Unlock the Power of Chat in Minecraft: Step-By-Step Guide

Minecraft is a 3D video game and becomes more popular among players day by day as it gives many opportunities, features, and variations to its players. Chatting with other players is one of them. So, here we are going to briefly discuss how to chat in Minecraft, the process, and the other things from which you can understand the method.

How To Voice Chat in Minecraft: (PS4, XBOX, PC)

For activation of voice chat, you have to press the ‘V’ key and then select the settings button.

In Minecraft, players can use voice chat to interact with other players. Playing solo games in Minecraft becomes boring sometimes.

Minecraft gives its players many varieties of its features and with the help of multiplayer mode, players can get together and create their own online societies by chatting with each other.

minecraft voice chat

Note: To use voice chat, you need to open a port on the server. Otherwise, the voice won’t work. By default, the port is “24454 UDP”.

How To Use Text in Chat in Minecraft: (PS4, XBOX, PC)

Besides voice chat, there are also text chats available in Minecraft. If you are a noob player and don’t know how to type then you should for the following steps

which are –

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  • First, press the T button to appear in the chat window.
  • Then you can type your messages.
  • Press the enter button and the messages will appear to the other players.


Chat Explainer Video

Key Binding At a Glance

  • Voice Chat GUI: V
  • Group Chats: G
  • Push To Talk: CAPS LOCK
  • Disable Voice Chat: N
  • Hide Voice Chat Icons: H
  • Mute Microphone: M

These are the default keys. You can change those in the Minecraft key binding settings.

How To Make A Party Chat on PS4?

There are some steps that you have to follow to chat in Minecraft PS4. Which are –

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  • First, you have to press up to reach the function screen from the home screen.
  • Then click on the party > start party.

ps4 join party

  • For joining, from the drop-down list, you can select a created group or an existing group.

created party on ps4

  • Then you can choose your group name, can change your privacy settings as well as you can add players to your group to join the party.


Following these steps, you can enjoy these games with chats whether you are all on the same platform from different devices.

How To Make A Group Chat on Xbox?

To chat on Xbox you can use Xbox Party Chat and with this, you will be able to chat both on Xbox and PC as both of them can use the same programs and are operated by Microsoft. For getting this, you have to complete these steps –

  • To open the guide, you have to click on the Xbox button
  • Then press Parties & chats > Start a party > Invite more > choose friends whom you want to invite.

party chat in xbox

  • Finally, press the Invite selected people

But for PC, you have to do one extra thing which is, you have to download the Xbox Game Bar.

Why Does Chat in Minecraft Doesn’t Work?

The mod of the multiplayer section comes up with the default settings and it allows you to input the commands only but doesn’t give you the chance to chat with other players.

There is a chat error that occurs most frequently “Can’t chat in Minecraft” and the reason behind it is – the chat settings of the multiplayer section.

How To Fix Chat Error In Minecraft? (3 Steps)

Most people can’t chat in Minecraft because they don’t know the procedure of the settings by which they will be able to chat. They can chat with other players after joining the multiplayer mods. To activate this, they have to follow some instructions which are –

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  • First, go to the options
  • Then click on the chat settings
  • Change the settings from command only to show


chat in minecraft

Following these instructions will help them to activate the chat mode in the game.

How To Disable Chat in Minecraft 

Minecraft also allows you to disable the chat in the game. If you are not interested or you feel disturbed by other players’ messages, you can disable this. After doing this, you won’t see any messages from other players or you can’t interact with others.

To stop this, you have to follow the steps for all versions which are –

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  • First, launch Minecraft.
  • Enter the server > click Esc button on your keyboard > choose chat settings > you will find “Chat Shown” option on the top left corner and press it > then press on the ‘Chat Hidden’


How to Disable Chat in Minecraft

These are the way of disabling the chat in MinecrafWhite.

Chat Symbols of Minecraft 

You can use symbols while you are chatting with your friends in Minecraft. For this, you have to copy by highlighting the symbol that you want to use then click Ctrl & C, and then paste with Ctrl & V!

Using BungeeSuiteChat in Minecraft

BungeeSuiteChat is an option that gives you more facilities in the chatting system and provides you with private messages, local chat, server chat, global chat, faction chat, and more which are very easy to use.

Global chat: In global chat, if you type any message, everyone will be able to see your message. You can switch to global chat by typing “/global”( then pressing enter ) if you are in another chat.

Server chat: If you only want to interact with the people on your server then this is for you. You can switch from another chat to a server chat by pressing ” /server ” and pressing “enter”.

Local chat: If you want to chat with your friends who are in close proximity to you in-game then this one’s for you. You can simply chat with your friends through local chats. But if you go far away from your friends, they won’t be able to hear you. You can enter the local chat by pressing ” /local “.

Faction chat: If you want that your enemies shouldn’t know your all battle plan then this chat is for you. You have to type “/factionchat”

if you want to switch from another chat to this.

Private Message: If you want to speak to one specific friend of yours then you can use this chat. For this, you have to type “/message <PLAYER NAME> <MESSAGE>” and then press “enter”.

Reply: There is also an option of replying to messages if someone texted you privately. For this you have to type “/reply <MESSAGE>” and press “enter”

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How To Use Colors in Minecraft Messages 

You can also use color codes and text formatting to make the messages more beautiful. There are many colors that you can use in your chats and for this, you have color codes which are & or § added with a number or letter. Each number or letter defines each color. Such as –

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  • &0 – Black
  • &1 – Dark Blue
  • &2 – Dark Green
  • &3 – Dark Aqua
  • &4 – Dark Red
  • &5 – Dark Purple
  • &6 – Gold
  • &7 – Gray
  • &8 – Dark Gray
  • &9 – Blue
  • &A – Green
  • &B – Aqua
  • &C – Red
  • &D – Light Purple
  • &E – Yellow
  • &F – White



MineChat is a completely secure app for iOS and Windows phones which allows you to interact with your friends through chat.

It is available as a free and paid version. It is completely safe because it doesn’t use a proxy and has a direct connection with Minecraft.

You can connect to online or offline Minecraft through this. Moderators and server owners love this app.


So, that’s all about the chat in Minecraft. I hope this write-up will guide you and give you much information about the chatting system, activation system, and many other features. If you still have any queries then go through our Q/A segment.

The FAQs about Chat in Minecraft

Have any questions about chatting in Minecraft? Then read out our answers and satisfy yourself.

Is Minecraft chat safe?

No. It’s not safe because there are many players who can send you unwanted messages which may be disturbing for you.

How do you talk to someone cross-platform?

The only way to talk with other players on different platforms is to chat in Minecraft.

Can I mute anyone from my group?

Yes. In voice chat in Minecraft, you can mute anyone whom you don’t want to chat with. As a result, they won’t be able to hear you.

Does Minecraft Have Voice Chat? 

Yes. It has voice chat features that help the player to interact with other players so that the monotonous games become more enjoyable and cheerful for the gamers.

To avail of this opportunity, you have to use the multiplayer mode. Programs like Discord will offer voice chat by which you can communicate with other players while playing the games even if you are on different consoles.

Can PS4 and Xbox chat together?

Yes. Both of them have party chat options, which allow the player to chat with their friends even if they are on a different platform.

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