How to Trade Cards or Duplicate Cards for Chests in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, a popular mobile game, players collect various cards throughout the course of gameplay. Occasionally, finding yourself with duplicate cards is inevitable. So what can you do with these repetitive items? Thanks to a smart feature called “Cards for Chests”, these duplicate cards will no longer be idle in your collection.

Let’s examine how you can effectively trade duplicate cards in Coin Master for valuable chests.

As a multi-level strategic game, Coin Master allows players to build villages, spin slot machines to unlock rewards, and most importantly, collect cards. These cards are often received via chests that you unlock during gameplay or buy with coins.

However, there might be occasions when you receive a duplicate of the same card. Instead of wasting these duplicates, the game established a feature called “Cards for Chests”.

With careful card trading in Coin Master, these duplicates can be traded for chests, leading to an array of additional rewards such as coins, spins, XP, or even more cards. This not only optimizes the use of duplicate cards but also adds a layer of depth to the game’s strategy – thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience.

To start trading, you can access the card collection screen, choose the Cards for Chests option, and manually select the cards you want to trade. Don’t worry if you are not sure which cards to trade, the game also offers the “Select cards for me” feature for your convenience. To complete the trade, simply click on the “TRADE” button and reap the rewards from your well-earned chests!

Key Takeaways

  • You can trade duplicate cards in Coin Master for chests that contain a variety of rewards
  • Select the “Cards for Chests” feature within the card collection menu to begin trading
  • You can either manually select the cards to trade or use the auto-select feature “Select Cards For Me”
  • The trade is completed by pressing the “TRADE” button
  • Mastering the cards for chests trade effectively is a beneficial strategy to optimize card collection in Coin Master game

Understanding the Coin Master Card System

In the strategic mobile game Coin Master, players are encouraged to build, trade, and strategize to progress. A significant part of this progression involves understanding the intricate card system in place. One intriguing feature this game offers is the ability to trade duplicate cards for treasure chests, starting from village level 20. Let’s delve deeper into this unique game mechanic.

Villagers receive various rewards such as spins, coins, and pet experience via these treasure chests. Notably, the type and quantity of rewards are influenced by the player’s village level. Different chests are available at disparate village levels, each demanding a specific number of card stars in exchange.

Filled with superior rewards, higher level chests are highly coveted among players. For instance, Village Chests 20 cost a modest 75 card stars and can contain cards, spins, and pet experience points. On the other hand, the pricier Chests 110 can yield wildcard chances, further increasing their value.

A crucial tip for unlocking chests in Coin Master revolves around efficient resource management. While each player can make one free card exchange every 24 hours, subsequent trades demand coins. Therefore, possessing a multifaceted understanding of the Coin Master card system and astute management of card trading becomes imperative for consistent player progression.

Why Trade Duplicate Cards in Coin Master?

Many players wonder why they should trade duplicate cards in Coin Master. The reasons are numerous, but the core advantages revolve around clearing your inventory, gaining free chests, and maximizing your in-game resources.

Trading duplicate cards in Coin Master

Clearing Out Inventory Space

Duplicate cards can take up valuable inventory space in a player’s collection, offering no substantial benefit when trying to complete card sets. By exchanging these cards for chests in Coin Master, you not only free up inventory space but also get the opportunity to land on new and potentially rare cards that can assist in completing other card sets. This results in substantial progress in your gameplay.

Gaining Free Chests for More Rewards

One of the best ways to collect cards in Coin Master is by trading your duplicate cards. This can allow you to earn free chests containing valuable rewards, including coins and spins for more gameplay, XP for leveling up, and additional cards to complete your sets. Coin Master card trading is a fantastic strategy to enhance your in-game progress.

Maximizing In-Game Resources

The strategic trade of duplicate cards for chests happens to be a great way to maximize in-game resources. This ensures that every card, including the duplicates, contributes meaningfully to your advancement in the game. By choosing to trade duplicate cards for chests, you are essentially turning your spare cards into a source of new currency, spins, and card opportunities. This only enhances your gameplay and allows a more efficient approach in playing Coin Master.

In conclusion, the tips for unlocking chests in Coin Master mentioned here provide a full-proof strategy to level up in the game. Utilizing duplicate cards efficiently can make a substantial difference in your progress and gameplay experience.

Getting Started with Cards for Chests in Coin Master

In Coin Master, collecting and trading cards is as crucial as raiding villages or grabbing loots. This section aims to help players get started with the essential feature of trading cards for chests, a strategic move that rewards with enhanced gameplay and progress. Players first need to know how to get cards in Coin Master and identify strategies for acquiring coin master cards.

Instructions for accessing card collection in Coin Master

Accessing the Card Collection Menu

Understanding how to navigate to the crucial areas of the game is one of the best ways to collect cards in Coin Master. Players can begin trading cards for chests by first navigating to the game’s main menu. From there, enter the card gallery and tap the icon of a chest boasting a star, located in the upper left corner. Players can then view their card star count and select duplicate cards to trade for chests, only possible once a minimum number of stars with duplicates has been amassed. Initiating a trade is effectively engaging in coin master card trading, granting players access to chests with varying rewards.

Understanding Chest Rewards by Village Level

One key aspect of cards for chests in Coin Master is acknowledging that chest rewards are dictated by the player’s current village level. As players succeed in unlocking and progressing to higher-level villages, they gain entitlement to chests promising more significant rewards. The returns from card exchange chests, such as spins and pet experience, escalate with chests procured from increasingly superior villages, contributing substantially to game progression.

Star Requirements for Trading Cards

A player’s capacity for trading cards for chests is closely tied to the stars they’ve amassed from their duplicate cards. To illustrate, the initial chest can be traded for with 75 stars from duplicate cards. This system drives players to amass and exchange a higher volume of cards to meet the prerequisite star count for superior chests, ultimately improving the Coin Master cards collection.

Accessing the Card CollectionNavigate to the game’s main menu, enter the card gallery, click on the chest icon with a star to view card star count and select duplicate cards to trade.
Understanding Chest RewardsHigher-level villages yield chests with significant rewards, including spins, coins, and pet experience, allowing players to enhance their gameplay and progress quicker.
Understanding Star RequirementsThe minimum star count from duplicate cards is required to trade cards for chests. The initial chest can be traded for with 75 stars from duplicates, encouraging players to collect and trade more cards for better rewards.

To maximize the benefit of card collection and trading, understanding the chest rewards at different village levels and fulfilling the star requirements for trading are crucial. The right combination of appropriate navigation, star accumulation, and strategy can create a winning roadmap for the Coin Master journey.

Strategies for Collecting Enough Stars for Chests

Winning at Coin Master involves strategic maneuvering, with card collection serving as a critical component. Gaining a sufficient amount of stars to exchange for chests is one of the primary objectives. The best ways to collect cards in Coin Master and consequently increase your star count revolves around regular spins

Regular spins provide you with opportunities to earn more chests, which invariably contain cards. When you focus on increasing your spins, you get a higher chance of gaining more cards and, by extension, duplicate cards. These duplicates play a significant role in building your star count, as they can be exchanged for stars that count towards the needed star count for chests.

Your approach to gameplay significantly influences your card pool, and consequently, the number of stars you can obtain. This strategy not only moves you closer to achieving the required star count in Coin Master, but it also enriches your card collection. With a more diverse card collection, players find it relatively easier to complete card sets, thereby earning additional rewards in the process. By adopting smart strategies for acquiring Coin Master cards, you strategically place yourself to earn and trade more stars for chests, thus significantly advancing your gameplay in Coin Master.


How do I trade my duplicate cards for chests in Coin Master?

To trade your duplicate cards for chests in Coin Master, navigate to the game’s main menu, enter the card gallery, and click on the chest with a star icon located in the upper left corner. Here you can view your card star count and select duplicate cards to trade for chests.

What are the strategies to acquire cards in Coin Master?

The key strategy to acquire cards in Coin Master is through spins and constant gameplay, as cards can often be found in curated chests won through spins. Additionally, participating in various events and completing quests can also boost your chances of getting more cards.

Why should I trade my duplicate cards in Coin Master?

Trading your duplicate cards in Coin Master allows you to clear out your inventory, gain free chests for more rewards, and maximize your in-game resources. This process ensures that every card, including duplicates, contribute to your advancement in the game.

What are some tips for unlocking chests in Coin Master?

One key strategy is to accumulate as many stars as possible from duplicate cards to trade for chests, as the more stars you have, the better the chest you can access. Also, maintaining active gameplay and progressing to higher-level villages can enable you to unlock chests that yield more substantial rewards.

How does the Coin Master card system work?

In Coin Master, the card system is centered around acquiring and trading cards to complete card sets. You can get cards mainly through chests won in spins. If you obtain a duplicate card, you can trade it for chests once you have collected a minimum number of stars that card carries.

What rewards can I expect from trading my cards for chests?

The rewards you receive from trading cards for chests depends on your village level. As you unlock and progress to higher-level villages, you will earn access to chests that yield greater rewards such as spins, pet XP, and a chance to get rare cards.

How many stars do I need to trade cards for chests?

The number of stars required to trade cards for chests in Coin Master depends on the level of the chest. For instance, the first chest requires 75 stars from duplicates for a trade. By amassing a higher quantity of cards and stars, you progress closer to meeting the prerequisite star count for better chests.

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