How I Got Coin Master Free Cards with (7 Proven Methods)

Look no further! There are various ways of getting Coin Master free cards in Moon Actives’ idle game. In this article, I have put all the ways together that will grant you access to a wealth of free cards in Coin Master.

These valuable cards hold the key to –

  • Unlocking new villages
  • Raiding your friends’ bases
  • Accumulating riches galore
  • Shielding Protection
  • Bonus Spins and Rewards
  • Social Interactions that help you complete sets faster
  • Increasing your prestige among players
  • Positioning you higher on leaderboards

No more frustrating searches and countless spins with no results. Get ready as we dive into the secrets that will transform your Coin Master experience, making it easier than ever to succeed and become a true master of the game.

Let’s get started!

Best Ways To Get Coin Master Free Cards

1. Request cards from the community

Do you have unwanted cards? If yes, then just exchange them with the cards that you need most. There is a space on Facebook created by Moon Active for that purpose. Users can complete the process here securely.

So, we highly recommend you to start from here because the community is associated with a huge fanbase. You have a good chance of getting someone easily who is willing to take part with you.

2. Trade cards for chests

This trading method will give you an extra chance to win the cards that you need. You can trade 75 duplicate cards for a card chest. This is a useful method where your library won’t fill out quickly like trading with the community.

Collect Card Sets To Get Free Spins

3. Spend excess cash on card chests

After upgrading your village if you can’t afford any additional upgrade, you may spend your extra cash for a chest or two. It’s another great way to have some extra free cards. The chests are not so expensive to get.

4. Wait until there’s a card boom

Another best way of getting free extra cards is to wait for a card boom event. It’s a limited-time event that gives you 50% extra cards from the chest you open for a short period of time. So, buy more chests with your extra cash to claim this opportunity.

Coin master Event schedule

5. Get the daily rewards

To get free cards easily collect the bonuses provided by Moon Active daily on their official page. In this way, you can collect more cards just in no time.

The official Facebook page of coin master is busy with its bonuses and rewards. So, give them a follow and check daily for the links.

coin master bonus

6. Find During Raids

By raiding other villages carefully there’s a good chance to get free cards on coin master.

7. Purchase with Coins

For this, you’ve to spend coins. So, if you have enough coins spend them to buy cards. But we do not support it. Try the free methods we already discussed above.

8. Trading with Friends

You can send your duplicate cards to your friends that not need you. In the same process, your friends can send you the cards that you need.

Coin Master Free Cards

Types of Cards in Coin Master

There are various types of cards and rarity levels in the coin master. Here are the details:

  1. Coin Cards: This is related to coins in the game. When you collect a set of coin cards, you will be able to generate a huge amount of coins.
  2. Village Cards: These cards are used to build and upgrade your village. Each village has multiple levels. By completing a card set, you will be able to progress to the next level.
  3. Chest Cards: To unlock different types of chests in the coin master game players use chest cards. These chests contain various rewards such as coins, spins, and cards. If you are able to collect a set of chest cards, it can grant you valuable items.

Regarding rarity levels and card sets:

  1. Common Cards: These cards have the lowest rarity. They are relatively easier to find.
  2. Rare Cards: They are harder to find than common cards. You need more spins to obtain them.
  3. Golden Cards: Golden cards have the highest rarity level in Coin Master. Players face the most challenges to obtain them. They are usually associated with special events or promotions in the game.

How to Complete Card Sets in Coin Master

Card sets are collections of nine cards that belong to a theme or category in Coin Master. You can earn free spins, pets, coins, or other items by completing card sets. There are over 80 card sets in the game as of now.

To complete card sets, you need to follow these steps:

1. Finding or Trading the Missing Cards

You can do this by Opening chests. Chests are boxes that have different things inside, like coins, spins, pets, and cards. There are three kinds of chests: Wooden, Golden, and Magical chests. Each chest has different numbers and kinds of cards.

2. Using Joker Cards

Use joker cards to fill in the spaces in any set. You can do this by:

  • Getting joker cards. You can get joker cards from Magical Chests or from events or quests. Joker cards are rare and can take the place of any card in a set.
  • Picking Joker cards. You can go to the card collection screen and tap on an empty space in a set. You can then choose a Joker card from your inventory to use instead of the missing card.

3. Earning Free Spins, Pets, Coins, or Other Items

You can do this by Collecting your prize. You can go to the card collection screen and tap on a finished set. You can then see your prize and tap on the collect button to get it.

Finishing card sets is not easy, but it is fun and rewarding. You can get more cards and enjoy the game more by following this guide.

How to Use Cards in Coin Master

You can use cards to get different benefits in the game. There are four kinds of cards in Coin Master:

1. Gold cards

They make you earn more coins when you raid or attack other players. They are the most common kind of cards and you can get them from chests or raids.

2. Diamond cards

They let you go to new places and build your villages in different ways. They are the second most common kind of cards and you can get them from chests or events.

3. Joker cards

They can be any card you need in a group. They are the rarest kind of cards and you can get them only from magical chests or rewards.

4. Special cards

They let you join special events and get special prizes that are not available otherwise. They are unique kinds of cards and you can get them only from rewards.

Some of the best and rarest cards in Coin Master are Martian Lettuce, Torero, Farmer Feng, and Barrel Tank. These cards can help you finish some of the most valuable groups in the game.

Some Tips on How to Use Cards Well and Smartly in Coin Master

  • Use gold cards to earn more coins and save up for buying or fixing your villages. You can also use gold cards to raid or attack other players better and earn more coins from them. But be careful as gold cards can also make other players want to steal your coins.
  • Use diamond cards to see new worlds and cultures and build your villages in different styles. You can also use diamond cards to get new things that are not available in other places. But be careful as diamond cards can also make it harder and more expensive to build your villages.
  • Use joker cards to finish card groups faster and easier. You can save a lot of time and work by using Joker cards instead of finding or trading the missing cards. You can also get free spins, pets, coins, or other things from finishing card groups faster.
  • Use special cards to enjoy special events and prizes that are not available otherwise. You can also use special cards to get new things that are not available in other kinds.

Card Trading Techniques and Tips

Card Trading Techniques and Tips:

  • Monitor related online forums, groups, and communities.
  • Be attentive to special events and promotions.
  • To obtain popular cards, utilize in-game trading features.

Strategies for Negotiating Fair Trades:

  • Prioritize the cards that you need most.
  • Demand for your available cards by assessing rarity.
  • Negotiate openly and be clear in the communication.

Establishing a Reliable Network:

  • Participate in related communities and be active.
  • Join social groups and forums.
  • Keep a list of reliable traders.
  • Be respectful and trustworthy in your own trading practices.

Card Trading Etiquette and Best Practices

  • Be polite and respectful when trading.
  • Clearly communicate trade offers and expectations.
  • Respond promptly to inquiries.
  • Be cautious with unfamiliar players.
  • Verify reputation and credibility.
  • Avoid sharing sensitive personal information.
  • Be aware of phishing attempts or requests for account credentials.

How To Trade Coin Master Card

By trading cards, in coin master, you can earn more coins and spins. To get the prizes you have to complete a card set offered by the coin master game. 

A card set contains 9 cards inside it including rare, gold, and normal cards. You can complete the card set by receiving cards from your friends and gold card trade events. 

You can trade cards by following easy steps:

  • First, log in to your account and press the card icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Then hit on the card set that you want to send.
  • After hitting the send button a list of friends will be opened. choose a person to whom you want to send the selected card.

Remember: you can send a card when you have more than one card in your collection.

Gold card trade is possible only during gold card trading events.  Also, you can trade in various Facebook groups.

What are Golden and Rare Cards in Coin Master?

Firstly, you should keep in mind that you need to collect Coin Master Free Gold Cards or Rare Cards to keep winning ultimate prizes and dominating others. We’ve covered everything you should know about how to get Coin Master Gold Cards for free.

Secondly, you should know that Coin Master is one of those games that no one can hate for any reason. The reason the player loves the game includes rare cards, gold cards, pets, free spins, and lots of other stuff.

If you’re one of those players who are searching for Coin Master Free Gifts and Gold Cards, then let us jump in to help. Before starting, we introduce you to cards and let you why they are important.

Importance of Golden Cards

In the Coin Master video game, cards are required to complete a collection to proceed with the game. Rare cards aren’t only designed to make your collection complete, but they also reward you with gifts. The gift contains lots of bonuses and additional prizes. The bonus includes the following items, such as:

coin master free gifts

Dozens of cards are available, and each one belongs to a different category. All categories are listed as follows:

  • Sweets
  • Pets
  • Status
  • Creatures
  • Items
  • Beasts

Ways to Earn Free Gold Cards in Coin Master for Free

Golden Cards aren’t so hard to get, unlike the Rare Cards. When playing the game, you have more than two ways to get Golden Cards for free. We’ve compiled a list for you about how to get Gold Cards in Coin Master for Free.

1. Use Facebook Community to Trade Gold Cards

For sure, you would be familiar that the Coin Master one of the massive communities on Facebook – a social platform, where you can share lots of stuff with other players to have fun.

To earn Gold Cards, you should join the communities and trading groups on Facebook to trade with over 2m people.

2. Participate in Social Media Giveaways

You aren’t only limited to social media groups to trade or exchange gifts for cards. Players of different groups organize a giveaway for newbies to claim prizes for free.

coin master gold cards free

Earn Coin Master Rare Cards for Free

When it comes to claiming Free Rare Cards, it seems chances are very low. Therefore, people come out of the boundaries and start finding different hacks and alternative ways to earn Rare Cards apart. So, we bring you a list of the Best Ways you can use to obtain Free Rare Cards.

1.  Purchase Chests

If you are one of those players who don’t have any belief in luck, then we suggest you have believed in being lucky. If you are out to find rare cards, then you should purchase as many chests as possible in every village you visit.

Lots of rare cards will be in your inventory if you are lucky, upon opening the chests.

2. Use Chests to Trade

Upon finding purchasing chests isn’t helping, then you should try the trade feature. We suggest you keep trading the chests with other players in the massive Community or send your friends as gifts.

Read also about Coin Master Tips and Tricks 2021 – How to earn coins and unlimited Spins.

How To Get Bling Bling Card in Coin Master

Bling Bling is a gold card, it’s not a rare card. Only on a gold card trade event, it can be exchanged. You can earn 5 stars easily with this card. 

It can be unlocked on village 32 called “Thailand” and found on the “plants” card set. The plant card set contains 9 cards that are:

  • Black Gold
  • Luxury Yacht
  • Starlet
  • Butler
  • Russian Diamond
  • Nick The Greek
  • Merchant
  • Steampunk
  • Bling Bling

If you win a joker, you can replace Bling Bling with the joker.

How To Get First Prize Card in Coin Master

The first prize is a rare card. You will be able to earn 4 stars with this card. From trade events or in some Facebook groups you can collect it.

It can be found in village number 165 called “mermaidcity” and “sports” card set that contain 9 cards that are: 

  • Vain Vassili
  • Marvelous Malik
  • Olympic Flame
  • Jovial Jade
  • Coach Caleb
  • First Prize
  • Magnificent Michelle
  • Golden Cup
  • Large Liev

How To Get FireBird in Coin Master

Fire Bird is a gold card, it’s not a rare card. It can be traded only on gold card trade events. You can earn 5 stars with this card.

It can be unlocked in village number 29 called “MagicalForest” and found on the “Creatures” card set. The set contains 9 cards that are: 

  • Coin Gatherer
  • Blue Beak
  • Dino
  • Moon Crawler
  • Greedy Dragon
  • Ghost Dog
  • Lady Truffle
  • Chinese Dragon
  • Fire Bird

If you win a joker, you can replace FireBird with the joker.

How To Get Last Chest in Coin Master

The last Chest is a gold card and can be traded on gold card trade events only. You can earn 5 stars with this card.

It can be unlocked on village number 7 called “Hawaii” and found on the “items” card set. The set contains 9 cards that are:

  • Treasure Map
  • Book of Spells
  • Space Quest
  • Lucky Strike
  • Magical Lamp
  • White Pearl
  • Pinata
  • Tomahawk
  • Last Chest

If you win a joker, you can replace Last Chest with the joker.

Next Gold Card Trade in Coin Master

It is a curious question to the players when will the next gold card trade event occur in coin master?  And many people are waiting for the events. 

So, the good news is that we did a lot of research on the event time and found that these gold card events occur at most two or three times a month.


By following the seven best ways discussed above, you can effectively acquire free cards in Coin Master. These methods offer a range of opportunities to expand your card collection and enhance your gaming experience.

Remember to stay consistent, strategic, and engaged in the game. As a result, you can maximize your chances of obtaining all the desired cards.  With dedication and perseverance, you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a Coin Master with an impressive assortment of cards at your disposal. Good luck and happy spinning!

The FAQs about Coin Master Cards

Coin master cards are important in the game. While playing the game players need to complete a card collection. Take a look at this section to get answers to common questions on coin master cards.

Why do I never get new Cards on Coin Master?

It depends on the level of the village that determines which cards can be found in the chests. The cards spread out throughout the village. If you notice that you are not able to find a new card in the village, consider moving to the next village.

However, if you believe there might be an issue, consider the following possibilities: Ensure that you are connected to the internet and have the latest version of the game installed.

What is the hardest card to get in Coin Master?

The golden cards are the hardest ones to get in the coin master game. These rare and valuable cards are challenging to get compared to regular cards. Also requiring a combination of luck, trading with friends, and participating in special events to increase your chances.

Is This Possible To Collect Coin Master Card for Free?

To collect Coin Master Cards, you have to complete the objectives by looting other villages and making your village strong.

Using Coin Master Mod safe or not?

Firstly, you should know that Mod is an altered version of the original game that comes with extra fruitful features like free in-game coins and spins. So you can Run the Coin Master mod without any hassle.

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