How To Change Raid in Coin Master (Tricks Explained!)

Think that, the coin master assigns you to raid on your friend’s base but you don’t want to raid on it. And searching for the tricks on How To Change Raid in Coin Master? Then you’re at the right destination. 

Although Your friends are your enemy in the game, Sometimes you need to change to a raid person in the game. 

By default, it seems it is not possible to change raids in coin master. But if you know the tricks then you can do that easily. We will guide you in this article on that topic.

What Is Coin Master Raid?

In the game, raids are the action items in the slot machine. The game moves you to the other’s village when you spin a raid. It will give you 4 spots marked with “X” and 3 shovels. 

How To Change Raid in Coin Master

Out of 4 spots, 3 spots contain coins or chests and the 4th spot remains empty. The Foxy pet, unlocked in village 4, helps to collect more coins by digging up the 4th spot with the shovels.

In the game the player, you raid is known as coin master, random player, or friend with more coins.

How To Change Raid in Coin Master?

Real players do not apply any tactics. They play it to comply with the official rules. So, we recommend playing the game according to the rules. 

By default, you do not get an option to change raids in coin master. Don’t worry, we will give 100% working tricks to change raids in the game. Follow the steps:

  • First, go to the setting option in your android phone.
  • Then go to Apps>Installed apps>coin master.
  • You will get an option saying “Clear cache
  • Now clear the cache from that option.
  • After doing that you will notice the raids in coin master have changed.

So, by following this simple trick you can change raids in coin master.

How To Earn More Coins in Raids?

Players can earn coins in raids in two ways “bet feature” and “Foxy pet

In the bet feature, players can earn coins in raids by two, three, or even multiple times. The number of coins won will be shown at the end of raids in this option.

The Foxy pet will give you an extra shovel by which you can dig an extra chest. Thus, you have an opportunity to get more coins.

Advantage of Coin Master Raid Change

Many advantages consist in raid change on coin master. The main advantages are:]

  • No need to waste your spins
  • You can avoid raiding your friends base.
  • You can change the person you don’t want to raid with. Sometimes a person’s have not enough coins in his coin bag, in that case, you can change the raid and continue the game.
  • It is possible to collect many coins with Foxy pet by digging an extra chest.

The disadvantage of Coin Master Raid Change

It also has disadvantages on raid change. As it is not an official rule, this trick gets patched at any time. So, apart from this, there are no disadvantages. 

If someone raids you frequently, you can block that person and can save your village from attack. Applying this trick you can raid the third person instead of your friends. 

What is Coin Master Big Raids?

Raid is one of the great ways to boost your coins and also more spins. But the question is how to identify big raids? 

You can check whether the raid is big enough or not by checking the bet X1 button. Check this button regularly as it shows you BET 10 X. If you get BET 3 X then check the new update for the game. 

Change Raid in Coin Master

There is a higher possibility to get 90 to 120 million coins when you get BET 10 X. It depends on the stars you have. More stars equal more coins to win. In this way, betting is a great way to get more coins. 

How To Get Big Raid in Coin Master?

Many people are searching for the trick on how to get a big raid in coin master. But it is a risky process, you need to activate Foxy pet to get big raids.

Let’s follow some tricks to hit a load of coins from the player who already has millions of coins. 

1. Play with maximum Bet

Let’s take a little risk to get big raids. You need at least one thousand or more spins to use them when a big raid comes. How to use these spins? 

Okay, wait for a raid to get more coins. Then as much as possible maximize your bet. You will get a large number of coins multiplied by 50 when you bet 50x.

2. Play with a foxy pet

Foxy helps you to get a big raid. So, feed your Foxy pet to keep it active before going on a raid. Update it by using XP. You can get XP from daily tournaments by raiding someone.

It helps to increase your pet level. You need it because it will give more coins and these coins also be multiplied with your bet. 

3. Create a Second (Baby) Account in Coin Master

The other great way to get a big raid is creating a baby account. This method will work 100%. Know about how to create a baby account in this article. 

Then start to collect coins on this account. After collecting more coins in this account connect your main account with this. Maximize your bet amount 50x to 75x when you raid for the baby account.

Coin Master Perfect Raids

You get 3 pigs and 4 spots on coin master in raid where 3 spots with coins and the remaining spot are empty. You will get 3 chances to dig out these 4 spots. When you dig out 3 spots that contain coins and chests, it is called a perfect raid.

How To Get Perfect Raids in Coin Master?

It is very important to convert a raid into a perfect raid because it increases your coins. Getting a raid is not easy in the coin master game. In higher-level villages, the cost is very high (billions). 

So, you need more coins to protect your village because the village is always under threat of raids by other players. That’s why it is impossible to build up a village by ignoring perfect raids. 

Coin Master Perfect Raid Tricks

There are fewer chances of getting perfect raids on random digging of spots. Here, pro gamers play a trick that is called the 2x spot tapping trick. Let’s follow the trick.

  • At first, divide 4 spots with the group of 2 spots. You can choose the spots randomly.
  • With two fingers tap on 2 spots simultaneously. In this way, you have a chance to dig the spot that has more coins.
  • Follow the same process for the remaining spots.
  • Using this trick is the best way of getting a perfect raid on the game.


So, this is all about how to change raid in coin master. We also covered coin master big raids and perfect raids in this article to clear about raid terms in coin master. Apply these tricks to convert a raid into a perfect raid to boost your coins. 

Frequently Asked Questions of Coin Master Raids

Still, have questions about the coin master raid? Read this FAQ section. You can also give feedback by using the comment section or the contact us page. 

How do you choose who to raid on coin master?

Raids are given by the coin master randomly. Officially, they don’t give any option to change the raid. You can change raids by clearing the cache on your device. But we recommend playing the game without using any shortcuts.  

How do I stop the coin master raid?

By entering ghost mode you can stop the coin master raid. To do this you need to remove the Facebook account from coin master. Know about how to activate coin master ghost mode here.

How do you get more raids on coin master?

There is no way to get more raids on coin master. Use “bet more and get more” tricks for it.

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