, but they can still work on any software system.

You would be happy to know that both Ghost mode coin master android and iOS work amazingly.

Make Use of Shields To Defend Your Village

The coin master game app offers shields and defence to protect your village too. Instead of hiding as soon as you made the game’s ID, you can first play the game.

You can understand it, win in battles, participate in events and collect as many coins as you can.

  • Once you have a lot of gold and want to upgrade, you can turn on coin master ghost mode and work on upgrading your village as much as you want.
  • It will help you upgrade it slowly if you don’t have time to upgrade it at once.
  • It will remove the danger of being attacked and will help you hide.
  • The said mode intends to help those players who aren’t good at playing Coin Master or don’t have shields to defend their villages.
  • It can make your game easy once you turn it on.
  • Many players misunderstand how ghost mode coin master stops the attack but lets you attack.

It does not eliminate the attack factor at all; it just hides your village from plain sight. You can still attack and hunt your bounty and enjoy playing the game.

Coin Master Ghost Mode

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Now you know everything about Coin master ghost mode, does coin master ghost mode works, and the benefits of using the mode; the only thing you have to do is to activate your ghost mode, and you can enjoy carefree gaming.

You don’t have to fear a sudden attack on your village or losing your bounty to village hunters. The new mod will make it easy for you to play without fear of being in a war or attacked.

The win-win situation is you can still enjoy spins, events, and other treasures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read this FAQ section and find your answer about the topic. Give feedback in the comment box.

How do I stop friends from attacking me on coin master?

You can stop friends from attacking your village by removing them from your friend list. After unfriending, it takes up to 24 hours to update the list.

How do you play Coin Master in ghost mode?

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  1. I activated ghost mode on my game Coin Master yesterday yet I’m still being attacked why???!!!
    It said your village becomes invisible & you won’t lose my resources it’s not True!
    I’ve been attacked 3 times & list £70,00 that is not ghost mode om really not happy at all ☹☹☹☹.
    Please reply urgently i can’t afford to lose all this money + when i go back to my game now I’d better not get attacked again!!!!
    An extremely unhappy player of CM played fir 3 & half years now 😥😥😥😥

  2. I hope this works and I hope I did it right my phone number is 423 -615-1461 I wanted to learn how to go in ghost mode I’m being attacked in pillaged by the other player on the game because I do not know how to implement this into the game say so wish me luck

  3. I followed the directions to the letter and when I clicked on the playing as guest I was back at the beginning of coin master.


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