All Coin Master Boom Levels & Village List 2023 (Win Cards)

If you are highly interested to know about Coin Master Boom Levels then you’re at the place where you need to land. Coin Master won’t tell you in which village you’ve to stay longer than in normal villages.

We discussed exactly what you want. If you are able to identify the boom villages, it’s a higher chance to get more rewards like rare cards or gold cards, more spins, pet XP, pet food, etc. than a normal one. Let’s deep into the point.

What Are Boom Villages in Coin Master?

There is confusion among the players about whether boom villages really exist or not because the official coin master developer moon active did recognize boom villages in the game.

  • Boom villages are different from normal villages.
  • You’ve to stay here longer than normal villages and have to spend more coins to get unexpected bonuses like spins, rare cards, pet food, chests, and more rewards. 

You will get many things that do not exist in normal villages. 

How Many Villages or Levels are there in Coin Master?

With the update of the game, the number of villages or levels is increasing in coin master. At present, it’s 324 according to the latest update. You can see the complete list here. The cost of villages increases with the progress of the game.

All Boom level villages in Coin Master

The first village is the “Land of Viking” which will cost you 3.1 million coins. Similarly village no. 100 ( Royal Monkey) and village no. 200 ( Ice Hockey) will cost 2.8 billion and 104.2 billion coins. To know more about villages’ cost in coin master see the article mentioned above.

Coin Master Boom Levels / Village List 2023

The curiosity of knowing the list of boom villages ends here. There are 51 boom villages we listed below. See the full list:

Levels Village Name Cost
5 Far East 20.4 million
7 Sunny Hawaii 25.8 million
10 Atlantis 43.5 million
13 Arabian Nights 51.2 million
15 Wild West 58.3 million
17 Jungle 64.1 million
20 The Arctic 75 million
22 Candy Land 79.3 million
27 Columbus 87.1 million
30 India 107.1 million
34 Dragon Lair 144 million
35 Greek Island 150.1 million
37 The Wizard 167.5 million
40 Area 51 204.7 million
45 Musketeers 256.2 million
47 Theme Park 286.2 million
49 Hell 341 million
50 Easter 348.7 million
51 Japan 353.6 million
55 Jurassic Ville 431.6 million
57 Mongolia 460.5 million
60 Robin Hood 541.4 million
61 Deep Sea 566.6 million
62 Don Quixote 604.3 million
65 Olympus 678.2 million
75 Unicorn 1.2 billion
79 Tin Soldier 1.4 billion
83 Car Racing 1.7 billion
87 Baba Yaga 1.9 billion
90 King Arthur 2.2 billion
93 Caribbean Resort 2.6 billion
95 Egyptian Pyramids 2.8 billion
98 Milky Way 3.2 billion
102 Goblin Ghetto 3.9 billion
105 Circus 4.5 billion
107 Golf Course 4.8 billion
110 Rice Farmer 5.7 billion
112 Irish Craic 6.3 billion
115 Aztec 7.1 billion
117 Ice Queen 7.5 billion
122 Thanksgiving 9.8 billion
125 Witches 11.2 billion
127 Zanzibar 12 billion
130 Argentina 14.1 billion
135 Gymnastics 17.9 billion
136 New York 18.1 billion
138 Punk Rock 19 billion
140 Rio 22.3 billion
141 Space Pirate 23.3 billion
142 Mech Workshop 24.8 billion
143 Jocke & Jonna 25.9 billion
146 Monkey Kingdom (Big Boom) 22B
149 Hercules (Boom) 23.4B
151 Baker Shop 24.6B
152 Billiard 24.8B
153 Noah’s Ark 25.8B
157 Ice Age (Big Boom) 30.2B
168 Centaure 40.6B
175 Babylon (Big Boom) 49B

Why Is It Important To Identify The Boom Village level?

You can buy chests in every village. But if you buy it in boom villages then there is a higher chance to get rare cards or gold cards.

Boom Villages in Coin master

When you are sure that you’re in a boom village, stay a little bit longer than a normal village and buy many chests as possible. Because it is rare to get in a normal village

Who is the best Coin Master player?

Ranking # Google Play Username
1 H3lios666 9,000
2 Omniavincitamor69 9,000
3 renedet 9,000
4 OB84 9,000


We hope you got the full Coin Master Boom Village List in this article. When you enter a village just keep in mind to identify whether it is a boom village or not.

If it is a boom village then follow the instructions given above. Hopefully, you enjoyed the guide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boom Village

You will find the question about boom villages in our FAQ section. Don’t be late to comment if you do not find your question in this list. 

How many villages are on coin master?

As of the latest update 2023, There are 472 levels in coin master.

Which levels are boom levels on coin master?

Boom villages are very important for the users in coin master to get rare rewards that are tough to get. To identify boom levels see the list above.

How do you get free gold cards on coin master?

Buying more chests is the possible way to get a free gold card on coin master. So whenever you log in to the account don’t forget to buy a chest. Keep buying chest get more gold cards.

How much does Coin Master Village cost?

Different villages’ costs are different. But every village costs more than the previous one. To see all villages cost see this guide.

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