Coin Master Chests: Types and Tricks To Win Them in (2023)

In today’s world game has become a very popular and profitable business. So, the game developers develop different kinds of games and among them, coin master is one of the most successful games in the world. It has many features and chests are one of the features of it. If you don’t have any idea of the coin master chests and want to know about them, please go through this article.

We are going to explain the importance of chests in coin master, how it works, and every detail of it.

What Is The Coin Master Chests?

In this coin master game, chests are the container of a reward from which you can collect cards or you can find spins, pet XP.

You can buy chests by spending your coins from the game shop. You may also get a chest after completing a village or may have a chest box by digging a hole during the raid. There are mainly three different types of chests such as –

  • Wooden which contains 2 cards.
  • Golden which contains 4 cards.
  • Magical which contains 8cards.

Types of Chest in Coin Master

1. Wooden Chest

As we said before this chest only contains 2 cards and they are cheaper in price. The cards mostly get 2 or 3 stars. You can avail this chest after village 3.

From this chest, you can get random cards which means – you may get the same cards that you already have or maybe you can get new ones.

wooden chest

You can also have the chance to get 5-star cards from this but the possibility is very low and is about 2%.

Here are some possibilities of getting 1,2,3,4 and 5-star cards in a wooden chest

  • The possibility of getting a 1-star card is about to 86% and has a great progressing impact in the initial stage. But it became outmoded in the higher level.
  • There is a 48% chance of getting 2-star cards in this chest. In the initial stage, It will help you progress faster.
  • The Probability of getting a 3-star card is about 18%. During the early stage, if you find a 3-star card, it will be a game-changer for you at the end of the game.
  • The chance of getting a 4-star card is about 15% and also a game-changer.
  • The possibility of getting a 5-star card is very low which is about 2% and mostly depends on your luck.

2. Golden Chest

The golden chest contains 4 cards. You may get 3 star or 4-star cards in this chest as a reward. The price of the golden chest is higher than a wooden chest and you can avail of this chest after village 3.You can also have random cards like the wooden chest.

golden chest

Possibilities of getting 1, 2,3,4,5 star cards in Golden Chest:

  • 1 star card – 60.4%
  • 2 star card – 77.7%
  • 3 star card – 99.5%
  • 4 star card – 35%
  • 5 star card – 5.95%

3. Magical Chest

The magical chest is more expensive than the other chests. The price of Magical Chest is double than Golden Chest.

It contains 8 cards and is also available after village 3.You may get 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5-star cards in this chest. You may have all the cards random like other chests. But you have a 90% chance to get new golden cards.

But the price of every chest isn’t fixed and differs from village to village.

Possibilities of getting different star cards in Magical Chest

  • 1-star card – 79%
  • 2-star card – 94.29%
  • 3 star card – 99.5%
  • 4 star card – 99.5%
  • 5-star card – 23.6%

Some Other Chest of Coin Master

Wooden, Golden, and Magical are the three main chests of coin master but there are some other chests that contain spins, pet XP, pet snacks as a reward including cards.

The List of Other Chests with Rewards

1. Mystery chest

It has the rewards of spin, pet snacks along with cards. It has 6 cards in total. And most importantly, you can find the very rare Joker Card only in this chest. The possibility of winning this card is 10%.

Chances of getting cards to reward in Mystery Chest

  • 1 star card – 0.5%
  • 2-star card – 98.33%
  • 3-star card – 98.33%
  • 4 star card – 99.5%
  • 5 star card – 99.5%
  • Joker card – 10%

Pet Snack Reward Chance in Mystery Chest

2 Pet Snacks Chances is – 33.33%

3 Pet Snacks Chances is – 33.32%

4 Pet Snacks Chances is  – 33.31%

Spins reward in Mystery Chest

You can win up to about 800 to 4800 spins as rewards and this is possible only in this chest.

2. Emerald Chest

You can win Pet XP as a reward in this chest. You can also have spins, cards and this chest opens at the village 20. The total number of cards in this chest is 4.

coin master chests

Chances of getting cards to reward in Emerald Chest

  • 1-star card – 63.71%
  • 2 star card – 56.13%
  • 3 star card – 80.69%
  • 4 star card – 70.84%
  • 5 star card – 27.10%

Free spins reward chance in Emerald Chest

  • Chance of 10 Spins – 9.76%
  • Chance of 15 Spins – 14.63%
  • Chance of 20 Spins – 24.39%
  • Chance of 25 Spins – 29.27%
  • Chance of 30 Spins – 4.88%
  • Chance of 35 Spins – 4.39%
  • Chance of 40 Spins – 3.90%
  • Chance of 45 Spins -3.41%
  • Chance of 50 Spins -2.93%
  • Chance of 100 Spins -2.44%

PET XP reward chance in Emerald Chest

The main thing of this chest is all about the reward of Pet XP and if one is looking for this reward then this chest is perfect for him/her. About 5000 pet XP can be won by someone from this chest.

3. Sapphire Chest

This chest also gives you the rewards of Pet XP like Emerald Chest but it opens at village 70 and it has a total of 6 cards.

Chances of getting cards to reward in Sapphire Chest

  • 1-star card – 71.78%
  • 2-star card – 79.16%
  • 3-star card – 90.49%
  • 4-star card – 99.50%
  • 5-star card – 38.04%

Chances of free spins reward in Sapphire Chest :

  • Chance of 50 Spins – 2.35%
  • Chance of 55 Spins-7.06%
  • Chance of 60 Spins-9.41%
  • Chance of 65 Spins-9.40%
  • Chance of 70 Spins-9.41%
  • Chance of 75 Spins-9.42%
  • Chance of 80 Spins-9.41%
  • Chance of 85 Spins-7.06%
  • Chance of 90 Spins-7.05%
  • Chance of 95 Spins-7.06%
  • Chance of 100 Spins-7.05%
  • Chance of 150 Spins-4.71%
  • Chance of 250 Spins-3.53%
  • Chance of 250 Spins-3.53%
  • Chance of 400 Spins-2.35%
  • Chance of 500 Spins-1.18%

PET XP reward chance in Sapphire Chest

In this chest, you can win up to about 25000 Pet XP rewards which is much higher than emerald chests Pet XP rewards.

4. Ruby Chest

Here comes another chest of coin master which gives you the chance of winning the rewards of a Joker Card which is very rare. Mystery chest also gives this opportunity to the players. But the percentage of winning this card is different in this chest which is only 1.19%.

This chest opens at village 110. It has also the rewards of Spins, Pet XP, and 1 Pet Food along with cards. The total number of the card is 8.

Chances of getting rewards (cards, free spins, pet XP)  in Ruby Chest

Cards Free spins Pet XP
●     1-star card – 56.20%

●     2-star card – 82.47%

●     3-star card – 92.19%

●     4 star card – 99.5%

●     5-star card – 61.14%

●     Joker card – 1.9%

2.35% chance of 100 Spins

7.06% Chance of 110 Spins

9.41% Chance of 125 Spins

9.40% Chance of 150 Spins

9.41% Chance of 175 Spins

9.40% Chance of 200 Spins

9.41% Chance of 225 Spins

7.06% Chance of 250 Spins

7.05% Chance of 275 Spins

7.06% Chance of 300 Spins

7.05% Chance of 325 Spins

4.71% Chance of 350 Spins

3.53% Chance of 425 Spins

3.52% Chance of 500 Spins

2.35% Chance of 750 Spins

1.18% Chance of 1000 Spins

A player can win 100000 pet XP.

5. Valentine Chest

Like Mystery and Ruby chest it also gives the opportunity to the player of winning a Joker Card. It also has the rewards of Pet XP, Pet food, spins, and a total amount of 6 cards.

This chest opens at village 30. One can win about 90 thousand Pet XP and 24000 spin rewards from this chest.

coin master cards for chests

5. Small lucky chest

This chest is unlocked at village 4 and has the possibility of getting joker cards. It has the rewards of Pet XP, spins along a total number of 6 cards.

About 7200 spins one can win from this chest.

6. Big lucky chest

The big lucky chest will unlock at village 30 with the rewards of 8 cards, spins, and pet XP as well. It has also a high chance of getting a joker card which is 14%.

Players can also win 150000 Pet XP from this chest.

7. Small Easter Chest 

At Village 10 this chest will unlock with prizes of six cards, Spins, and Pet XP. The probability of getting this card is 2.4% which is very low. Also, the chance of getting the rewards of Pet XP is 90k which is similar to valentine chest.

One can win about 6000 spins from this chest.

8. Big Easter Chest

At Village 20 this card will unlock with prizes 8 cards along with Spins and Pet XP. The probability of getting this card is 6%% which is very low.

Getting More Cards from The Chest (Cards Boom)

A player can get more cards from the chest. Cards boom is a specific feature of coin master which offers the player to get about 50% more new cards.

This means the player will get 3 cards from the wooden chest, 6 cards from the golden chest, and 12 cards from the magical chest.

How To Buy a Chest

There is a shop in the coin master game from which you can buy chests by using your coins or you may use your real money to buy them.

If you have enough coins and want to progress in your game then you should buy a chest. It will give you many rewards ( rare cards, pet XP, pet food, free spins) which will help you to progress in your game.

Coin Master Best Levels To Buy Chests

Almost in every village, you can buy chests in Coin Master with all sorts of cards but buying these chests higher the possibility to get rare cards. You can buy these in the mentioned village.

SR Best Level To Buy Chests
1 Village 5
2 Village 7
3 Village 10
4 Village 13
5 Village 15
6 Village 17
7 Village 20
8 Village 22
9 Village 27
10 Village 30
11 Village 34
12 Village 35
13 Village 37
14 Village 40
15 Village 45
16 Village 47
17 Village 49
18 Village 50
19 Village 55
20 Village 57
21 Village 65
22 Village 79
23 Village 83
24 Village 87
25 Village 90
26 Village 93
27 Village 98
28 Village 105
29 Village 107
30 Village 110
31 Village 112
32 Village 117
33 Village 122
34 Village 125
35 Village 127
36 Village 130
37 Village 135
38 Village 141
39 Village 142
40 Village 143

How To Get Chests from The Game

You can avail yourself the chest from the game by

  • Completing the village
  • During the raid
  • Trade cards for chests

How To Trade Cards for Chests

Trade cards for chest are less practiced things in the coin master game. The coin master has added this feature in their recent update version.

In this feature, you can buy chest by using your duplicate cards also can choose any rewards such as – Pet XP, free spins, pet food, or card.

coin master chest trick

But you have to know the value of cards for trading cards and the value of cards is defined by their stars. The more star contain a card, the more value it has.

To avail of these rewards by trading cards, you have to follow some steps. Which are

  • At first, you have to go to the game menu and then click on the Card collection. Then select Menu Trade for Chest.
  • Trade cards for the available chest.
  • Then click on the “Select Cards for Me” option.

What Are Coin Master Team Chest Keys?

Keys are the items that players have to collect to win Team Chest. It’s a new feature added by coin master in their updated version. Team members can collect keys by raiding, attacking, or doing excellent raids to others’ villages.

How many Team Chest Keys one can get from an attack or raid?

The opportunity of getting keys from attacking and raiding isn’t the same. A player can get only –

  • 2 keys from attacking others village
  • 4 keys from raiding others village
  • 5 keys for perfect raiding.


So, that’s all about coin master chests. Now you can avail these chests, use them to upgrade your village, or earn them from the game and use the rewards for your betterment of this game.

The FAQs about Coin Master Chests

Get your desired answer from this section. I hope it will help you if you have any confusion or any question about the coin master chests.

Do people cheat on coin master?

No, there is no option for cheating on this game.

How many chests does coin master have?

There are mainly 3 chests in coin master and they contain different amounts of cards. Which are –

  • Wooden – contains 2 cards.
  • Golden – contains 4 cards.
  • Magical – contains 8cards.

Should I buy chests in coin master?

Yes. because it gives you rewards such as – cards, free spins, pet food, pet XP which will help you to upgrade your village.

How many card sets are in coin master?

There are approximately about 400 cards available with different star ratings around 254 villages.

How can I get free cards?

You can get free cards –

  • By winning chests.
  • By trading cards for a chest which will give you the cards as a reward.
  • Waiting for a card boom.

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