Coin Master Events List 2022: village master, coin crazy & more

If you are a crazy fan of coin master and want to win more rewards, then you’re at the right destination. Events are a great opportunity to win precious rewards in the coin master game. For this, it is important to know about the Coin Master Events List. 

These events give you an opportunity to win free spins, coins, pets, pet food, pet XP, and more rewards. In this article, we will cover the topic widely. How you can win a lot of rewards without spending more. 

Coin Master Resource

Coin Master has a ton of resources like other games that give you the opportunity to become a pro player over your competitors. Collectible cards, pets, and humans are some of the resources.

Also, you can earn resources by attacking and raiding other players’ villages without spending your stack of coins. It is possible to upgrade your village with those resources.

Coin master Events

By connecting the game with your Facebook account, you can involve your friends in this process.

Events are the most popular among the players to collect worthy resources in a limited time schedule. These events exist for a selected amount of time. Let’s take a look at those events.

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Coin Master Events List 2022

Following events are expected by Moonactive in 2022.

Village Mania

It is an event where you will get special discounts on the village buildings. In different village mania events, you can get up to 20% on all village items or 65% on last items on all levels.

Tournament Milestone

This is a new event that allows you to win more prizes while competing in tournaments. You have to complete certain milestones during competition, for this, you will get certain rewards like spins, coins, pet, pet XP, rare cards, etc.

Attack Madness

This event is related to attacks. In this event, every attack on another Viking’s village will help you to get closer to rewards! The goals of each stage are higher than the previous one and also higher than the prizes.

Raid Madness

This event is like the attack madness event. Every raid on another Viking’s village will help you to get closer to rewards! The goals of every stage increase with progress with increasing rewards.

Village Master

This event is different from others. This is an achievement when you complete a village you can gain it. This event promises big rewards that others haven’t. Completion of a village will give you unbelievable rewards that are impossible in other events.

Viking Quest

This is another mini-game within the coin master game. Normally, the slot machine requires spins to get rewards.

However, in Viking quests, you can get precious rewards using coins instead of spins that are available in the game. You can learn more about the coin master Viking quest in this article.

Set Blast

This is a short-time event that is my favorite. If you hold a card set then it is a perfect event for you to complete. You will get up to 50% more rewards like spins from your card set completion. This event lasts only for a few hours.

Gold Card Trade

The main objective of the coin master game is to finish the card collection. For that purpose, this event is perfect for you and also for your friends to help in this regard.

This is also a limited-time event like Set Blast. Players can trade up to two gold cards in this special event that is shown in the pop-up.

Cards for Chests

This is also a short-time event. In this event, you can trade your duplicate cards for new 3 chests. Each card will give you different rewards like Spins, Pet Food, Pet XP, and Cards.

Coin master Event schedule

After trading a chest a timer will appear for a while for the same type of chest. However, this timer can be skipped with the use of coins.

Special Event

On a specific holiday, this event occurred. The participants get a limited edition of game resources that they can obtain in different stages of the event. 

Sea of Fortune

This event can increase your gaming experience to another level by giving you many rewards. But a “greedy Octopus” can demotivate you. What?

Yes, in this event you will get four boxes of wood. Where three boxes contain many rewards and another with a greedy Octopus. If you choose the box that has a greedy Octopus you will have two options:

  1. You have to pay coins to skip the trap and play continue
  2. End the event with no rewards

So, be careful when choosing a box. Otherwise, you will lose all rewards.

Gift Master

At the time of this event, if you purchase something you will get a bonus for every purchase. You may get Chest, Pet, Spins, Cards, etc. as a gift.

Bet Blast

All your rewards turn double if you won a bet like attacking rivals, completing villages, or raiding friends.

Balloon Frenzy

By seeing the balloon on the screen you can identify this event. You will get many rewards after the balloon blast.

Cards Boom

This is another boom event where each chest gives 50% extra rewards. The wooden chest gives three cards, the Golden chest gives six cards and the Magical chest gives twelve cards in total.

Coin Craze

This event helps to get more coins. This event adds a multiplier button to coins and turns spin into gold when it is life. By using this gold button you will get extra coins by raiding, and attacking other players’ villages. The spin button returns to its normal state.


This is a multiplayer event allowing players to compete with each other and to track each other’s progress. To join this event players need to earn some event coins by completing numerous actions like attacks and raids. 

Players compete with each other to become number one on the tournament leaderboard. When you complete an action it will reflect on the top right corner of the screen. Your rank will increase with the increase of this number.

What Is The Next Coin Master Event?

This is surprising for gamers because Moonactive does not declare an event schedule at the beginning of the year. However, users can check event time by playing cool games.

Enjoy the current event, when the next event comes near the scheduled time available on the game. You can check the coin master official page for getting the event schedule in time.

Benefits of a Coin Master Event

Already you know that coin master events have huge benefits. They help you to double up your rewards like spins, and coins. These events give opportunities to get rare cards, gold cards, pet food, and many more rewards.

Coin master Events

Coin Master Event Error

Sometimes, users can get an error message for a specific event. At the time when you get this error message or an event that does not appear in your game, just uninstall the game and again install it.


That’s all about the coin master events list. Hopefully, this list will help you to know about the benefits of events in coin master. If you already know about these events, let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coin Master Events

We already briefly discussed the events in the coin master game. Thereafter, if you have any questions then see this FAQ section.

How do you get your daily reward on coin master?

To get daily rewards from the game rewards calendar, you need to log in every day to the game then you will get the login rewards. The rewards will get bigger day by day and of course, it is free spins, coins, magical chests, etc.

What is a coin master event?

The coin master game event is a new introduction that gives you new challenges. Completion of these challenges will give you different bigger prizes like Free Spins, Pet Food, Pet XP, Pet Treats, Gold Cards, and many more rewards.

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