Bingo Bash Free Chips/Credits (Daily update)

Bingo Bash is one of the most popular bingo games available on mobile devices. It offers fun and exciting bingo gameplay where you can win big prizes and rewards. One of the key currencies in the game is Bingo Bash chips/credits which are used to purchase bingo cards and powerups.

Getting free Bingo Bash chips or credits allows you to play more cards, increase your chances of winning, and progress faster in the game. This article provides a detailed guide on how to get free chips and credits in Bingo Bash on a daily basis.

Bingo Bash Free Chips

Date Link Status
bingo bash chips 17.12.2023 Link Active
bingo bash chips 16.12.2023 Link Active
bingo bash chips 15.12.2023 Link Active
bingo bash chips 14.12.2023 Link Active

How to Get Free Bingo Bash Chips/Credits

bingo bash free daily credits and chips

Here are the main methods to get free credits and chips in Bingo Bash daily:

  • Log in Bonuses
  • Free Chips Links
  • Spin the Daily Spin Wheel
  • Complete Achievements
  • Special Events and Promotions
  • Rewarded Videos and Surveys

Let’s explore each of these methods in more detail:

Log in Bonuses

  • When you first log into Bingo Bash each day, you get a login bonus
  • This bonus provides free chips, powerplay multiplier, or coins
  • The quantity of free chips varies each day
    • Typical amount is 5,000-25,000 chips
  • Don’t forget to claim your log-in bonus daily
  • Bingo Bash frequently releases links that give free chips
  • These links are shared on their social media and community pages
  • Links provide large chip rewards
    • Often 100,000 – 500,000 free chips
  • Check their Facebook page daily for the latest free links
  • Also look for links shared in Bingo Bash fan groups and communities

Spin the Daily Spin Wheel

  • Bingo Bash has a prize wheel you can spin once per day
  • Spinning the wheel gives chip rewards
  • Payout is random – averages around 50,000 chips
  • Also chance to win powerplay boosters
  • Make sure to get your daily spin

Complete Achievements

  • Bingo Bash has over 500 achievements you can complete
  • Completing achievements earns you free credits
  • Some achievements reward chips
  • Go through achievement list to find chip rewards
  • Try completing multiple achievements daily

Here are the top achievements for earning chips:

AchievementChips Rewarded
First Bingo10,000
10 Wins in Classic Bingo40,000
25 Wins in Classic Bingo60,000
50 Wins in Classic Bingo100,000
Play 100 Bingo Cards50,000
250 Total Daily Spins250,000

Special Events and Promotions

  • Bingo Bash frequently runs short term events and promotions
  • These often provide opportunities to earn lots of free chips
  • Events tied to holidays, new game launches, etc.
  • Keep an eye out for any special events or promotions

Some examples:

  • Daily login bonuses increased during events
  • Completing certain achievements gives more chips
  • Special daily challenges award extra chips
  • Branded bingo rooms with higher payouts

Be sure to capitalize on these when they pop up!

Rewarded Videos and Surveys

  • Bingo Bash allows you to watch rewarded video ads to earn chips
  • Videos become available after playing a few bingo cards
  • Each video watched gives around 20,000 bonus chips
  • There is also an option to complete surveys for additional chips
    • Surveys payout 50,000 – 100,000 chips usually
  • Videos and surveys have daily limits
    • But can usually earn 400k+ chips from these daily

Tips for Maximizing Free Chips

Here are some tips to help you get the most free Bingo Bash chips every day:

  • Check all sources daily – be sure to collect chips from bonuses, links, wheel spins, achievements etc. Completing everything can often net over 500k free chips per day
  • Create bingo strategy – play efficiently to complete achievements for chips rewards
  • Participate in events – Events and special game modes often give easy access to hundreds of thousands of free chips
  • Watch Videos to the Limit – Watch all available rewarded videos to max out your free chips from ads
  • Manage bankroll – take advantage of free chips to play higher value cards than your bankroll may normally allow. This increases odds of winning jackpots and tournaments
  • Utilize free powerups – powerups further improve your odds in bingo rooms. Save free powerups awarded from achievements and daily spins for key tournaments
  • Bet high during powerups – when you have an active powerup, bet the maximum per card to capitalize on the boost
  • Play Happy Hours – certain bingo rooms have scheduled Happy Hours with increased payouts and rewards

Frequency Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about getting free Bingo Bash chips and credits:

How often do the free chips links refresh?

The free chip links are updated almost daily. New sets of free chips links are issued on a nearly daily basis.

What happens if a free chips link has expired?

Don’t worry if a published chip link has expired – fresh links are constantly added. Just check their social pages for newly updated free chips links.

Is there a daily limit to the number of chips I can earn?

There are no strict daily limits, but there are caps per earning method. You can usually earn 500k+ free chips daily by combining all sources.

Can I earn chips on multiple devices?

Your Bingo Bash account can only redeem chips on one device per offer. However, you can install Bingo Bash on other mobile devices to have additional daily opportunities for free chips earnings.

Are the free chips methods real and safe?

Yes, all chips earning methods mentioned above are officially supported by Bingo Bash without any risk or required purchases. They are safe ways to gain free Bingo Bash credits.

Do free chips expire?

Chips won from rewards links, ads, and bonuses typically do not expire. So no need to rush to use chips – they will still be available even if you take breaks from playing.

Final Tips

  • Check back daily for updated chips links and spinning the prize wheel
  • Utilize multiple devices to increase earnings from videos, surveys, bonuses, and achievements
  • Bookmark the Bingo Bash Facebook page to easily access the latest free links
  • Take advantage of every event and promotion for extra chip-earning potential

Following these tips diligently, you can amass millions of free credits per month. This allows you to play higher-level bingo rooms and constantly progress.

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