Coin Master Game Review- The tricks you should know

There are lots of mobile games in the markets but the coin master game is one of the most successful and fast-growing mobile games and it became 4th position in the year 2020.

There are about 300 villages and the cost of the villages differs from level to level. Also, there is a slot machine by which one can win the coins and these coins are used to build up a village to be the best Viking.

If you are searching for a coin master guide and want to know details about this game, please go through this article. We will show you how slot machines, cards, chest keys work in coin master, how to activate them, how to collect and use them effectively in the game, how to develop and attack other villages, and furthermore details.

What is Coin Master Game?

Coin Master is a free, single-player, casual mobile game where you have to use tricky moves to save your village from attacks.

But you should have to try to attack other villages to win the games. Everything in this game depends upon earning and spending coins.

coin master game

In this game, you can connect with your friends because it gives you the opportunity to link with your Facebook group.

The main purpose of this game

The main purpose of this game is surrounded by the slot machine which is used to generate the coins. As the name suggests, the main target is to win or collect the coins.

You have to spin the slot for earning coins and using these coins you can upgrade and repair your village.

You can also fight with your opponents by attacking or raiding their villages and thus you can get coins. Every fight will give you more spins and money which you can use to upgrade the village

How To Get Start Coin Master 

At the beginning of this game, it will give you instructions and detailed tutorials about this game.

The main purpose of this game is to win coins from the slot machine and build up the villages by using these coins. As time passes one can collect spins and these spins are used to spin the slot machine which generates coins, attacks, raids, etc.

1. Connect with friends 

Coin master is a single-player, casual mobile game but it also gives you the opportunity to connect with your friends by linking up with Facebook groups.

You can either play as a guest with an anonymous player or you can play with your Facebook friend by inviting them. And if your Facebook friend gets started to play this game you will get some coins as a reward.

2. Microtransactions

This game does support microtransactions which refers that you can get millions of coins at once by spending some real money.

The person who doesn’t have enough time or doesn’t want to spend too much time in this game can use these options. As a result, they can have instantly millions of coins in their account.

3. How to build a village

There are almost 314 villages in this game and the price of each village differs from level to level. You have to build at least five buildings on each level and to go to the next level you need to upgrade your building which consumes coins.

4. How to collect stars

As time passes the player can collect stars throughout the game and these stars will help the player to rank on the leaderboard.

5. Slot machine

The whole game mainly depends upon the slot machine actually. By spinning the slot machine you can get coins, powers such as – hammers, pig bandit, shield, energy capsule which offers you different facilities.

To spin the slot machine you have to use your spins and each time you spin your slot machine, the number of spins will decrease.

You can also see 4 different symbols (i.e hammers, a shield, a bag of coins, a pig bandit, and a spin capsule)  under the slot machine with four rows. To avail of these powers and actions, you have to manage to get four of the same symbols in a row.

6. The bag of coins

In a slot machine, there are four different symbols and among them, the bag of coins is one that gives you the award of more coins.

As the game name implies, the coin is the main character of this game and you have to use your coin to build up your village, raid your opponent’s village.

You don’t need to manage to get four of the same symbols in a row to avail yourself of this power. You can get a bag of coins in any spin. But if you can manage the entire row then it will give you a bigger payout than individual bags of coin would.

7. Hammer

Hammer gives you the opportunity to attack others villages and you can get coins from attacking other villages. By linking up with your Facebook account you can attack your friend from your Facebook friend list.

After attacking other villages you can decrease their stars while on the other hand, you will get coins for the attack. But for this hammer reward, you have to manage the entire row of the same symbols.

8. Pig Bandit

To avail the reward of it you have to manage the entire row of same pig bandit symbols which gives you the opportunity to give raid to others village.

Like the hammer’s reward, here you can’t choose a random village for the raid. There is a name of you and your assigned player or raid target above the slot machine.

Then you will have to dig three holes with shovels instead of attacking the opponent’s buildings. There are many places for digging the hole in the village which is marked with large X.

And you can choose any three of them and have to start digging. Any of them may have coins that are snatched away directly from the opponents’ current coins.

9. Shield

It gives the opportunity to protect your building from the opponent’s attack. But it has no power to save you from the raid.

Similarly, if you attack your opponents’ building with the shield power you will gain coins. You can avail of only three shields at once.

10. Bet

You can avail bet If you gather a large amount of spin. It multiplies the reward which is earned from the slot machine.

11. Chest and cards

By using the coins you can buy a chest and there are three kinds of chest (i.e the Wooden, Golden, and Magical Chests)

coin master gameplay

You can buy it. You can earn cards by using these chests. According to the village level, the quality of the cards depends. Among them, gold cards give you the best rewards and it is the rare version of all cards.

If the chest is more expensive then you will get more cards.

Coin Master Pets

There is a pig with a black belt in his eyes is known as a pet. It is a tour guide for this game and there are three types of pets – Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino which help to protect your village from attacks or raids. You can know more about coin master pets in this article.

There are some other characters in the village which are – queen, warriors, wizards.

You have to keep your pets awake by giving them treats otherwise they will fall asleep after some time. Pets give you the effects which help you to gain more pets and so that you can protect your village.

1. Foxy

The main task of this pet is to dig holes during the fight which will help you to get more coins.

In level 4 of this game, you will find this pet and it is the pet that will unlock first in this game. After unlocking this pet, you will get the menu of how to feed your pet.

2. Tiger

This pet will help you to get more coins while you are attacking another village but this pet only opens when you get the beasts’ card collection which is rare.

You should keep in your mind that you have to keep your pets awake by giving them enough treats otherwise they will fall asleep. If they are sleeping during the attack time, you will not get extra coins.

3. Rhino

This pet (rhino) will help you to protect your village from the attack while you don’t have any shield to protect your village.

But the first baby rhino can protect your village only 10% from the damage so you shouldn’t totally rely upon the rhino if you don’t have any other powers.

The Success of Coin Master

Coin master is the most popular and successful mobile game launched by Israeli mobile game developer moon active in 2015 and has Its most success in the year 2020.

Coin Master has become the fourth most profitable game in the world in the year 2020 where Pokémon Go is in 3rd place – according to research.

Anyone can download the game for free and about 200 million people download it from more than 136 countries worldwide.

According to Priori Data, this game has produced approximately $197.5m in net revenue in the year 2020 and no other games in this genre can beat its success.

This success is caused by Western markets. The Uk, the USA, and Germany combinedly generate 85% of net revenue while the USA alone produces 59% overall share.

Graphics of Coin Master

The graphics of coin master isn’t realistic, developers of this game use a cartoon version though it gives you immense pleasure because of its romantically bright and good-looking graphics.

They also used all the details which will make you happy. But the village life is outmoded. Nevertheless, you can build your village in a modern civilization way.

Some Pros and Cons of Coin Master


  • It has a great graphic design.
  • Has a brilliant concept.
  • High-lasting evocation.
  • Different types of tricky and intelligent challenges.


  • The sound of this game is very tawdry.
  • Long time game which makes someone tedious.
  • Consumes a lot of time which hampers the youth or students.

coin master game review


So, that’s all about the coin master game, the most successful game of the moon active. Now you are able to play this game, build a village, attack or raid another’s village with the help of the powers which are bought by coins from the slot machine.

The FAQs about Coin Master Game

If you still have any confusion please go through our question-answer section. I hope your confusion will disappear after reading this.

Is coin master free to play?

Yes. Coin Master can be downloaded for free. Anyone can download the game and about 200 million people download it from more than 136 countries worldwide.

How much money does coin master make?

Coin master is one of the most popular games of the moon active and according to Sensor Tower research company – Coin Master is the fourth most profitable game in the world in 2020 so it has generated over $508 million in gross revenue.

How many villages are in coin master?

There are about 300 villages in coin master and each village has different costs according to its level as it has 365 levels.

Is coin master a safe game?

Yes. Because none of your personal information is shared with other players.

How do I hide my village in the coin master?

By using ghost mode you can hide your village.

How to get 25 extra spins in coin master?

You can get extra 25 spins as a bonus if you invite your Facebook friends and your friends started to play this game.

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