How To Earn Coin Master Free Spins and Coins in 2021

Coin Master takes you to an epic world where building your dream village is compulsory. Coin Master Free Spins are the only thing that everyone needs to have for the domination of the land.

The epic scenes are ready to involve you fighting against real players who are building their villages in the game from across the land.

Fighting against opposing characters isn’t easy, as they have an option of setting up shields on every structure, they built to defend them from you.

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Moreover, Coin Master Free Spins 2021 is the keyword that was trending last year. No doubt, players are searching for different ways to earn as many coins as possible, as well as free spins.

Therefore, we bring them close to a guide offering all possible ways and methods to grab Coin Master Free Coins and Spins.

You aren’t only limited to in-game ways, as lots of Generators and Coin Master Apk Mod are also available to help you grab free coins and Coin Master Spins.

Coin Master Free Spins

Firstly, the game itself will reward you with free spins regularly. Secondly, the bar will get refilled after some time.

If you are in a hurry to building your village or unlocking new villages, then you have two options, such as in-game purchase and use hack.

Using a hack may put your credentials at risk; therefore, you should go with the safe ways to earn in-game rewards and bonuses.

As everyone knows that Coin Master offers you a perfect mix of Building and Casino game elements, featuring stunning gameplay that keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun. In this section, you will learn how to earn free Spins.


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About Coin Master

Let’s start the article with the introduction of Coin Master. It is a community-based video game that comes with a strong appeal to players anywhere across the land.

The game gives you the option of becoming a powerful pirate who embarks on a journey to hunt ancient treasure along with his crew. Finding treasure isn’t easy, as you are expecting, because you have to face lots of challenges.

Many times, other pirates try to hurt the village you are working on, for resources and other valuable items. The intention of everyone focuses on gold coins.

Therefore, the coin is the main currency in the game that you can use to purchase anything you want and to upgrade your structures.

Be a Pirate

Furthermore, Moon Active brings the game to both Android and iOS platforms, and it wants to see you in the role of a pirate.

The game was developed as the remake version of “Pirate Kings,” and similar to the said game, it tasks you with creating a village and upgrading structures for the dominance of others.

When playing the game, your goal is to command a force of the pirate army and smash resources of other villages to create your beauty.

Create Your Dream Village

You start the game with nothing, except for a small piece of land. The ultimate goal is to place the structure to start decorating your village.

Grow crops and build a farm to keep your favorite pig happy. You can play the game from an isometric viewpoint, and the game takes you dozens of options later after making progress. The more you play, the more coins you earn.

Therefore, you should always be spinning the fortune wheel to test your luck. If you’re lucky, the game will reward you with thousands of free in-game coins. Your ultimate goals are the following:

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  • Set up your Village
  • Start creating your Dream Buildings
  • Build Houses
  • Create Animal Shelters
  • Grow a Small Garden
  • Place a boat for Travel
  • And more.


To perform everyone action mentioned above, you have to earn in-game money. Coins are the primary currency that helps you to upgrade your village and make your land beautiful.

It will also help you earn lots of stars. In the game, stars are the unit that can be used to compare the wealth of players, gold isn’t included. More islands will unlock as you approach high upgrades for your buildings.

You can read also about Coin Master Free Cards: How to Grab Free Golden and Rare Cards?

Introduction of Lucky Wheel

The most important part of the game is the Lucky Wheel that gives you a chance to test your fortune. It seems similar to a casino slot machine that comes with three to five reels.

Each reel holds a series of items, and each one has different properties.

The game will reward you with massive points once all reels stop having the same items. Similarly, the game introduces the Lucky Wheel that contains three reels and each one has different images, including a hammer, pig, and more.

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The game rewards you free limited spins after an hour, and will add to your account, even you are offline.

How does it work?

Moreover, your task is to hold or tap the spin button to let the lucky wheel mode, and every time you hit the button, you have options to receive gold coins, opportunities to attack other villages, loot buddies, and earn shields to defend your village.

You will be rewarded with lots of money and coins after getting three gold or coin icons on your screen. Upon having three hammers means you have to attack a village to collect coins buried secretly in different places.

Getting granted with shield, you can use it to defend your village from attacks released by other players for a limited time. When playing the game, you need to obtain three consecutive shields.

Three Hammers: It means you have to raid other villages for resources and coins. Be aware of shields as they prevent you from attacking others, depending on how many shields are activated.

Three Coins: Whenever the lucky wheel displays you three coins on all reels, then consider yourself lucky because it will grant you lots of coins to use for unlocking stuff.

Three Gold: It gives you a lot of gold to decorate your village and make it beautiful.

Pigs: It will provide you with an opportunity to rob the money of other players and leave them in ruin.

Be a Pirate

You should keep in mind that the lucky wheel isn’t only the way you can use it to make money. Apart from that, you can loot resources from others.

Smashing buildings or robbing money will help you become rich. When playing the game, you have to attack and smash the complete village of foes, avenge those players who destroyed your land and forced you to take back what you have.

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Despite having shields, you are always in danger, because the shield can prevent only one player from attacking. What about next?

The game features a thunder hammer that grants you the power to smash a building of your choice in the village of an opposing player and receive a corresponding amount of money.

Note: It’s quite difficult to get three pigs at once.

What is Champion Ranking?

For sure, players would love to have a way that helps them obtain Coin Master Unlimited Spin. But firstly you should learn about Champion Ranking where everyone wants to see their name on the top.

As you know Coin Master comes with online mode support that lets you attack and loot villagers of other players from all over the world. The game features a global rank list holding the names of top players who are masters.

Different Ways To Earn Free Coins and Spins

Thousands of players are Google Coin Master Free Spins to find different ways of making free spins.

First of all, you should keep in mind that you can link your Coin Master with Facebook to ask your friends to jump in for help and send you coins and spins in form of gifts.

Facebook is considered the most trending social app where the game has a massive community where you can get Coin Master Free Spins link today Facebook.

In case you are willing to earn free Coin Master Coins and Spins, then follow the given ways as they help you fulfil your dreams.

Coin Master Free Spin Haktuts

Whenever you come out of the game to find Coin Master Free Spin Haktuts. Keep in mind that the game has more than one massive community, having thousands of players.

In each community, you may find surveys and freebies to claim. Participate in the groups, fulfil the requirements, and claim your rewards to keep progressing through the game.

The groups or communities update their lists having links of free spins regularly to share freebies with everyone. Besides that, here are some genuine ways to make free Spins in Coin Master.

Follow the given tips to help your character earn free Spins in the Coin Master video game to become the master and show off your friends to impress them.

Follow Coin Master on Facebook

Searching for the way how to get coin master free spin link? You should follow the Coin Master on social media platforms to obtain links.

You may don’t that every day the developers come and release dozens of links that players can follow to grab freebies.

Suppose if you take your name to the top, then chances of having lots of coins will be increased, as well as the game may reward you with free stuff with a small effort.

Therefore, you should hit the following buttons on both social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook.

Coin Master Free Spins


Sign up for the Newsletter to receive gifts using your email

In case you want to grab gifts from the developers, then you should sign up for the newsletter form. The developer will send you free coins and spins every single day.

The links and spins may be added to your account following the link the developer sends. So, you should keep visiting your emails to never miss a single chance to make in-game rewards.

Invite Your Friends

The easiest and fabulous way to earn in-game spins and coins. Apart from all ways, you can send a link to your friends and ask them to follow it and join the game.

As your friend taps on the link to join the game, rewards and in-games will add to your account. The game promises to leave you up to 40 coins for each of your friends who joined.

Request Friends for free Spins

Making friends isn’t a bad habit, because friends are always come to help whenever you find yourself in any difficulty.

Similarly, you can request your friends to send you over 100 spins, and the game sets a limit for friends not to send over 100 spins each day.

You are also able to help your friend to earn free spins. Sending spins directly to your friend isn’t possible, because you may send a gift box containing an unknown number of spins.

Watch Ads

Did you know? Watching video ads may help you earn Coin Master Free Spins. Though it’s a time taking method, it works. There’s no limit to ads, you can watch as many ads as possible to earn lots of free spins.

After watching the video ads, you have to scroll the machine and hit the button to spin the reels and see what you get.

When you run out of spins, then you should tap on the button to watch ads.

How to Get Spins using Machine?

You may not know but you have a chance to earn lots of spins using the slot machine. But all of it depends on your luck. The game will reward you with spins when you get three energy symbols in a row.

Having said that, you will receive lots of free spins. Choose the spins and start rotating the reels to reveal the symbols.

Don’t forget to Level up your Village

For sure, leveling up structure and village bring lots of surprises for you in form of gifts and bonuses.

So keep in mind that each time you level up your town, the game rewards you with dozens of Coin Master Free Spins to use. Although it’s not an easy task, still it works and may cost you a certain amount of gold.

Apart from spins, you have to keep your focus on making gold that you need to purchase new buildings and upgrade them. During the gameplay, you have the power to purchase anything in the game, including upgrades to level up.

Part Take in Challenging Events

If all said methods are useless, then you should participate in events running in Coin Master. Without any doubt, upon winning there will be a shower of Spins on you.

Before heading to the spin button, you need to hit the virtual button available at the right top corner of your screen below the menu.

Clicking on the button may take you to another screen displaying a list of running events. During the game, you can take advantage of these events to help yourself make Coin Master Free Spins.

Wait, Wait, and Wait

If you aren’t in hurry, then believe me the best solution is to wait and it worth your time. The game leaves you five Free Spins after each hour, and you can only keep up to 50 spins at once.

Usually, the meter requires up to 10 hours to get filled. In short, every ten hours the number of spins reaches its maximum, and next to that the spins you earn will come to end.


Here’s a suggestion for you to visit the Coin Master video game after every ten hours to spend the spins you earned, so you keep earning more and more.

Introduction of Coin Master Mod

Indeed, you may have heard about Mod. It’s a modified version of the original game and introduces something unique and new to the game.

Although these things aren’t introduced by professional developers who built the game, they are covered by pro players and modders who are always active to keep you helping to win the game.

Therefore, across the web, you may find dozens of Coin Master APK Mod that upon getting installed on your device may add endless coins and spins to your gauge. Therefore, people prefer to install the Mod, instead of the original game.

Coin Master Hack

After Coin Master Mod, we introduce you to a Coin hack. The purpose of both terms is the same – to add free coins, gold, and spins to your account. Still, Hack is more harmful than Mod.

You can read reviews of the mod you are going to install on your device of others how was their experience with the Coin Master mod.

The hack is a problem that you need to install on your device and run when giving it access to your game.

If you aren’t a developer, then it could be dangerous, because you don’t know what kind of files hackers have implanted in it. It may take access to your browsers and other applications and steal information secretly against a few free spins and coins.

Is it safe?

Therefore, we recommend you avoid making use of hack until or unless you get fully satisfied that it is 100% safe.

Moreover, you can connect your Facebook account to the game to save all of your progress. Playing a Coin Master video game is an addiction, and it may not leave you easily.

You aren’t only limited to hit the spin button to see what comes in a row, but making your dream village and raiding others are also the ultimate goals you have to achieve.

Don’t need to show mercy when you are raiding others, even the opposing person is your friend.

What is Coin Master Generator?

The generator is a web-based service that works on the same algorithm the developer of Coin Master uses to reward you coins and spins.

Dozens of generators are available across the web and you can use them for free, but first, it may ask you to verify you are a human.

You can’t imagine how many fake requests their servers receive only daily basis by bots. Therefore, it is compulsory to verify you are a human either by completing the captcha or surveys.

Moreover, you should alert when using any generator. Sometimes, the generator may ask you to fill a form by adding your details. Upon finding that situation, you should keep yourself away, because it may be a scam or steal all of your credentials.

The best thing is that read reviews before using them and ask others to confirm whether the tool you are going to use is genuine or fake.


Coin Master is an Adventure video game that puts your fortune to the test and brings you amazing rewards. Start building your dream village today and raiding others for loot.

Don’t rely on one island, because the game features dozens of islands and tons of building stuff to use. Grab Coin Master Free Spins to keep playing and winning the amazing stuff you need to make your village beautiful.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any questions about coin master spins? Read this FAQ section and get your answers. Comment your opinion below.

How to get Coin Master 50 Spin rewards?

Yes, leave the game for 10 hours, and come back to see almost fifty spins will be there. Apart from that, you can participate in events to earn a reward of 50 spins.

Follow the links offer by developers on social media platforms to grab free spins.

When the Coin Master links get expired?

The links developer add to their social media pages expire after three days. Therefore, you should be active and regular visit the official game page to grab free coins and spins.

How to earn over 50 Spin in Coin Master?

Keep in mind that you can’t earn over 50 spins following the daily links. We suggest you participate in challenging events and follow the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to discover what’s going on over there.

How do you get free spins on coin master 2021?

You can get free spins in several ways such as by leveling up your village, follow coin master on various social media, joining events, watching video ads, completing card sets, etc.